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MADDIE SIMS                                     ALEXIS SEARS                         
Talk about barn burner, this game Saturday was the carry over from last year when Williamstown knock off Lenape in the Group IV State Semifinals. This time in there first game of the season, Lenape got the victory. The game was intense from the time that the whistle blew, the Indians jumped out to a early lead, but Williamstown kept fighting back keeping it close in the first quarter, but by the half Lenape was able to pull away and take a 7 point lead at halftime. During the second half Williamstown came to life, when Taylor Bynoe 15 Pt's started penetrating she was able to dump it off to Sr. center Julia Dixon 17 Pt's who would finally foul out late in the 3rd. Williamstown started to go more inside once Sears and Sims fouled out in the 4 quarter, Sims finished with 9 Pt's and Sears 3 Pt's. Alexis got into foul trouble early so she couldn't never get into the flow of the game, the game went in to OT in Lenape Sr. transfer guard Taylour Jones 17 Pt's took control of the game with a couple of fancy moves in a few buckets.  

BORDENTOWN — Bordentown High girls’ basketball coach Bill Lloyd was worried about his team being able to score against Mainland’s press in the finals of the J. Michael Tucker Memorial Holiday Tournament.
Turns out the Mustangs barely pressed, but the Scotties still struggled to score.
The inexperienced hosts shot just 7-for-26 and fell to Mainland, 39-17, in yesterday’s championship game.
It was the first loss of the season for the Scotties, who have just one returning starter this year in Morgan Downs.
“This is a very young varsity group,” coach Bill Lloyd said. “They’re learning on the fly and they’re catching up to speed. Offensively, we’re rushing some shots. But that will slow down for them as they get more experience.”
The Mustangs made it difficult, however, by playing a strong man-to-man defense after Bordentown faced a zone against Nottingham on Friday. Reserve guard Ayanna Jones was especially sticky with her defense on the ball, making it difficult for the Bordentown guards.
“She’s got those long arms,” Lloyd said. “I was very surprised that they didn’t press, but right now we know our problems. We had issues in scrimmages going against man-to-man defenses, especially a team as quick and talented as they were.

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Female Athlete of the Week-Nichel Tampa

Nichel Tampa ( Class Of 2017)
 Nichel Tampa has made a big impact so far in her brief career at St. Francis. The 5-foot-6 freshman guard has gotten her high school career off to a strong start, averaging 10.6 points, 4.6 rebound...Nichel Tampa has made a big impact so far in her brief career at St. Francis.

The 5-foot-6 freshman guard has gotten her high school career off to a strong start, averaging 10.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, two assists and 3.6 steals a game through the Knights’ first three games of the season.

Tampa scored 21 points in St. Francis’ 65-26 victory over Lovett last Tuesday. She also had 14 points in the Knights’ 67-45 victory over Stephenson Dec. 14 and 11 points in their season-opening 69-43 win over Jonesboro Nov. 16.

Tampa has immediately made her mark on a St. Francis team that enters the season as the defending Class A private school state champion.

“She plays tremendous defense and has been very effective for us on offense, a great penetrator," St. Francis coach Aisha Kennedy said. "She’s been doing very well on both ends of the floor for us. She brings a lot of energy.”

Tampa is also a standout on the AAU level as a member of the SBC team.

Read more: Neighbor Newspapers - Female Athlete of the Week Nichel Tampa

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Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,Nj) Part #12
Ayanna Jones
I'm really enjoying the season so far. On Monday I had practice from 3 until 5:30. We went over plays and did a lot of drills to improve our game. We are forming a bond and becoming close. We did a foul shot drills called free throw ladder, this is when you shoot 20 foul shots and who ever makes the most number one and so on. I'm # 10 on my team, I know it's not good but I'm working hard to be at that number 1 spot. We also did a lot of conditioning, when we finished my legs felt like noodles but it's only going to make me better. On Tuesday because of the weather we didn't have practice or scrimmage, everything was cancelled. I was excited to play in my first high school game. I looked at some old film from my 8th grade year to see everything that I need to improve on.
On Wednesday we had a scrimmage against Bishop Eustace, Varsity played two half's then JV played. I thought I did really good for my first game. The girls were a lot smaller than me on JV, but on varsity they were bigger and stronger then me. On the bus ride home we laughed a lot and had a lot of story's to tell. On Thursday we had practice from 3 until 5. We went over more plays and did a lot of running, I also shot 15 for 20 foul shots. I was proud ,but next time I wanna shoot 20 for 20. After practice we went over one of the seniors house and watched movies. We watched High School Musicals and we were singing along, It was a lot of fun. On Saturday we had a tri-scrimmage, Middle Township & Washington Township came and played at are school. We played both teams and than they played each other, we didn't have a JV game but I did play Varsity. It was a great experience, Sunday I watched the game to see my mistakes so I could fix them in practice so i won't make them during a real game.
Signing Of: Ayanna Jones

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Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,NJ) Part # 11
Ayanna  Jones & Teammates
On Monday it was the start of my high school career, I had tryouts for the Mainland Lady Mustangs. I was so nervous as a Freshman, I tried out for junior varsity and varsity. As a freshman I had to get water and cups and the balls. this was new because last year I was telling 7th graders to get the water and the balls. We ran the beep test I got to level 7.9 which is good because you had to get level 7. After that we did stations so the coaches could see everything you could do. Station one was ball handling, station two was shooting, station three was foul shooting, and station four was training. We had 10 minutes at each station and when we changed to the next we had to spirit, no walking. Next we did running 646,  which is 6 spirits, 4 back peddles, and 6 spirits. Beat the pro next if you missed the 1st shot it was -2, both was -4, make both + 2. At the end we did 16 spirits in 1 minute. On Tuesday we started off by doing 646, they told us today was conditioning workouts, we did a lot of running and stations.
Afterwards we did foul shots and beat the pro. We ran 16's in 50 sec and if we didn't we did two up backs. After practices we did more foul shots and they told us who did and didn't make the team. It was either Freshman, JV, or varsity. I was so happy I made JV and Varsity, out of 7 Freshman. We had our first official practices Wednesday, so on Wednesday we started of by learning a play or to, then we got stretched out and did some running. Next we went back over the plays and scrimmaged each other to get the feeling of how it should go. I think this team is a great team and that we will be good this year. After conditioning we went to the weight room and lifted. On Thursday we had practices from 3-6 we did a lot of running, play learning and shooting. Each girl on my team is a good player and they wanna play and are determined to win.
We also got book bags and jackets with Mainland girls basketball on it. After that we learned a new play, I think we picked it up fast. On Friday we learned other new plays and than we ran 16's in 1 minute. We finally went over all the the plays we learned in scrimmage, I think we did good if you ask me. On Saturday we had practice and we ran and scrimmaged half the practice and the other half we did foul shots. Afterwards we went to Rowan University to see Alex play, she graduated from Mainland last year and they played Kean University and Rowan won. I also got to see Annie and Val play, they are two Holy Spirits girls who graduated last year to. On Sunday it was snowing, so I iced my knees & feet my first scrimmage is Tuesday.

Signing Off: Ayanna Jones

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Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,Nj) Part #10
Ayanna & Natalie
This was a short week for school because of the Thanksgiving Hoilday, so we only had three days and one was a half of day. On Monday I had workouts from 3-4, I lifted weights and shot around, afterwards I went home and studied for my math test. On Tuesday I took a math test and got a 97 on it, and I also took a physics test to, don't know what I scored on it yet. Later on that day I had workouts from 3-4, I shot around and worked on my foul shots and dribbling skills. On Wednesday I had a half of day, we watched Mainland Regional dance team perform.
They did a great job. After school it was my cousins birthday so I went over to her house, then to her birhday party. We had alot of fun, everybody made root-beer floats and cupcakes. On Thursday we woke up and went to the Atlantic City vs Holy Spirit football game, they have been playing on Thanksgiving day since the 60's, Spirit won 49- 6. After the game I went to my grandparents house and we had a lot of fun bringing up old memories and laughing. On Friday my sisters came over and we went outside with my friends, while playing outside I dribble the ball. Saturday I went to the All-Star game to watch my little cuz Ernest play. After the game I hung out with my friends. On Sunday I dribble the outside once again.
Signing off: Ayanna Jones

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Alexis & family along with her High School coach Rob Hummel

Now that Alexis has sign her letter of intent to play basketball for the Blue Hens, she still has a few more thing's that Gthing definitely knows she would want to accomplish. The first one is to try to get back to the GroupV Semifinals were they lost to Williamstown at home, and we are certain that not winning a GroupV Title would be very disappointing for the Indians' this year, who has the size in strength this year to dominate and should be the favorites to win it all.
DIARY OF A BALLER: Ayanna Jones(Absecon,NJ) Part #9

Ayanna Jones & Absecon Lady Panthers
This past week, I had a lot of fun. On Monday I had a math review for my test. I thought I did great on it. I also had swimming too, we played basketball while in the pool. After school I had workouts from 3-4, the girls and I were trying to form a bond, they are really nice girl's, I was kinda scared to workout with them at first but they were very helpful. When I got finish I went home to study for my math test and English test. On Tuesday I took my math test and passed it with a 99, one point off for not putting a negative sign. I was really proud of my grade, I also took my English test, I scored a 97 on it, I was really happy with my grade.
After school I had workouts from 3-4, we were doing weightlifting and shooting drill's, afterwards I went to the Lady Panthers tryouts which is the team I played for during my middle school year's. Hopefully they will win the Championship for a four time an a row. On Wednesday I had weightlifting and shooting, and we ran the beep test. On Thursday I went to my cousins house and slept over. On Friday I went to the doctors so I didn't go to school, I also went to the Holy Spirit football game with my cousins and little brother, Spirit won 48-0. I also slept over my cousins house that night. On Saturday I went home and helped my mom bake a cake and cake pops. Then my sister came over later on that day and she slept over. On Sunday I went to my playoff game against Wildwood Catholic, we lost but I had fun, after the game I went shopping with my mom and sister.
Signing Off: Ayanna Jones

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DIARY OF A BALLER: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,NJ) Part #8

Ayanna Jones

Since high school tryouts are approaching fast, I've been trying to work hard on everything. On Monday I took a test in English on words I got 20/20. In math I got a 98 on my test. I had workouts from 3-4:15 and we did the beep test until level 7. Afterwards I went home and studied for my math test. On Tuesday I had a test in English and I got a 93 on it, then I had swimming but I didn't swim so I had to write a page about what the class did. I had workouts from 3-4, I did jump shots and learning moves. On Wednesday I had workouts from 3-4, I was doing foul shots and weightlifting. 

I bounced my ball outside after school, later on me and my mom went shopping so I could get a outfit for my birthday the next day. On Thursday it was my birthday I turned 15, I really didn't do to much I just went shopping with my mom, me and my friends are going out to eat next weekend if the the weather is nice. On Friday I went to the Holy Spirit game, Spirit won 48-0, after the game I hung out with a few of my friends. On Saturday I went to my cousins dance class, then I went to a basketball game. On Sunday I went to my own basketball game against Wildwood Catholic, even though we lost I still think my team played their best and playing against Kennedy Johnson who plays with the Philadelphia Belles and who will be attending Michigan St. as a freshman next year was a great experience for me and my teammates.

Signing off: Ayanna Jones

Monday, November 11, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 7
Ayanna Jones & Lai Hayes of the Tar Heels
On Monday I Had a history project on public speaking. I had to speak in front of the whole class, which is hard to for me because i get stage fright. My teachers told me I did a wonderful job. I also had a math test and I got a 95 on it which brought my math grade to a 98. We had a meeting for basketball explaining when tryouts were and how the season was on it's way. I am really excited for the season to start so I can begin my high school career.
After school I had workouts from 3 till 4, the season is approaching fast so I been working on my foul shots and jump shot. On Tuesday I took a test in math that didn't count, it was just to see were I was for the school year. Since the second marking period started we stopped gym and we have to swimming now, we have to swim in class learning the backstroke, butterfly, and the freestyle. After school we didn't have workouts so I worked on my form shooting the basketball. On Wednesday I had to take a test in language arts on vocabulary.
I got a 100 on it and it brought my grade up to a 95, I was proud of my grade because the words were hard. Grades were due and I got 5 A's and 3 B's. I was proud of my A's but I wanna get my B's up to A's. On Thursday we didn't have school, I babysat my sisters and brother. We watched movies and played xbox. On Friday i didn't have school either and i didn't go out, I watched movies with my little sister. On Saturday I went to my brothers football game against the Pleasantville Jokers, Absecon won 26 - 19. After the game i slept over my cousins Tahirah's house, we had a lot of fun, we mostly laugh the whole night. On Sunday I went out with my mom just to shop around.
P.S. I'm looking forward to telling Gthing more about my basketball life.
Signing off: Ayanna Jones




Monday, November 4, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 6
Ayanna Jones
I had a blast this past weekend, On Monday I had workouts from 3-4:15, I worked on my jump shot and foul shots. I did 50 each, I also lifted weights after that I went home in studied for my Language Arts test. On Tuesday I had three test one in math that I got a 91 on which is a B. I was proud of my B because the section we are doing was really hard, In Language Arts I had two, I got a 29 out of 30 on one of them and 100 on the other. At 3-4 I had workouts and I lifted weights then I shot around, I'm trying to learn some new moves so I can step my game up. 

I went to Holy Spirit High School for a Basketball Clinic from 6-8. On Wednesday I didn't go to basketball practice because the power went out at the school, so I went home and practice in front of my house. I work on my dribbling and footwork. On Thursday It was Halloween, I'm Muslim so I don't go trick or treating. I spent the night with my family and watched a movie with my sister. On Friday I went to the Holy Spirit football game against Egg Harbor Township, Spirit won as usual, they are really good.

After the game I had my cousin sleep over, we watched a movie and got on Face Time with other people. On Saturday I went to my brothers football game against Egg Harbor City in Somerspoint, It was for the Conference Championship, They lost 35-6, but they went 7-1 for the regular season. Afterwards I went to Fear Factory with Tahirah, Kahirah, Anaiyah, Myah, and Mataya, we back to do the second part but it wasn't scary at all like the first one was. A big group of us walked to Subway to get something to eat. We all laughed the whole way there, after that I got pick up so could go to Anaiyah house, once I got there we got on Face Time with some friends and ate candy. On Sunday I went home and got dress for my basketball game at my school, we played Absegami High School but since Gami didn't have enough players I played on their team.

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Kathleen Anderson & Relay Team

What it takes to do well when you are a two sport star, Gthing go inside with one of them in finds out want it takes to keep on going.

Gthing: How did your AAU basketball season go this past year ?

Kathleen: Our season went pretty well. We started out kind of slow in Virgina losing games to bigger 5th grade teams, but we played well as a team and beat most of the teams we played. The teams we lost to were mostly 6th and 7th grade teams.

Gthing: How was National for you and your Comets team this year ?

Kathleen: I wasn't able to attend the Nationals this year because I was busy qualifying for the Junior Olympics in Detroit. I qualified in the 100M 200M and 4*100 relays. For the 4*100 relay team I ran with the older girls and we were ranked top 20 in the nation. For the 100M, I finish 2nd in our area ( PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD ). I heard our Comets team did pretty well at the beginning at Nationals, but the other 5th grades teams were just a lot bigger in Tennessee.

Gthing: What did you do this summer ?

Kathleen: I finished out the Comets season, winning 2nd place in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals, I won the Philly Archdiocese 100M Dash Championship, won a Mid-Atlantic AAU Track and Field Championship, competed in the Junior Olympics in Detroit, played summer rec basketball and went to some basketball camps and clinics.

Gthing: Do you think your speed on the court helps your game ?

Kathleen: Definitely! Getting out ahead on the fast break and breaking presses are where my speed really helps me. I can usually get to the basket pretty quick or if that isn't there I can always look for an open teammate or can quickly pull up and take a shot.

Gthing: What's your plan for this winter and AAU this coming season ?

Kathleen: Right now I been attending Stronger Team Nation / Top Notch Drillz Clinics every week and working with the "shoot away" gun. I am working to improve my speed, agility, ball handling and shoot. It's is almost November, so I am really focused on my upcoming  school season at Villa Maria Academy, in PA. This will prepare me and have me ready, once the AAU season comes around.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Diary Of Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 5
I've been working hard on my game and my school work. On Monday I had workouts from 3-4, I work on my jump shot and foul shots plus some of my moves. After that I went to my cousins soccer game against Hammonton, they lost 4-2, I went home afterwards to studied for my physics and math test. On Tuesday I went to workouts from 3-4:30, I work on my jump shot only, I'm trying to get better at my shooting. On Wednesday I had a math and physics test. I got a 97 on my math test and a 93 on my physics test, I was so proud of myself.
I also went to workouts from 3-3:30. I did 30 foul shots and 20 jump shots and I lifted weights. On Thursday I went to Holy Spirit High School Clinic from 6-8 and the rest of my night I finish my media project on the Breakfast Club. On Friday I went to a sleep over that one of my friends was having, we had a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.
On Saturday I went to Coach Woody's practice from 11-1:30, he told me I do better when I shoot the right way than the wrong way. I will work extra hard to get my shot 10 times better before the season starts. On Sunday I went to Galloway Township Middle School from 9-12, afterwards I had a game at my school against Ocean City. I took a picture with my friend in teammate Lexi, I never thought me and Lexi would be on the same team. I was kind of tired after the game, but some how I got enough energy to go to Fear Factory with my cousin.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LANIYA MILLER (Class of 2018)
Every time Gthing sees Laniya play we are very impress with this young ladies skill set. When we first seen her play at Hoop Group in Neptune New,Jersey we knew she would be special, she doe's everything that a coach could ask for which is her dad. She is about 5'9 and can rebound like she is bigger then that though, Miller has a nice little handle can move very well. Laniya will be a complete player once she develops a good enough jump shot to were as she will be able to take you inside in out. When Miller does that, Gthing definitely knows she will be one of top in her class for the the State of NJ.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 4


This week I didn't do a lot. On Monday I had gym and I ran my mile in 7 minutes. Next period I had a math test and got a 97 on it. I had workouts from 3-3:30 and thought I did good. On Tuesday I didn't go to school because it was the Eid, for those that don't know it is a Muslim holiday. I really had fun, I got to see people I haven't seen in a long time. On Wednesday I had a half of day at school because of the PSAT, freshman aren't allow to take them. On Thursday I had a rough day I got a 86 on my test and I wasn't to happy with it, I'm usually hard on my self when it comes to grades, because I know I can do better than a 86.

I ran my mile in 8 minutes in 45 second my lowest time ever SMH. On Friday I went to the Atlantic City High football game against Buena, Atlantic City won 46-19, it was Atlantic City first home game this year because they we're waiting on the new artificial turf since last year when Hurricane Sandy destroyed half of the old field. After the game I went out with a couple of friends, we all had a blast.

On Saturday I went to my brothers football game against Ocean City, Absecon Blue Devil's won a close one 28-26. My brother played really well I was so proud of him, afterwards I went to my cousins game. On Sunday I went to Absecons Emma C Attales Middle and Elementary School basketball courts and played 1 on 1 with my mom, she thinks she won but she didn't, theres only one real baller in the Jones house in that's me. After that I went to my game at my school, we played against Ocean City.

Signing Off
Ayanna Jones.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mikayla Coombs & Kasiyahna Kushkituah
FBC is always finding good talent and putting out good talent. They are very known throughout the south on the AAU Curcuit, after speaking with Marc Tampa he told Gthing that a few player's on there team are being heavily recruited.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 3
Ayanna Jones & Felicia
This week wasn't as busy as last week. On Monday workouts got cancelled because of the tornado warning, but I dribble outside. After I studied for my physics test. The next day was hard for me but I work through it. I ran my mile in the gym at 8:30am when last year I ran it at 7:34 and in workouts I wasn't making my shots. On Wednesday I had a much better day, I went 15 - 20 at the foul line and I ran my mile in 7:01, which is better than both my times before. Then I supported the Mustangs

Sunday, October 13, 2013


After being invited to a couple of Team Miller's Tournaments,
Gthingbasketball was able to finally sit down in talk
to one of Villanova's All-Time greats Lance Miller.

Tell the basketball people who you are ?

I'm from Bridgewater, NJ. My high school team won three State Championships. I scored over 2000 points in high school, I was a Four year starter at Villanova University and  I'm also member of there Hall Of Fame Team.

When did you start coaching ? And why ?

I started coaching in 1996. I saw girl's not being taught proper basketball. I love coaching them, I treat them no different then the boy's.

How does it feel to coach your daughters ?

Exciting, and challenging at the same time. When I coach I don't see daughters I see players.

When do you have time to coach, train and work and be a parent ?

None, my day is none stop. I'm busy 24/7 and 365 days a year.

How much more longer do you thing you can keep going ?

I really don't know, I can tell you this much.  I know that I'm having a lot of fun Right Now !!!

After this interview With coach Lance Miller Gthingbaketball  went inside in did a exclusive interview with three of  Miller's daughters, who actually are current members of his Team 
Miller's Team.


Andreana Miller: Playing for my dad is such a great experience, he knows this basketball game better than anyone I know and I love that about him. He teaches me everything I know about the game.

Laniya Miller: I really do enjoy playing for my dad, he just wants me to succeed and try to do my best. Even thought at times it does get frustrating and confusing. Hard work pays off, and I'm continuing to remember that. I love being a Miller.
Diamond Miller: It is crazy at times. He's hard on me, but at the end of the day he loves me and just wants me to get better. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Name: Tiana Jackson
Team: Team Miller
Position: Point Guard
Class: 2019
State: NJ
Event: Team Miller Extravaganza
Profile: This is one tough cookie, she is small in size, but big at heart. Jackson has all the necessary tools to be a good point guard. Tiana has great court vision while going up in down the court, she play's very calm in poise for her age and seems to be a leader on offense and defense. Don't let her fool you if you see her play, she loves to pass the rock put Tiana sure can score when have to, she's not that strong but has other skills to make up for that.  


Monday, October 7, 2013

GthingBasketball was in the house this past weekend at the Team Miller Fall Extravaganza/Coaches Choice Tournament. There was a lot of new talent and new faces for this event, the gym was rocking like it normally does when Mr. Miller has a Girl Tournament, coming this week Gthing will go inside in give you the One on One interview with Lance Miller and some Recaps of this weekends Tournament.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dairy Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 2
Ayanna Jones
This week was a bit more busy for me. On Monday I had a math test and got a 93 on it. I was proud of my 93, but I will study harder to get a perfect score. After school from 3-400 I had workouts and I worked really hard on my jump shot and creating my own shot. When I was finish I studied for my physics test for an hour. On Tuesday I had workouts from 3-4:30 and lifting, my arms felt like noodles afterwards,"Laugh out loud".
I also did the beep test again and I pushed myself to beat my personal highest score and I did. On Wednesday I only had lifting from 3-3:30 then I went to a soccer game at Mainland Regional and we won against Absegami. Shortly after that I had to meet my cousin from North Carolina for the first time in my life, so I did the family thing for the rest of the night.
On Thursday had workouts at Holy Spirit High School from 6-8, afterwards I went to a Fall Classic basketball game at the Pleasantville Rec Center. On Friday I had a long day and night, we had our pep rally ,and this was my first one of the year an I had a blast. Mainland is really a great high school. I then went to the Mainland football game, it was a terrible lost against Holy Spirit the score was 41-0 Spirit, I still believe that we were a better team then them just not on that night. Then at 1am in the morning I went in camp out all night for the Jordan #5 Bel Airs at sneaker Villa. I went with some friends and we sat outside from 1:30am to 9am. On Sunday I went to workout from 9-12, then I had a game at 12:45 at Mainland, this was my busies weekend since school started, but this is what I must do to get better in basketball in school.
Ayanna Jones


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part #1
Ayanna Jones
       Dear Basketball World,
I would like to thank G-thingbasketball for including me in the "Diary of a Baller" series. My name is Ayanna Jones and I am a freshman at Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, NJ. My dream is to become a player in the WNBA. To achieve my dream I workout 6 times a week on my game to become better and get good grades. Last Monday on the 23rd I had a pre-quiz in math and I got a 98 on it. That day after school I had weightlifting from 3-3:30, and from 3:30- 4:30 I shot around working on my jump shot and foul shots.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

                 Gthing Alum Sears Selects Delaware U.

Just found out threw a reliable source, that Spears will be attending the University of Delaware next fall. Gthing seen Spears play for the first time this year and we were very impress with the way she moves with and without the ball for her size, being 6'2 she's very light on her feet and should play a major roll for there University.
Gthingbasketball would like to congratulate Alexis and her family with this great accomplishment. We look forward to watching you play next year on TV. good luck.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Gthingbasketball: How was the summer season and what was  your accomplishments ?

Nichel: The summer season was really fun. We (FBC SE Elite - 2017) played our first exposure tournament in July (Fila National) in the top 17- under division and finished 3rd! From that tournament onward, dozens of colleges followed us to the rest of the tournaments in July. We won the 15-under division of the last  tournament we played in versus the NYC Gauchos 2015.

Gthingbasketball: Tell Gthing and the basketball world the places and tournaments your AAU team attended ? What was the toughest competition ?

Nichel: We started out in Atlanta at the Fila Nationals, in then to the Battle in the Boro in Nashville, TN. The 2nd half of July took us to the Battle of Bayou in New Orleans, and then finish at the Garden City Classic in Augusta, SC. By far the toughest competition was at the Fila Nationals, as we played in the top 17- Under division. My team is all 2017, with two 2018's. We fell short at the Boro playing 14U, but finish 2nd in the top 2015 division in New Orleans and won the 2015 division in Augusta, Ga.

Gthingbasketball: What is your current class ranking, in how do you feel about it ?

Nichel: According to All-Star girl's Report, I am currently ranked #4 nationally and was #3 when I was first interview by Gthing. I would like to be higher, but it's all someones opinion. All I can do is continue to work on my game and get stronger and better. In this ranking, I'm still the #2 point guard, so that's a good sign.

Gthingbasketball: Have you received any letters from any colleges and if so from were ?

Nichel: Outside of my scholarship offers from the University of South Carolina and the University of South Florida I have letters from approximately 40 schools. Most notably are Notre Dame, Ohio St, Miami, LSU, Louisville, UCLA, Stanford, Penn St.

Gthingbasketball: What high school will you be attending and why ?

Nichel: I will be attending Saint Francis High School, because it provides me with the right balance of great education and great basketball exposure. For education they are a private school that does a great job of preparing you to receive a college education. Their girl's team also won the Class A State Championship last year and over the past couple of years, they've had several girls go to or verbally commit major division 1 schools. Two of my FBC teammates are also going to Saint Francis, so it will be a really nice freshman class.

Gthingbasketball: What position will you be playing and do you think you'll be starting ?

Nichel: I will primarily play shooting guard, but will get time at point. We have 3 great senior guards so most likely won't start. However, we played together all of this past June in high school leagues and I played a lot, so I'll get plenty of time.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


May-May Sharif (Class of 2019)

Gthing: So May-May tell Gthingbasketball and all of the followers how your AAU season went this year ?

May-May: My AAU season went pretty good although I would have liked for our team to have done better at the Nationals.

Gthing: How was the Nationals for you and the Comets team this year ?

May-May: Coming off the # 8 National ranking last year, we didn't do as I expected, but yet we still done good considering we were undersized.

Gthing: Did y'all place, in what was Comets record down there ?

May-May: We didn't place at all this year, We ended up with a 3-3 record. All the teams we played had some really big bigs, so my teammates and I done a good job overall.

Gthing: Do you think that playing other positions, rather than your true one, has help your game ?

May-May: Yes I do, playing the 3, 4, & 5 has help my game because it allowed me to defend bigger players and at the same time learn to be able to get to the basket and get my shots off over bigger defenders.

Gthing: What can Gthingbasketball aspect from May- May next AAU season ? 

May-May: Gthingbasketball can expect me to play more of the point guard and the 2 guard position. I didn't get the opportunity this AAU season but normally I play the 1 or 2. Next year I'm looking forward to playing the point.

Gthing: In what part of your game will you be working on during the off season ?

May-May: I definitely will be working on my jump shot, my father says he is going to have me go to the shooting clinics and making sure I get a lot of shots up during the off season. Also, I will always continue to work on my ball handling skills and defense.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gthing: Let the basketball world know how difficult it is being muslim and playing basketball at the same time ?

Yea-Yea: The difference is since I'm a young muslimah, I have to cover up my body. So when I play basketball I wear a long sleeve shirt and tights under my uniform, I also have to pray fives time a day.

Gthing: How difficult is it during the month of Ramadan to fast and still play basketball ?
Yea-Yea: I wouldn't not say it's difficult, I prepare myself the night before the game by eating plenty of protein and drinking lots of fluids. I also have to know my limits.
Gthing: Tell the basketball world, and other Gthingbasketball  followers, who don't know what Ramadan is, explain it to them ?

Yea-Yea: Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. This is when the 1st verses of the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (Saw). All Muslim abstain from food, drinks, and other activities, from dawn to dusk for 29-30 days. When Ramadan ends we have a feast called Eid Al fitr, there is a lot of food and gifts at the Eid. I really enjoy the Eid.

Gthing: How did it feel playing up this year for your AAU team ?

Yea-Yea: It was hard at first, being one of the two eighth graders on a tenth grade team, but the more games We played the easier it became.

Gthing: What did you learn from it ? And if any, did it help you.

Yea-Yea: I learned how to think smarter, about the choices I make while on the court and off, I believe it prepared me for a higher level of basketball.

Gthing: The rumors are that you will be attending Mainland Regional H.S. in Somers Point, N.J. next year, Why the choice school ?

Yea-Yea: Mainland is a blue ribbon high school, and education comes first.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


( L - R )  Lauren Ross, Danielle Patterson, Jaala Henry

Coming fresh off a undefeated tournament in Hampton,VA at the Boo Williams 15U Invitational, the Belles had no time to celebrate there hardware, the only thing they had time for was to just grab a fresh change of clothes so they could get right back on the road in head to the Mid-West. The Belles next stop was the Nike Invitational Tournament which was held in Chicago,IL. in there to the Belles rang the bells of all the competition that came there way. They went 6-0 in the tournament, to bring home the Chip, they are a total of 11-0 in the last two tournaments, in so far this year there coach has played them up in the 15U Division which is great exposure for his team since they are a bunch of 6 Thur 8 graders.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Kelly has been playing great ball all season for the Philly Comets, the 6'0 point guard has shown this year why her name keeps buzzing on the AAU circuit. She made it to the final cut for the USA Basketball Women's U16 Team, out of 124 players she was one of the remaining hopeful's. Kelly lead her Cumberland Valley Team to the PIAA Class AAAA finals, the second leading scorer on the team at 16.2 and just about four rebounds a game is why Jekot name is making waves across the country.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


                     Maggie McIntrye                        Mary-Kate Gedaka     

This Duo Threat has the inside in outside game that every AAU and High School team would love to have, these two girls have been playing together since elementary school and they have been putting up descent numbers while together. Maggie McIntrye is a point guard who likes to control the offense, her basketball IQ allows her to do things an see things that most guards can't, she has a jump shot that she can knock down from time to time in big games. Mary-Kate has improve her game since last year, when Gthing first spotted her down in Lakewood,NJ. she was a post player with a ton of moves near the basket. So far this year Gedaka has shown some ball handling skills even playing point at different times of the game, Mary-Kate is the total package and should be able to take the Comets and Gloucester Catholic High School (NJ) team very far.

Monday, July 8, 2013



A wing player who can and loves to get up in down the court, this girl has the ability to play mutable positions. Ayanna is very quick, she is hard to stop while in the open court because of her size and ball handling skills. Mazyck likes to attack the basket, she has a well enough jump shot which should help her out on the next level, Ayanna can create her own shot which is good for a eighth grader.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Up in Hershey, PA last weekend Jahniece was dropping buckets like it was raining, she displayed her talent to the college coaches and the on going spectators that were there. The 5'1 point guard showed a lot of heart as usual, while playing against bigger and stronger guards. DM Panthers went 4-1 in the tournament, they got knock out by the Stings of Baltimore, MD.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sydney has a lot of swag in her game, she is a floor general, and she knows how to do play that very well. Wagner plays the point guard position but has the ability to play the two guard, she has a well enough mid-range game for a 8th grader. Wagner can play up tempo and can run with the best of them, her team went 4-1 in the tournament.
Name: Amber Gemer
Team: Comets
Position: Guard
Class: 2019
State: PA

Profile: Gemer is a crafty point guard, she has been running the offense for the Comets the past two seasons. Amber loves to control the offense by setting up her other teammates and getting everyone involved, she has a nice handle and can use either hand while pressure. Amber doesn't take a lot of shot's, but she can make them when necessary.
Name: Cilah Womack
Team: Philly Freedom
Position: Wing
Class: 2017
State: PA
Profile: Wing player who can also play the guard position, she loves to play at a fast pace. Womack likes to attack the basket with her speed, she is a good finisher around the rim. Cilah is a great defender, and can just about guard any position, can shoot the long ball or short ball from anywhere.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At the Comets Tournament 2 weeks ago Julie finally had her breakout game, with two starter's out with injury Julie took full advantage of her time while on the court. She has a all round game, but her best thing is shooting the rock, Carney plays with no fear, attack the basket at time, shooting from anywhere on the court. Now that Julie is on the Gthing radar, let's see if she can keep up the momentum going down to the Junior Nationals.

Saturday, June 22, 2013



May is the spark plug for her Comets team, her game has change since the last time GThing seen her play in 2012. She has pick her game up since the departure of her former teammate Lauren Ross who is now with the Philadelphia Belles, Amayla has a all round game, put her strongest asset is attacking the basket, she is very athletic and has tremendous speed, Sharif can get up in down the Court like a deer. Aggressive on defense which helps her on offense, because of her good hands and eyes she gets a lot of steals. 



The 6'3 7th grader, that's right 7th grader, has everything to look forward too in the near future. She can play   everybody, this isn't someone with just height and size, she can actually put the ball in basket. Brittany has low post moves and a bunch of drop steps that she uses during games to help her get to the basket with ease. Garner moves very well up in down the court which makes things a lot easier for her while playing against up tempo teams, her team when 4-1 in the Philadelphia Comets Tournament June 8 in PA.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sara Peretti (Class of 2019) Lady Starz

All eye's were on Sara after this tournament, the 5"10 6th grader showed why she will be talk about for a few years. Peretti is fundamentally sounded and does a lot of things to perfection, she runs floor well, she can rebound and knows how to use her long frame. Sara offensive ability's are great, she can put the ball in the basket with some low post moves, she is very coachable, which should help her in the near future.

Other Performers

Name: Alyvia Essex

Team: DM Panthers

Class: 2016

Position: Forward

State: NJ

Profile: Very athletic girl who can play motable positions, she has a nice stroke and can drain the long ball. Essex is quiet on the court, but not on defensive, she is very aggressive an has a mean  streak.

Name: Alexis Harris

Team: DM Panthers

Class: 2015 

Position: Combo Guard

State: NJ

Profile: Smoove guard who's has been working her way back from injury, she has all of the potential to be a great guard. Alexis has a nice mid-range game and long range game, she has a ton of moves, an one thing about Harris, is that when she's hot she's hot.

Name: Jahniece Jaffe

Team: DM Panthers

Class: 2014 

Position: Guard

State: NJ

Profile: Small but very tough, she put up good numbers during the Penn Jersey Tournament. Jahniece has a nice shot, she can easily knock down ten and twelve footers, Jaffe likes to play bigger than her size.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Name: Ayanna Jones

Team: DM Panthers

Class: 2017

Position: Guard

State: NJ

Event: Penn Jersey Tournament

Profile: Ayanna is a big guard, who has enough size to play the three spot. She is a tremendous defender, who can guard someone from the one to the four position. Jones is very aggressive on both sides of the ball, she likes to attack no matter if it's on offense or defense, she plays up most of the time and it has paid off.


Name: Lajerah Wright

Team: DM Panthers

Class: 2016

State: NJ

Position: Combo Guard


Profile: A Skylar Diggins type player,who loves to play up tempo. Wright loves playing in the open court, were she can easily score on fast break points because of her speed, Lajerah can attack the basket when she has too, has a mid-range game but looks more comfortable running the point.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Name: Fatimah Blackwell

Team: DM Panthers

Position: Center

Class: 2016

State: NJ


Profile: The 6'2 Blackwell is a true center who can get up in down the court, she has great foot work to go along with her size. Fatimah can rebound very well which comes easy most of the time because of her strength and size, this past weekend at Penn Jersey Tounament, Fatimah had over 15 block shots, Gthing lost count after that, one thing we do know it was definitely a block party.