Friday, May 14, 2021

Photo By: Andre Furtado

PENNSYLVANIA - Winter Series Recap - This Winter Series KP rolled out the red carpet for the Player's, Coaches and Media Outlet's. There was torrential downpours for both Session's 2 & 3 on these particular days, but that didn't stop the show. Session 1 I didn't attend, so I knew that I had a lot of catching up to do by missing a whole Session. With major Evaluators in Media In the Building the kids came out to play (Like The Classic Warriors Saying). Like Session 2 I knew that Championship weekend would be in full effect, you could see the look that some player's had in there eye's that they were ready to play ball. For some program's this was there first time out since early March 2020 right around the time when Covid -19 cripple the whole country.

With all of the heat that has been In the gym this Winter Series I still can't understand why KP is still deciding to call this event Winter Series. I guess that is a question that we will have to ask him In the near future. Rolling Into gym I really didn't know what to expect, I just anticipated that all of the games would live up to the hype. Since there was some 87 teams 13 shy of 100 some as far South as Charlotte, North Carolina and some far East as Massachusetts. In Session 3 their where 80 teams on a five court platform. In the Winter Series 8th Grade Division NJ Sparks took home two out of three ChampionshipsTeam Takeover ran through the competition in Session 1 taking home the chip back to the DMV beating Elevate Elite 56 - 48, In Session 2 Gold Division the NJ Sparks and the Pauldo Twinz were able to come through with a pair of trophies especially when it counted. Coach Chez provided the Wonder Twinz with a few key pieces. They beat Elevate Elite 59 - 55 in a back and forth game, also in Championship weekend the Sparks took a early lead over a talented Team Takeover group in never look back winning 59 - 51 in the Final of the Finals. 


Mya Pauldo - 2025 - Combo Guard - New Jersey Sparks - Mya is almost a mere image of her sister, starting to come into her own. Mya has the ability to create her own shot... Speeds up in transition when attacking the rim... Gets her teammates involved... Doesn't shy way from contact... Plays with a lot of energy... Offers

Theresa Hagans - 2025 -  Guard - Team Takeover -  Fast... Efficient point guard play... Shoots the three ball with confidence, especially off the dribble... Good point guard play on both sides of the ball...

Makiah Datil  - 2027 - Guard - Philly Triple Threat - Skilled... Will get tougher and stronger as time goes on... Knows what to do with the ball... Can attack to score... Smooth... Plays under control for a young age...

Riley Hamburger - 2025 - Wing - Team Takeover - Size and length on the wing... Good stroke and range... Definite mid-range gamer... Has good feel for the game but has to start to expand game... Offensive threat and capable of making big time shots when the game is on the line...

Lala Jones - 2027 - Guard - Fairfax - Had her moments at Winter Series... True point guard who plays the position well... Advance for her age, knows the game... Creates off dribble... Connects with players.... More assertive in transition...

Kendall Williams - 2026 - Guard - Future (Team Thrill) - Young guard... Active on both ends of the floor... Strong upper body strength to handle the contact when in attack mode...
Plays very physical... 

Aliza Murry - 2026 - Guard - Elevate Elite - Very entertaining guard to watch... During Winter Series she played on both levels, shining for both 7th grade and 8th grade... Small but assertive... Quick.. Gets in and out of lane using her speed to shoot the floater... 

Meg Yarnevich - 2025 - Forward / Wing - Power Move - With her combination of size and strength she can help any team that she plays on, can be a handful against teams at times... Aggressive at all times... Can put the ball on floor when making a move to the cup... Defends... Plays with attitude... Talks on both side... Can hit mid-range shot at times...

Amori Jarrett - 2025 - Guard - Elevate Elite - Physically strong guard with a mix of size and some athleticism. Strong off the bounce when attacking... Starting to evolve her game... Can make mid-range shots but sometimes settle to much on the wing... Nice form when shooting the ball... 

Grace Nasr - 2026 - Forward - Mid-Atlantic Magic - For sure long wingspan when guarding the ball... Mobile on both ends of the floor.... Excellent foot and movement when around the basket... Demands double teams on the block put can still score in those type of situation... Recognize double teams and kicks the ball to her open teammates... 

Princess Moody - 2025 - Guard - Team Takeover - Aggressive on defense... Uptempo style type player... Plays with emotion... Good out in the open court and in transition... Good hands to complement her speed...

Gee Gee Bank - 2027 - Combo Guard - New Jersey Sparks - Combo Guard who keeps on improving her game... Can shoot the ball well when she gets going in a game... Has some flare in her game... Loves to attack the rim... Good court vision... Can catch in shoot...

Endia Thomas - 2025 - Guard - Power Move - Does great thing on the court for a young age... Strong off guard who runs the offense well and doesn't over do it... Knows the game.. Scores in spurts, but has to get more in shape for those close game... Passes well in transition...

Kaelyn Carroll - 2025 - Wing / Forward - Baystate Jaguars - Skilled forward who at times has a guard mentality... Can defend and play multiple positions on the fly... Lanky with a huge wingspan... Rebounds... Mobile... Finishes when making a move... High prospect in her 25' class...

Kennedy Henry - 2025 - Wing - New Jersey Sparks - Her length and long arms are the keys to her game... Orthodox style game but effective... Moves well without the ball... Sets good screens... Rolls to the basket... Stretches defenses with mid-range jump shot... 

Demi Gilliam - 2026 - Forward - Fairfax Stars - Showed flashes of some good thing at Winter Series... Already has good size and strength to like.... Athletic and mobile.... Quick out the box leaper... 

Jordyn Jackson - 2026 - Forward - New Jersey Sparks - Long athletic guard for her age... Does varieties of things on the offensive side of the ball... Active around the glass for easy but backs... Can put the ball on floor in the open court... Very versatile with tons of upside that will help her game in the future... 

Zhen Craft - 2025 - Point Forward - Team Takeover - Good size body to help her game out while floating around in the post... Pace maker, Half-court game... Can get out and run with the rock... Good passer in the half-court game... Looking off defenders while making accurate passes to teammates... Finishes plays well around the basket... Solid on the boards... Gets buckets in different ways... 

Zaniyah Castillo - 2026 - Forward - New Jersey Sparks - Can handle the ball with power and presences.. Strong upper body... Rebounds with a few put backs of her own... Attacks basket hard with authority... 

Danhi Suggs - 2026 - Forward - Future (Team Thrill) - Good size athlete with a huge upside... Lengthy first step when attacking... Long frame and arms... Loves to attack with with different baseline moves... Rebounds hard and aggressive... Long reach with some disruption to go with it... 

Qandace Samuels - 2027 - Guard - Team Takeover - Skilled young guard... Highly regarded... Plays with confidence for a young age... Strong shooting presences... Her game will continue to evolve... Mid-range game is a definite... 

Mia Pauldo - 2025 - Combo Guard - New Jersey Sparks - Puts the ball in the basket... Gets points in transition... Finishes in traffic... Exceptional ball handling skills... Draws the foul... Not afraid of the contact.. Mid-range and long range shot is there... Tons of moves for a guard... Flashy... Has some wiggle in her game... 

Caliyah DeVillasee - 2025 - Lead Guard - Elevate Elite - So experience and mature for a young age... Smart in small but starting to show signs of a growth spurt... Controls the paste of a game with her basketball IQ... Smooth operator... Rebounds well for a small guard... Skilled...  

Taylor Brown - 2026 - Guard - New Jersey Sparks - Small frame guard who can flat out ball.. Quick and shifty... Can score buckets with either hand... Great court vision which helps her make tough passes... Can hit big shots... Fun to watch...  

Erin Miller - 2025 - Post - Power Move - Has great size and length, college body frame already... Mobile... Runs floor well... Will take a jump shot or two... Can score in post... Still has to work more on her game for the next level...

Kennedy Austin - 2025 - Guard - Team Takeover - Quick and Athletic on both ends of the floor... Can just about score from anywhere on the floor... Fast hands will pick your pocket... Scores off turn overs... Splits defenders while attacking the cup... 

Tiyara Gonzalez - 2026 - Lead Guard - Bria Holmes - Moves well with the ball... Does a good job setting up and running the offense... Good decision maker... Loves the game of basketball...  Good handle... 

Reneyia Pickering - 2026 - Guard - Team Takeover - Hard, Strength mix with a little quickness... Constantly stays in attack mode... Power game... Strong upper body and likes to play on physical side... Simply productive... 

Jada Lynch - 2026 - Guard - Central Jersey Hawks - Plays very hard, big guard with a good frame who loves to attack the cup on a constant bases. Long frame and wing span.. Physical... Plays with a mean streak... 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #7

 Lauryn & Zahra King

Hello basketball world, I'm back with my week 7 Diary.

Monday 1/10 

Today we play the best team in our conference and it’s our last game of the season. Last time we played them I played terrible and we lost by 32. I told my friend that if I don’t score 30 he could slap me really hard. That motivated me because I don’t like getting hit. The whole team was really sad because the season went by extremely fast and we didn’t want it to end. We decided to give this game our all and leave it all on the court. The day went on and I was getting more nervous for the game and more sad that the season was about to end. When school ended I hung out with my friends for a little bit then got ready for the game. I felt good warming up because my shots were falling and so were my falling. I was gonna put my all into this game because it’s last game of the season and I wanted to make it memorable. We start off our game hitting majority of our shots and we were up in the 1st quarter. Everyone was getting hype and we kept feeding off their energy and held the lead. It got close during the fourth quarter but me and my teammate hit some clutch free throws at the end to put us up by 5 and then that was it. Our season was over and we went out with a dub. We upset the best team in our conference and we had cupcakes to celebrate. I went to bed really happy.

Tuesday 2/11

I went to bed really late last night so it took me a long time to get ready for school so thank god I have my hair braided up so it didn’t take me as long as it normally would to get ready. I was happy at school the whole day from last nights win. The school day went by faster than usual. After school I went into the locker room and normally there’s at least two of my teammates in there but there was no one there and it made me sad because it hit me that our season was over. I went to train with Jerry right after school but I was late so he made me train with one of the other trainers but we still put some good work in. We worked on different combo moves into different variations of pull ups and counter moves. After the workout I went home and fell asleep.

Wednesday 2/12
I got ready for school today but I couldn’t find my ID so once I finally found it, I was going to be late. I made it to class 5 seconds before the first bell rang thank god. After school I had to finish my English project that was due on Friday. Last week I missed two days of school so I was really behind so it took me way longer than it was suppose to finish the project. After I finished my project I went to train with Jerry then I went home and went to bed.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #6

Lauryn & Teammates

Hello basketball world, this is Lauryn checking back in with Diary #6

Monday 2/3
I woke up really early today and couldn’t go back to sleep so during 1st period since all we were doing was reading, I took a 15 minute nap because that book was putting me to sleep. I was feeling confident about our game today considering we had the home court advantage and the refs wouldn’t cheat us or throw the game for us like they did the last time we played this team. As the day went on I got a lot of homework and I had to do the majority of it during my lunch period and I barely got eat and I was starving by the end of the day and I went to get food with two of my teammates. When it was time for our game I got a lot of shots up during warmups to make sure I was hitting shots during the game. The game started off good and we were in the game within the first quarter as usual but the rest of the game went downhill. The refs were awful just like when we played them at their gym. They called on the floor fouls so I couldn’t shoot free throws even though I was obviously shooting and they wouldn’t call any fouls for me when I was getting pushed in the back but I made sure I didn’t say anything to the refs so I wouldn’t give then a reason to give the game away for us. Within the fourth quarter it was obvious how the refs were moving and there wasn’t anything we could’ve done. We lost the game by like 15 and the whole team was upset because of the reason we lost. I thought about the game for a while reflecting on the game and what aspects I could’ve done better in and I realized all things were in my favor. There wasn’t anything I could’ve done better. My shot selection was really good, my shots were hitting for the most part, and I wasn’t fouling but the refs were killing us. I’m not one to blame a lose on refs but that game was blown for us just like the other time we played them. I went to bed feeling good about myself knowing that I did all I could in that game.

Tuesday 2/4
I woke up extremely tired and i didn’t feel like spending a lot of time picking out an outfit so I just threw in the first shirt I found and put on some black jeans. I don’t like going to school when we don’t have games because the days just feel longer and they’re uninteresting. After school I went straight home then came back to school for a light practice of going over plays the went home and went to sleep.

Wednesday 2/5
Today we play against Bethpage who has to win this game in order to make the playoffs. Last time we played against them I had 39 points and we still lost. I woke up this morning with a fever and a stiff neck. I felt terrible but I had to play. My mom let me sleep in to see if I felt better but by 12 I felt worse but I had to start getting ready for school or I wouldn’t be able to play later. It took me way longer than usual to get ready for school and I got there half way through sixth period. I hadn’t eaten all day and I had lunch next period but all I did was sleep. Eighth and ninth period went the same way. I was half dosed off the whole time and sweating a lot because for some reason it was extremely hot in school. After school ended I went straight to the locker room to change and took a little nap. I went to the nurses office and checked my temperature and I still had a fever but I didn’t care. I was knocked out the whole bus ride and took every pill or medicine you could possibly think of. When we got to the gym I had put something in my stomach because it’s been empty the whole day. I forced myself to eat two bags lf Doritos and took some DayQuil which didn’t help at all. During the jv game I did my homework and relaxed. I had a good warmup but I was still feeling a little sluggish. When the game started and I got my momentum flowing the sluggishness started to go away but I started to feel really cold. We were in the game the whole time but by the fourth quarter I ran out of gas and had no energy left. We ended up losing the game by like 10 but I knew that if I was at my 100% we could’ve won that game.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #5

Lauryn Swann & Nike

Hello basketball world, this is Lauryn checking back in with Diary number 5.

Monday 1/27
I woke up exhausted and struggling to get out of bed but I had to get up or I would’ve been late and had a Saturday detention. When I got up it was extremely cold and it took me a while to be able to fully wake up. I went to school and 1st and second period went by extremely slow. Slower than usual and it was a double period. In social studied we studied for a test we were having on Thursday and Spanish we went over vocab. We had over 30 words to learn but only 2 days to learn them because we had a quiz that Wednesday. The rest of the day went by normal, put very slow. After school the junior high girls team had try outs so I watched them try out for a while and then went home to go change to come back to school for practice at 7. At practice we did our normal drills and then we did a 3 on 3 tournament which was really fun. After practice I went home to study and do my homework then I relaxed and went to sleep at around 10:30

Tuesday 1/28
It’s game day today and we play the #1 team in our conference so I got up easily because I was excited. I put on my jersey because my team wears our jerseys to school when we have away games. When we have games when I get to school it’s a daily routine of “Oh, you have a game today? How much are you gonna drop? Y’all better not lose! I want a 30 ball.” From all my friends and other random people. I always give the same response tho, “I gotchu”. It does get annoying at times but it is really funny. During 3rd period I always have a two minute basketball conversation with my Social Studies teacher because he’s the boys varsity basketball coach at South (the other high school in Valley Stream) and he knows all the teams that we play against. The rest of the day went by good. I got ready pretty fast and we got to the school at around 3:30. Right off the tip as usual I was getting double teamed and hacked, I handled it well though. We were tied in the 1st quarter 9 to 9 but in the beginning of the 2nd, Floral Park went on a run and there was no coming back from that. After the game I went straight home to relax and go to sleep.

Wednesday 1/29
I woke up exhausted today since I didn’t sleep well last night. I had to throw on any random outfit because I decided to sleep in an extra fifteen minutes. I wasn’t really feeling well but I knew even if I begged, my mom wasn’t going to let me stay home from school. I rushed to get ready and we left the house at around 7:35. School was long and boring and there wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff happening like majority of the school days. After school I watched the junior high boys volleyball game with my friend Bella. The whole game I had no idea what was going on so she was explaining what was going on throughout the game. After the game I had to rush home to change really quick to come back to school for practice. Practice was long and boring and I couldn’t wait for it to finally finish. Once practice ended I had to wait like 20 minutes for my mom to come get me. Once I got home I studied for an hour and a half and then went to sleep.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #4

Lauryn Swann

Hello basketball world, I'm back with my week 4 Diary.

Monday 1/20
I woke up today around 6:30 really mad because I stayed up late last night knowing that I had to wake up early to go to Jerry's at 8. As soon as I got to Jerry he was on my case and I was not in the mood. He was yelling at me over every little thing and it was getting me mad. If I wasn’t counting out the made shots, touching my hair, running to get water, little stuff like that was what he was yelling at me about. He made us run like dogs half the time which made me even more mad. The hour was finally up and I had to go to physical therapy to get stretched out. When I go to physical therapy since I have extremely tight hips I get stretched out and my hips massaged and loosened then I leave. But today when I got my hips massaged it was torture. It took all of me not to scream like a little girl so I just quietly squealed and punched the table. After physical therapy I went to Brooklyn to go watch my friend Grace play. Then we picked up some food and went home and I chilled for the rest of the day then went to sleep by 10.
Tuesday 1/21
I woke up at 6:15 and got moving but I was not feeling well at all. At around 6:30 I asked my mom if I could stay home from school and with little questioning of what was wrong she surprisingly let me stay home. Normally I have to be practically dying or lost a limb to stay home from school but my mom let me stay home the whole day. I spent the whole day studying and sleeping which was exactly what I needed and at around 6-7 pm I felt better. I had dinner then went back to sleep.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #3

Lauryn & Kateri Poole

Hello basketball world, checking in with week 3 Diary.
Monday 1/13
I woke up at 6 and got ready for school. The day went by normally and after school I watched the boys junior high team play at 4. Then I had a light practice and we goofed around a lot because our coach was in a good mood then I went home and played around with my dog for a while then studied then went to sleep.
Tuesday 1/14
Woke up at my usual time and went to school. In all of my classes we’ve been reviewing and studying for the whole period because mid terms are on Friday. The only mid term I’m stressed about is my Social Studies mid term. I missed a month of school when I moved from New Jersey to New York because of the process of getting into a school and I missed a lot of the work that they did do I have to catch up and learn what I missed but my teacher has been helping me out with catching up as best as he can. I had a Vocabulary quiz in Science which i’ve been studying for all week and then the rest of my day went on normally. I had practice after the Varsity Boys team’s game so I watched them play and they lost by two but it was a good game. We had a light practice of running plays which was really boring but that's what we needed to work on for tomorrows game. After practice I went home to chill, eat, and go to sleep.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Name: Faith Robinson

Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2024

State: NJ

Position: Forward

Profile: High energy player who likes to be assertive around the basket, can score in different ways within 8 feet of the basket, high motor, aggressive, defends, plays with a chip on her shoulder.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #2

Lauryn & Classmates

Hello basketball world, this L checking back in with week #2

Monday 1/6
I went to school and the school day went by really slow and boring. After school I watched my team play because we had a home game. This was the last school game I had to sit before I could return to play because of my concussion. The other team was really good and they ended up beating us badly. After the game I went home to do my homework and went to sleep.
Tuesday 1/7
I woke up at around 5:45 and decided to not go back to sleep and got ready for school. I got to school at around 7:40. As usual my, school day was boring except for 9th period because we had a lock down. I was mad though because 9th period is my home and careers class and we were suppose to make and eat french bread pizza but because of the lockdown we had no time and we have to eat it tomorrow. I watched the boys junior high basketball team play and then i went to my grandmas house to chill for a while then went back to school for practice at 7. We had a light practice and we just put up shots and ran plays and we were done by 8:30. After practice I went home to do homework and went to sleep.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Teaneck Middle School - NJ Sparks - Entry #1

Lauryn Swann

Hello basketball world,  this is L checking in with my first entry.

Monday 12/30

I had the whole day off so i spent it sleeping and playing 2k. i never take my off days for granted because i never know when the next one is coming. But today's off day was much needed. I'm kind of mad that my whole winter break was spent waking up at the same time that i do for school and training for 3+ hours majority of the week but the grinding will pay off soon.

Tuesday 12/31 

I Woke up at 7 to go to training. We get there and I see Jerry isn't there and its 8 o'clock already. Its around 8:20 and Jerry still isn't there so we just start the workout w/o him. We go through our usual routine getting shots until and he’s still not there by 8:45 so we end the workout how we normally do. I went to my friends house until 11:45 and then came back to Jerry’s. He was there this time but he was laid out on his couch in his office knocked out cold because he was sick. He was too sick to train so I went home and got to relax for the rest of the day. I was too tired to watch the ball drop and i was sleeping by 9.

Wednesday 1/1

I woke up around 7 to go to Jerry and again he wasn’t there but the other trainers said he was coming in later. So it was only me and 2 other boys so we played horse and king of the court for an hour and a half to get some shots up and work on some moves. By like 9:30 i got dressed and went to go to a diner w/ my mom so we could come back to Jerry at 12. When we got back to the gym he was there but in a really bad mood. He made us run a lot and it wasn’t very fun running on a full stomach but I pushed through it until 1 and I went home to chill and do my homework before i go back to school tomorrow.

Thursday 1/2

I had to set multiple alarm clocks to get myself ready and alert for school today. (3 a.m., 5 a.m., 5:45, and 6). I finally got myself up and threw on the outfit i picked out last night. I did my hair and fed my dog and ate. I was ready by 7:20 and went to school. There was barely anyone there and everyone was half asleep which was good because in majority of my classes we didn't learn anything new or we played games. I got out of school at 2:43 and I had to go down to the weight room in my school because i had to work out for a little bit w/ the athletic trainer at my school because i was on the return to play protocol for my school basketball team because I had a concussion. After i was done w/ that I waled w/ my friends a couple of blocks to get some food. We hung out for an hour and walked back to the school. My mom picked me up and I had to hurry and go home to change so I could go to Jerry. It took way longer than it normally did and I was late. But I worked out for an hour and a half then i went home to eat then I had to go back to my school at 8 for practice until 9:30. After that i went home to finish my homework and study and I went to bed.

Friday 1/3

Woke up at 6:30 did my morning routine and got to school around 7:40. School day went by really slow. got out at 2:43 then hung out for a little bit. I Went to practice then got home to do my homework and went right to sleep.

Sunday, September 22, 2019


LINWOOD, NJ - This was the 6th annual 24/7 Gthing All Star Classic game which was held at the Belhaven Middle School, this is were it all started for Kylee Watson who will be attending Oregon University on a full basketball scholarship next year. Last year we did the event in Atlantic City, but this year we decide to take the show just a few miles out of the city to Linwood. The heat wave was definitely in the building this particular day with some of the hot names from the 2023 and 2024 class, it was like any showdown this day just waiting for it to kick off in get underway to see who's who on this nice summer day.

It was a typical North vs South game that kept the gym rocking all afternoon, the gym temperature was set at 65 degrees before we kick off the first game and that was with the 2024's. The youngsters set the tone for 2023's and when it was all said in done, the temperature got higher because of the fire that was brought on by the youngsters this day.

Coming into the gym there was high expectation, this year we went farther North. This roster had a few special player's on the list, we had Blake O'Grady and Mariana Padilla come up from Massachusetts to represent Bay State Jaguars, also farther South we had Darrionna Howard come up from North Carolina to represent Carolina Flames. We will take you inside and give you the scoop on some of the players that participated in the All Star Classic.

Mickelle Lowry (MVP) 

Mickelle Lowry - 2024 - 5'6 - Maryland Lady Tigers - Athletic off guard, can score from all different angles on the court. scores in bunches, finishes in traffic, high IQ, shoots well In transition. 

Name: Mia Pauldo

Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2024

State: NJ

Profile: Quick speedy guard with fast hands and feet, attacks basket regularly, handle, uptempo guard, weaves in and out of traffic. keeps her defenders on their heels, playmaker.

Name: Jennah Johnson

Team: New York Rens

Class: 2024

State: NJ

Profile: Long athletic guard with good size and length, can create space in the open court, gets to the basket with her length, poised playmaker.

Name: Sierra George

Team: Maryland Lady Tigers

Class: 2024

State: MD

Profile: Versatile player with a huge upside, can play multiple position, scores on the block, does well in the halfcourt set, handle, recognizes mismatches, strong upper body.

Name: Lauryn Swann

Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2024

State: NJ

Profile: Athletic Combo-guard who has a great shot, rises on jumper in mid range game, high motor, excels in transition game, scorer.

Name: Morgan Matthews

Team: Cardinals

Class: 2024

State: NJ

Profile: Athletic off-guard who creates off bounces,  superior length, finishes at rim, quick leaper, elevates over smaller defenders, active, disrupts on defense.

Name: Christina Parralla

Team: New York Rens

Class: 2024

State: NY

Profile: lead-guard with combo-guard skills with a smooth handle, delivers off dribble, floor creator, consistent offensive threat, strong off the dribble, finishes.

Name: Tyonna Bailey

Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2023

State: NJ

Achievement: MVP

Profile: Strong, athletic-guard with explosive moves when attack the rim, physical off the dribble, scorers mentality, misleading athletic ability.  

Name: Sahnya Jah 

Team: Team Takeover

Class: 2023

State: MD

Profile: Skilled perimeter player with versatility in her game, creates and beat defenders off the quick bounce, handle in passes in the uptempo game, guard like skills, catch in shoots in transition, next level ready, competes on both ends, high prospect for 2023 class.

 Name: Angelica Velez

Team: New York Rens

Class: 2023

State: NY

Achievement: MVP

Profile: Elusive lead-guard who thrives in the uptempo game, pushes tempo in delivers, scores mentality, cross-over queen, mid-range gamer.

Name: Jade Tillman 

Team: GT Fusion

Class: 2023

State:  VA

Profile: Physical guard who recognizes mixmatches, drives in makes plays in traffic, draws contact when attacking, rebounds in finishes, super strong, versatile big-guard, rebounds in pushes.

Name: Hannah Hidalgo

Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2023

State: NJ

Profile: Smooth floor leader who handles in transition, flys past the defense in distributes, penetrates in lane in dishes, on ball defender, disruptive defender, fast hands.

Name: Qadence Samuels

Team: Team Takeover

Class: 2023

State: MD

Profile: Super athletic 3 or face-up 4 with next level potential, quick on the block, active on glass, emerging offensive game, versatile defender, guard skills.

Name: Grace Sunback

Team: New Rens

Class: 2023

State: NY

Profile: Confident combo-guard with a scorers mentality, consistent offensive threat, creates off the dribble, mid-range gamer, long range threat, crafty floor leader.

Name: Randi Griffin

Team: Team Takeover

Class: 2023

State: MD

Profile: Strong post prospect with a nice touch on the block, emerging back to basket player, rebounds, defensive presence.

Name: Darionna Howard

Team: Carolina Flames

Class: 2023

State: NC

Profile: Agile 3 who attacks the lane with authority, quick first step when attacking, rebounds in handles in transition, physical presence, high motor, competes on both ends of the floor.

Name: Aalyah Del Rosario

Team: New York Rens

Class: 2023

State: NY

Profile: Low post prospect with superior size in the paint, mobile interior footwork, low post delivery, catches in the paint in finish, college frame, next level prospect, shot blocker, impact in the paint, defensive presence, active on block, good hands.

Name: Jaylin Hartman

Team: Philly Belles

Class: 2023

State: NJ

Profile: Agile smooth 4 who rebounds in attacks in transition, versatile offensive game, athletic finishes plays in transition, plays hard and rebounds, athlete.

Name: Blake O'Grady

Team: Bay State Jaguars

Class: 2023:

State: MA

Profile: Physical interior performer with good footwork, versatile and competes on glass, developing offensive game, strong.

Name: Zoey Brooks

Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2023

State: NJ

Achievement: Most Exciting Player

Profile: Consistent combo-guard with a scorers mentality, offensive firepower, prolific scorer, delivers off the dribble, mid-range gamer. 

Name: Samiyah Nasir

Team: Maryland Lady Shooting Stars

Class: 2023

State: NJ

Profile: Athletic floor general with handle, high motor in the transition game, crafty with ball, court vision is there, delivers and finishes plays, uptempo giver, creates on 1 on 1, situations.

Name: Alexis Hess

Team: Philly Comets

Class: 2023

State: PA

Profile: Athletic combo-guard with explosion when attacking the basket, rises on jump shot, mid-range game threat, creates off the bounce.