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MADDIE SIMS                                     ALEXIS SEARS                         
Talk about barn burner, this game Saturday was the carry over from last year when Williamstown knock off Lenape in the Group IV State Semifinals. This time in there first game of the season, Lenape got the victory. The game was intense from the time that the whistle blew, the Indians jumped out to a early lead, but Williamstown kept fighting back keeping it close in the first quarter, but by the half Lenape was able to pull away and take a 7 point lead at halftime. During the second half Williamstown came to life, when Taylor Bynoe 15 Pt's started penetrating she was able to dump it off to Sr. center Julia Dixon 17 Pt's who would finally foul out late in the 3rd. Williamstown started to go more inside once Sears and Sims fouled out in the 4 quarter, Sims finished with 9 Pt's and Sears 3 Pt's. Alexis got into foul trouble early so she couldn't never get into the flow of the game, the game went in to OT in Lenape Sr. transfer guard Taylour Jones 17 Pt's took control of the game with a couple of fancy moves in a few buckets.  

BORDENTOWN — Bordentown High girls’ basketball coach Bill Lloyd was worried about his team being able to score against Mainland’s press in the finals of the J. Michael Tucker Memorial Holiday Tournament.
Turns out the Mustangs barely pressed, but the Scotties still struggled to score.
The inexperienced hosts shot just 7-for-26 and fell to Mainland, 39-17, in yesterday’s championship game.
It was the first loss of the season for the Scotties, who have just one returning starter this year in Morgan Downs.
“This is a very young varsity group,” coach Bill Lloyd said. “They’re learning on the fly and they’re catching up to speed. Offensively, we’re rushing some shots. But that will slow down for them as they get more experience.”
The Mustangs made it difficult, however, by playing a strong man-to-man defense after Bordentown faced a zone against Nottingham on Friday. Reserve guard Ayanna Jones was especially sticky with her defense on the ball, making it difficult for the Bordentown guards.
“She’s got those long arms,” Lloyd said. “I was very surprised that they didn’t press, but right now we know our problems. We had issues in scrimmages going against man-to-man defenses, especially a team as quick and talented as they were.

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Female Athlete of the Week-Nichel Tampa

Nichel Tampa ( Class Of 2017)
 Nichel Tampa has made a big impact so far in her brief career at St. Francis. The 5-foot-6 freshman guard has gotten her high school career off to a strong start, averaging 10.6 points, 4.6 rebound...Nichel Tampa has made a big impact so far in her brief career at St. Francis.

The 5-foot-6 freshman guard has gotten her high school career off to a strong start, averaging 10.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, two assists and 3.6 steals a game through the Knights’ first three games of the season.

Tampa scored 21 points in St. Francis’ 65-26 victory over Lovett last Tuesday. She also had 14 points in the Knights’ 67-45 victory over Stephenson Dec. 14 and 11 points in their season-opening 69-43 win over Jonesboro Nov. 16.

Tampa has immediately made her mark on a St. Francis team that enters the season as the defending Class A private school state champion.

“She plays tremendous defense and has been very effective for us on offense, a great penetrator," St. Francis coach Aisha Kennedy said. "She’s been doing very well on both ends of the floor for us. She brings a lot of energy.”

Tampa is also a standout on the AAU level as a member of the SBC team.

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Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,Nj) Part #12
Ayanna Jones
I'm really enjoying the season so far. On Monday I had practice from 3 until 5:30. We went over plays and did a lot of drills to improve our game. We are forming a bond and becoming close. We did a foul shot drills called free throw ladder, this is when you shoot 20 foul shots and who ever makes the most number one and so on. I'm # 10 on my team, I know it's not good but I'm working hard to be at that number 1 spot. We also did a lot of conditioning, when we finished my legs felt like noodles but it's only going to make me better. On Tuesday because of the weather we didn't have practice or scrimmage, everything was cancelled. I was excited to play in my first high school game. I looked at some old film from my 8th grade year to see everything that I need to improve on.
On Wednesday we had a scrimmage against Bishop Eustace, Varsity played two half's then JV played. I thought I did really good for my first game. The girls were a lot smaller than me on JV, but on varsity they were bigger and stronger then me. On the bus ride home we laughed a lot and had a lot of story's to tell. On Thursday we had practice from 3 until 5. We went over more plays and did a lot of running, I also shot 15 for 20 foul shots. I was proud ,but next time I wanna shoot 20 for 20. After practice we went over one of the seniors house and watched movies. We watched High School Musicals and we were singing along, It was a lot of fun. On Saturday we had a tri-scrimmage, Middle Township & Washington Township came and played at are school. We played both teams and than they played each other, we didn't have a JV game but I did play Varsity. It was a great experience, Sunday I watched the game to see my mistakes so I could fix them in practice so i won't make them during a real game.
Signing Of: Ayanna Jones

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Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,NJ) Part # 11
Ayanna  Jones & Teammates
On Monday it was the start of my high school career, I had tryouts for the Mainland Lady Mustangs. I was so nervous as a Freshman, I tried out for junior varsity and varsity. As a freshman I had to get water and cups and the balls. this was new because last year I was telling 7th graders to get the water and the balls. We ran the beep test I got to level 7.9 which is good because you had to get level 7. After that we did stations so the coaches could see everything you could do. Station one was ball handling, station two was shooting, station three was foul shooting, and station four was training. We had 10 minutes at each station and when we changed to the next we had to spirit, no walking. Next we did running 646,  which is 6 spirits, 4 back peddles, and 6 spirits. Beat the pro next if you missed the 1st shot it was -2, both was -4, make both + 2. At the end we did 16 spirits in 1 minute. On Tuesday we started off by doing 646, they told us today was conditioning workouts, we did a lot of running and stations.
Afterwards we did foul shots and beat the pro. We ran 16's in 50 sec and if we didn't we did two up backs. After practices we did more foul shots and they told us who did and didn't make the team. It was either Freshman, JV, or varsity. I was so happy I made JV and Varsity, out of 7 Freshman. We had our first official practices Wednesday, so on Wednesday we started of by learning a play or to, then we got stretched out and did some running. Next we went back over the plays and scrimmaged each other to get the feeling of how it should go. I think this team is a great team and that we will be good this year. After conditioning we went to the weight room and lifted. On Thursday we had practices from 3-6 we did a lot of running, play learning and shooting. Each girl on my team is a good player and they wanna play and are determined to win.
We also got book bags and jackets with Mainland girls basketball on it. After that we learned a new play, I think we picked it up fast. On Friday we learned other new plays and than we ran 16's in 1 minute. We finally went over all the the plays we learned in scrimmage, I think we did good if you ask me. On Saturday we had practice and we ran and scrimmaged half the practice and the other half we did foul shots. Afterwards we went to Rowan University to see Alex play, she graduated from Mainland last year and they played Kean University and Rowan won. I also got to see Annie and Val play, they are two Holy Spirits girls who graduated last year to. On Sunday it was snowing, so I iced my knees & feet my first scrimmage is Tuesday.

Signing Off: Ayanna Jones

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Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,Nj) Part #10
Ayanna & Natalie
This was a short week for school because of the Thanksgiving Hoilday, so we only had three days and one was a half of day. On Monday I had workouts from 3-4, I lifted weights and shot around, afterwards I went home and studied for my math test. On Tuesday I took a math test and got a 97 on it, and I also took a physics test to, don't know what I scored on it yet. Later on that day I had workouts from 3-4, I shot around and worked on my foul shots and dribbling skills. On Wednesday I had a half of day, we watched Mainland Regional dance team perform.
They did a great job. After school it was my cousins birthday so I went over to her house, then to her birhday party. We had alot of fun, everybody made root-beer floats and cupcakes. On Thursday we woke up and went to the Atlantic City vs Holy Spirit football game, they have been playing on Thanksgiving day since the 60's, Spirit won 49- 6. After the game I went to my grandparents house and we had a lot of fun bringing up old memories and laughing. On Friday my sisters came over and we went outside with my friends, while playing outside I dribble the ball. Saturday I went to the All-Star game to watch my little cuz Ernest play. After the game I hung out with my friends. On Sunday I dribble the outside once again.
Signing off: Ayanna Jones