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2nd Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight All Star Classic Other Performers (White Team Players)

Sajada Bonner "2019" (F) St. John's Vianney HS, NJ

Big athletic wing who has great jumping ability' Bonner has a nice mid-range shot in somewhat of a soft touch when shooting a 8 to 10 footer. Good athleticism Sajada brings to compliment her game. Playing with a already talented group of seniors at Vianney, she should shine after this years class moves on.

Sara Peretti "19 (F) Hammonton HS, NJ - Peretti is a good defender around the rim, she has great lateral movement and can get up in down court pretty fast. A bonafide defender Sara can also drop buckets in should be the lone star at her small school.

Ta - Ta Howard "19 (G) Atlantic County Institute Of Technology HS, NJ - Strong physical combo guard with a huge upside, plays the 1 fairly well needs to be able to go left a the high school level, good shooting range.

Quejae Canty "19 (G) Atlantic City HS, NJ - Canty has the size of a guard, but because of her athleticism she sometimes line up at the three, that will change at the next level. She is a good rebounder, good leaper, fast, quick first step.

Christina Brown "19 (G) Harriton HS, PA - The Philly Triple Threat guard who came to the J.E.M Classic showed a lot of her strengths, big frame guard who likes to attack the basket, plays well without the ball in her hand, knows how to find other teammates on the floor.

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 2nd Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight All Star Classic Other Performers (Black Team)

Nisani Santiago "19" (South Plainfield, NJ)

The Black Team was so loaded with talent, that all the players were beginning to look all alike.

Gthing & BBall Spotlight J.E.M All Star Classic Performers (Black Team)

Nisani Santiago - Guard - (South Plainfield,NJ) - Up tempo Guard who can play at any pace, quick, floor general. Has a good pull up shot in the lane, small but can get by her defender because of her speed. Can play with the best of the best.

May May Sharif - 2019 - Guard - (Chester, PA) - Great defender with a lot of speed, shifty can go from left to right in a instead. Good ball handling skills, loves to attack, nice build guard and strong.

Lela Correa -  2019 - Forward - (Howell, NJ) - Lela is big strong and physical, she showed that at the J.E.M Classic, she has the ability to defend 2 Thur 4 spots because of her athleticism. Correa can play 3 Thur 4 position, but just needs to develop more of a jump shot.

Emily Lapointe - 2019 - Guard - (Staten Island, NY) - True Point Guard who likes to pass first but can score some buckets if she has to, Emily showed good leadership at the All Star Game. Great decision maker sees court well team player.

Ta'Shonna Wright - 2019 - Guard - (Shillington, PA) - Raw talented guard, good size. Makes things happen can create off the dribble, always in attack mode, good speed for a big guard.

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2nd Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight J.E.M All Star Classic Top Performers (White Team)

Alana Swift (Philadelphia, PA)

The White team came up short in the event. But some of the players on the team wouldn't give up so easy as they tried to battle back from a double digit league. Here are some top performers for Team White.

J.E.M All Star Classic Top Performers (White Team)

Alana Swift - 2019 - Guard - (Philadelphia, PA) - Swift came out in did here thing the old Philly Style, she has a quite demeanor but don't make no mistakes about it the girl can flat out ball. When the ball is in her hands you don't no what aspect, she can get you with the quick crossover or the dribble drive, when she develops a consist shot Alana is going to be player to watch out for.

lisha Lewis - 2019 - Guard - (Delaware) - Gthing has been following Lish 23 since the 4th grade, everything she does we are not surprised by the out come. Lewis always brings her A game when its time to play like she did Saturday. Even though her team loss, she always plays the same. Her great balling handling ability helps her create space between her defenders. The state of Delaware have something special.

Leah Johnson - 2019 - Post - (Pennington, NJ) - Johnson fought double teams all day at the J.E.M Classic, in she still manage to show us what her future is going to look like. Leah added a few moves to her post game, to go along with that she is a good rebounder who has seem to gotten a lot quicker on her feet.

Kayla Braxton - Young - 2019 - Guard - (Newark, DE) - Braxton-Young brought her energy to the J.E.M Classic, she didn't score a ton of points but when the game was over Team Black felt that she was one of the tops on floor, Kayla showed a few different things as the game played on.

Kendra Warren - 2019 - Forward - (Newark, DE) - Warren played like the same way we seen her play at the USJN in Washington, DC. Kendra showed a bunch of drop step moves while on the block at the event getting to basket with ease. She is quick on her feet and can handle for her size.

Makenzie Helms - 2019 - Guard - (East Haven, CT) - After the long trip down and staying a night over in New Jersey Helms seem wide awoke when she step on the floor to play. During the game Makenzie was like a floor general trying to lead her team back for a victory, attacking the basket and making play after play to pull off a come from behind upset. Her team came up short but not Makenzie.

2nd Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight All Star Classic Top Performers (Black Squad) 2015

Faith Masonius - 19' - Forward - Spring Lake, NJ (MVP)

The black team came in the door hotter then the gym, but by the end of the game, they cooled the gym down and the white team as well.

GThing & BBall J.E.M All Star Classic Top Performers (Black Team) Ms. Hustle took home the MVP along with a cheering section by the time the game was over. As the White team begin to wear down, Faith seem to be picking it up, showing her ability to handle the rock and pushing the ball in the open court like a guard, but at 6 feet she seems to do just about everything you can ask for from a player.

Jayla James - 19' - Wing - (Virgina) - Who was challenging Masonius for the MVP, showed signs of being a great player in the future. The long wing displayed her shooting range from deep in the game, she also showed some ball handling skilled and some good athleticism. 

Lauren Lithgow - 19 - Combo Guard - (New Jersey) - The last time Gthing seen Lithgow she was only 5'4 and a spot up shooter, now she has a added a little bit of flavor to her game. Lauren has been in the lab working, now she can handle the rock plus create her own shot. She is definitely a dual threat and St.Rose is lucky to be getting another good player to add to there roster.

Zaria Newson - 19 - Post - (Delaware) - Heard a lot about Big Z before we actually got to see her play, we know there was some more talent in Delaware and we got see. Zaria is fundamentally sounded and she knows how to play the post very well, Newson showed a few low post moves during the game, a few times in the game she played with her back towards the basket not to forget about the 10 blocks she had.

Zinna Goda - Combo Guard - 19 - (Newark, NJ) - The youngster showed some signs of being capable of playing at the next level, Goda is a sharp shooter in she should do well under Newark Tech Head Coach Keith Jefferson.

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2nd Annual (Together) Gthing Basketball & BBall Spotlight J.E.M ALL STAR CLASSIC ROSTERS (UPDATED)

The 2nd Annual (Together) Gthing & BBall Spotlight J.E.M ALL STAR CLASSIC will take place at Trenton Catholic Academy on Saturday August 15th. This game will feature the top rising 9th grade girls and boys in the region.

12:00 PM Girls Regional Showdown ( GIRLS MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 11:15 )
1:30 PM Boys Regional Showdown

Trenton Catholic Academy
175 Leonard Ave.
Trenton, NJ 08610

(Black Team)

Nisani Santiago (South Plainfield, NJ)
Emily Lapointe (New York, NY)
May May Sharif (Chester, PA)
Zinna Goda (New Jersey)
Jayla James (Virginia)
Faith Masonius (New Jersey)
Zaria Newson (Delaware)
Lela Correa (New Jersey)
Quejae Canty (Atlantic City, NJ)
Ta'Shonna Wright (Shillington, PA)

 (White Team)

Alisha Lewis (Delaware)
Ta Ta Howard (Atlantic City, NJ)
Kayla Braxton-Young (Delaware)
Makenzie Helms (Connecticut)
Lauren Lithgow (New Jersey)
Sajada Bonner (New Jersey)
Kendra Warren (Hockessin, DE)
Leah Johnson (New Jersey)
Sara Peretti (Hammonton, NJ)
Christina Brown (Philadelphia, PA)
Alana Swift (Philadelphia, PA)