Thursday, April 30, 2015



Ms Jordan aka Alisha Lewis is back in the spot light again with Gthing, the last time we seen her she was in the 5th grade and only standing 4'11. But things have change since then, Alisha is one of the top guards in her class and this past year she played Varsity basketball for her team. In the Tip Off Classic she showed good ball handling skills, great decision maker, good in transition.

Jordan Nixon - 5'9 (Combo Guard) 2018, Horace Mann HS (NY) - She is the real deal, plays well beyond her age. In the Classic, IExcel played two games back to back and Nixon still turned it up on the other defenders, slicing and dicing them. Jordan is definitely good in the open court and in one on one situations, can change speeds when attacking, good passer, can take over a game, plays under control, rebounds well, athletic.

Gabi Redden - 6'2 (F) 2017, Rutgers Prep HS (NJ) - The work horse for her AAU team (Cardinals), they played a talented IExcel team that day in Gabi held her own putting a double - double, in a couple of and 1 plays, Gabi has a few post moves, good foot work, money around the rim. 

Moriyah Jordan - 6'2 (F) 2018, Stem Academy HS (NJ) - Moriyah has the ability to be very good, she has a good upside with her, when pushed she runs the floor well, she knows where to be on the floor during the offensive series, has some moves, can play with her back toward the basket. 

Sam Widmann - 6'0 (F) 2016, Notre Dame HS (NJ) - Great fundamentals this young lady has, she is every coaches dream to have a player like her on there team, Sam seems to always knows were the ball is on offense in defense, very coachable, good rebounder, athletic.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Wednesday, April 22, 2015



The tip off classic was well worth the trip up North, Gthing was able to see some good talent, like NNeka who plays for Notre Dame High School. She is tough I don't see how or why she is under the radar, Ezeigbo can play with the best of them, the lefty loves to attack the rim, she has a well enough handle to bring the ball up court in finish, very strong, and is a killer in the paint. 

Michelle Sidor 5'8 (PG) 2019, Saddle River Day HS, (NJ) - Sidor is no stranger to Gthing, we first seen her play two years ago and we know then that she would be special. Michelle has grow a few inches which makes it even tougher now for defenders to guard her, great skills for the next level, can knock down the 3 ball, can handle the ball, can play on wing, good shooter, aggressive on the offensive side, has to make better decision while running the point.

Rachel Balzer 5'9 (Wing) 2019, Germantown Academy HS, (PA) - Very smart player who gets it done on the court and she did that at the Tip Off Classic last week, good rebounder, scorer, great basketball IQ, very athletic.

Eve Crawford 5'7 (PG) 2018, East New Brunswick HS, (NJ) - New Place for one half of the Crawford twin, she can ball and as time go's on with Jersey Shore everyone will get to see the quality of her game. Pure shooter, smart point guard, good ball handler.

Hailee Jantorno 5'4 (PG) 2018, Notre Dame HS, (NJ) - Small but good, played well against the trees on Iexcel. Hailee does everything a point is suppose to do, in that is feed your big's and run the play that the coach calls. Smart, High IQ, may need to grow a little more.

Ashley Gehrin 5'8 (PG) 2016, Mendham HS, (NJ) - The scorer was very versatile this past weekend, she mixed it up and gave people a glimpse of what she can do as a all round good player, quick, good decision maker, well with or without the ball.

Sunday, April 19, 2015



Another one of Team Takeover highly recruited prospect, she showed a lot of skill last weekend getting up in down the court to get a bunch of touches. Amira showed signs of some lost post moves, a couple of drop steps even playing with here back toward the basket, Gthing will keep you posted to let you how Amira does this year at the USA 16 in Under Trails.

Jabria Ingram 5'7 2018, Neumann Goretti HS (MD) - Jabria AkA Ja'Bron is back to full form, she looks like she did two years ago. After a ACL injury in transferring to the Philly Belles she is now back with her former team in Ingram looks good, she's getting to the rim with ease, good jumping ability, attack mode, loves contact.

Danielle Patterson 6'3 2017, Medgar Evers College Prep HS, (NY) - The former Philly Belle is starting to mesh well with her new teammates, a lot of College recruiters are knocking at her door. The wing slash post brings a lot to the table, Patterson can play on the wing all day in shoot which she does well, or she can kill you down in the post were she is very quick, very athletic, good athleticism, mid range shot, great prospect.

Morgan Smith 5'10 2016, Bishop McNamara HS, (MD) -  Smith does what she does best last week in that is stay in the air for along time, her ability to stay in the air is unbelievable. Morgan can and will get to the rack whenever she feels like, Smith loves transition play, great in the open court when she gets a jump shot she will be a killer.

 Tera Reid 6'1 2016, Life Center Academy HS, (NJ) - The New Zealand transfer is starting to make her mark on the East Coast, Tera can play the 1 Thru 4 position because of her size, she has good ball handling skills, can create her shot, she is able to shoot over smaller defenders with her 6'1 frame.

Alissa Alston 5'7 2016, Upper Room HS, (NY) - The crafty point guard did her thing at the Spring Invitational in Maryland, she looked good considering this was her teams first tournament. The baller was able to get to the rack, she was able to split defenders, change speeds, plays under control, can play at any pace.

Lindsey Pulliam 5'10 2017, Good Counsel HS, (MD) - The young gunner was doing it up in her neck of the woods down in Bowie,MD. Lindsey is one of the state's top player for the class of 2017, good upside can play different position, she is a good wing player, she also can play the one because she can handle the ball.

Thursday, April 16, 2015



Another day one baller was Ms. baller herself, Honesty just keeps on getting better at every part of her game. This AAU season Grayson has made some changes, switching from the New York Choz to the New Jersey Power House NJ Sparks, she has already been Invited to USA Trails, this young lady is fundamentally sound, she has one of the greatest work ethic Gthing has ever seen. Great basketball IQ, can take a defender off the dribble, makes good decision, smooth, can get everyone involved even the crowd.

Kaila Charles 6'0 2016, Eleanor Roosevelt HS, (MD) - Outstanding player who always seem to play big no matter the occasion, at the Spring Invitational she showed us why she is being highly recruited. ball handle, outside shot, strong, can play 1 Thur 4, good size, can play a little on the block and can shot the mid-range jump shot. 

Chrishyanah Alston 5'8 2016, Samford HS, (DE) - Despite two loses she showed Gthing a little something in both games against two of AAU Power Houses Takeover and Exodus, in each of those games Alston let it be know that she was going to make it very difficult for who ever was to try in guard her. she is very strong, loves to attack, can create her own shot, Alston has signed with the University of James Madison.

Jayla Jones - Pack 6'3 2016, St. Anthony HS, (NY) - Jones - Pack was able to fill the lanes last weekend at the Spring Invitational with her long frame, very versatile player who can make a immediate impact in game. If Jayla develops a jump shot by next school year she will be major threat to a defense. 

Alexa Middleton - 6'1 2016, Abington Friends HS, (PA) - The Bully of the bunch, Middleton plays the paint hard and gets the job done no matter what the circumstance is. Middleton has good foot work, runs the floor well, good rebounder, great defender on the block and anywhere around the rim. Like Waka Flocka said "she go's hard in the paint".

Raven James - 5'5 2016, Paul VI HS, (MD) - James got to play against some of her Villanova Signee's Saturday to show them she is ready to take flight in the City of brotherly Love, Raven runs the offense well every time she takes the floor, James is a floor general who loves to make things happen.

Jada Russell - 5'7 2016, Neumann Goretti HS, (PA) - Jada plays a big part of this team which is already loaded with lots of talent. Russell is able to play 1 Thur 3 because of her speed she is able to get open practically anytime she wants. She loves to attack, can knock down the big shot, mid-range game.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Woo We, is all I can say about this young Philly Gunner, despite her Triple Threat team losing two games that day to some of the top teams on the AAU Circuit she was able to hold her own. Jones can break down just about anybody that stands in front of her, tremendous ball handler, great passer, knows were to place the ball, huge team leader. 

Niya Johnson 5'7 2016, Nazareth, HS (NY) - The New Yorker came to play like always, she brings the same play maker ability to her AAU squad like she did for her High School team, when they won the states this past year. Johnson does it all, her ability to score whenever she wants always come in to play, can handle, can play on the wing if necessary.

Kaela Halaire 5'3 2016, Floral Park, HS (NY) - Smallest on the Exodus roster, but I might have to say the toughest. Halaire but on a show against Philly Triple Threat, bring her team back after being down double digits, with a whole bunch of acrobatic moves to the basket. Kaela is the typical New Yorker who plays hard in has a nasty handle. Good ball handler, can create, makes things happen with or without the ball.

Danielle Tunstall 5'9 2016, Life Center Academy, HS (NJ) - Tunstall is on the rise this AAU season, now that her High School season is over and after being in the shadows of some of Life Centers Super Stars Tunstall is finally getting her time to shine. Can play the 1 Thur 3 because of her size and her athleticism, plays on the ball, very aggressive on the offensive side.

Michelle Nicholls 5'10 2016, Life Center Academy, HS (NJ) - After a full season at the Life Center, Nicholls should be well ready for some AAU basketball here in the states. Michelle is a all around good player at 6'0 feet tall, she can play up to five 5 different spots. Combo guard who can get out in run, uses both hands, pushes the ball, uptempo, if she develops a strong jump shot this summer she will be highly sorted after.

Abby Meyers 5'9 2016, Whitman HS, (MD) - Just a pure scorer or shooter, Abby just loves to shoot from about anywhere on the floor. At the Spring Invitational in Bowie, Maryland Meyers shot lights out. 

Jordan Wallace 6'3 2016, Sterling HS, (NJ) - The Jersey native is playing on big stage with Triple Threat since her High School plays on a smaller venue, but Wallace seems to be holding her own. She is a big problem on the block, plays well with her back towards the basket, strong, runs the floor well.

Niya Beverley 5'8 2017, St. Johns College HS, (MD) - Beverley showed up this weekend even after coming off the bench, top notch Point Guard who can do it all in one single game. Niya cant do nothing more but get better, handle, shooter, Combo Guard who plays uptempo.

Friday, April 10, 2015



Mirah Perez was featured on Gthing Basketball one years ago, back then Perez was 5'11 tall now the 8th grader stands at 6'2 and we are sure she is still growing. In a few years we suspect that Mirah will be on a whole new level by then and playing for the New Jersey Sparks (EBYL) Gold Team, next year she will be attending Newark tech HS, in Newark ,New Jersey and playing for her AAU coach Keith Jefferson.

Blair Watson - (Class of 2016) - Watson can score in bunches, just like she did this year in High School where she lead her team Nutley HS to a state title. Blair can basically score whenever she wants, plays under control, very poised, good shot, nice form.

Katie Higgins - (Class of 2016) - The versatile Higgins can play at any pace. She is a all around good player who has a good basketball IQ, Kate can play on the block a lot if given a chance. Strong, great passer, plays her best basketball when she is on the wing.

Natalie Stralkus - (Class of 2018) - The lefty has a huge upside with her and her game, Natalie is very well coached with her AAU team which should help her in the long run. She has good size for the 1 position, good skill set, just has to make better decision when in transition, other the that she should do fine.

Forever Toppin - (Class of 2018) - Another one of New Jersey Sparks talented player's, Toppin is the smooth operator of the bunch, she is on a very talented team but she seems to standout every time she gets on the floor. Good guard who has come into her own, quick, good ball handler, uptempo player, runs floor well, good on the break.

Miya Grimes - (Class of 2018) - Miya played in J.E.M All Star game last August hosted by Gthing and Basketball Spotlight where she was awarded MVP. This was the first time Gthing has seen her this year and Grimes is still grinding in the game. Miya has a high motor, hustles hard, plays hard, and a good rebounder which is her intangible, all in all she like a female Dennis Rodman.

Breyonna Frazier - (Class of 2019) - The young Spark is tough, very athletic and aggressive and always trying to find away to get to the rim. Attacks the the rim, nice handle.

Gabrielle Hunter - (Class of 2016) - Hunter is always on the hunt for the basket. This Rival player from New Hampshire is definitely D1 ready, she has all the athleticism in the world to carry her far, so don't let the 5'7 frame fool you. Slasher, wing type player also, with a few moves. (EYBL)

Janis Crooms - (Class of 2018) - Big time Freshman who can play on a big stage, the 5'10 big frame body is quick and very light on her feet. Good passer, plays well off the ball, great ball handler, good in the open court, can play on the block and in one on one isolation's, tremendous jumping ability. (EYBL)

Gianni Hill - (Class of 2016) - Small but very tough, plays under control and a lot of energy. In one game she basically played without going to bench to once, super quick, big heart, tons of energy, very fun to watch.

Monday, April 6, 2015



This was one player that we had to feature, when Gthing found out that she was only a Freshman. Collins is on the rise like her height, the 6'3 freshman will definitely be star if she keeps up with her work ethic, Amira is already getting offers from major D1 schools like Tennessee, Michigan St, and Penn St. Collins has been invited to attend the USA 16U Trails in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she has a huge upside, runs the floor well, big body in knows how to use it, great hands.

Lindsey Pulliam (SO, PG) - All around good guard, she is a very well rounded player. Lindsey can play the 1 Thur 3 in she doe's that well when call upon. Pulliam loves to attack the basket and can get there with ease because she has a nice frame to be a guard.

Niya Beverley (SO, PG) - The young gunner of the bunch who is nasty with the rock, great skill set can break down defenders at will, quick, plays uptempo but can slow it down at anytime. Niya has been getting looks from Virgina, VCU and some other top ACC schools.

Tyana Custis (JR, POST) - 6'2 lefty looks more like a model, but don't let that look fool you, she is one tough cookie. Custis go's hard and plays hard, good defender who loves to challenges every shot. Needs a little more foot work while in the post.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


KAILA CHARLES -FWD-(Class Of 2016)

On a snowy spring day in March, Team Takeover came to the Classic Tournament in Paterson,NJ in laid it down. Starting with the muscle of the bunch Kaila Charles. The junior has major offers, leading with Syracuse Tennessee and many more, Charles has the ability to play mutable position but she is consider a 3 at the next level. Kaila is strong, athletic, and can jump, she is usually money in the bank when around the rim or at least close to it.

Raven James (JR, PG) - The Villanova bound Guard has all the tools necessary for the next level. The speedster will be teaming up with one of New Jersey top prospect Mary Kate Gedaka (Gloucester Catholic), next year. She is the motor to Takeover, common and poise when on the court James knows what it takes to win big games. Raven is coached by her dad and you know that can be tough sometimes.

Morgan Smith (JR, PG) - Air Morgan should be her name, a very athletic girl who has unbelievable hops. Smith is a wing type player put can play inside because of her athleticism, slasher type player and good defender. 

Abby Meyers (SO, PG) - Sharp Shooter just plain in simple, Meyer's can hit from long range and short range. She has two more years of High School and one more of AAU in I'm sure she can't do nothing else but get better.

 Sofilia Ngwafang (JR, Post) - The 6'4 low post is starting to come into her own I learned after talking to her coach. Very strong, Physical, and know how to use her strength to her advantage.