Friday, April 10, 2015



Mirah Perez was featured on Gthing Basketball one years ago, back then Perez was 5'11 tall now the 8th grader stands at 6'2 and we are sure she is still growing. In a few years we suspect that Mirah will be on a whole new level by then and playing for the New Jersey Sparks (EBYL) Gold Team, next year she will be attending Newark tech HS, in Newark ,New Jersey and playing for her AAU coach Keith Jefferson.

Blair Watson - (Class of 2016) - Watson can score in bunches, just like she did this year in High School where she lead her team Nutley HS to a state title. Blair can basically score whenever she wants, plays under control, very poised, good shot, nice form.

Katie Higgins - (Class of 2016) - The versatile Higgins can play at any pace. She is a all around good player who has a good basketball IQ, Kate can play on the block a lot if given a chance. Strong, great passer, plays her best basketball when she is on the wing.

Natalie Stralkus - (Class of 2018) - The lefty has a huge upside with her and her game, Natalie is very well coached with her AAU team which should help her in the long run. She has good size for the 1 position, good skill set, just has to make better decision when in transition, other the that she should do fine.

Forever Toppin - (Class of 2018) - Another one of New Jersey Sparks talented player's, Toppin is the smooth operator of the bunch, she is on a very talented team but she seems to standout every time she gets on the floor. Good guard who has come into her own, quick, good ball handler, uptempo player, runs floor well, good on the break.

Miya Grimes - (Class of 2018) - Miya played in J.E.M All Star game last August hosted by Gthing and Basketball Spotlight where she was awarded MVP. This was the first time Gthing has seen her this year and Grimes is still grinding in the game. Miya has a high motor, hustles hard, plays hard, and a good rebounder which is her intangible, all in all she like a female Dennis Rodman.

Breyonna Frazier - (Class of 2019) - The young Spark is tough, very athletic and aggressive and always trying to find away to get to the rim. Attacks the the rim, nice handle.

Gabrielle Hunter - (Class of 2016) - Hunter is always on the hunt for the basket. This Rival player from New Hampshire is definitely D1 ready, she has all the athleticism in the world to carry her far, so don't let the 5'7 frame fool you. Slasher, wing type player also, with a few moves. (EYBL)

Janis Crooms - (Class of 2018) - Big time Freshman who can play on a big stage, the 5'10 big frame body is quick and very light on her feet. Good passer, plays well off the ball, great ball handler, good in the open court, can play on the block and in one on one isolation's, tremendous jumping ability. (EYBL)

Gianni Hill - (Class of 2016) - Small but very tough, plays under control and a lot of energy. In one game she basically played without going to bench to once, super quick, big heart, tons of energy, very fun to watch.