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Hello  basketball world,

My name is Skye “The Limit” Owen. I am in the class of 2022 and play my AAU ball for IEXCEL. Thank you to Gthing for giving me the opportunity to take you all on my day to day journey. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do.

Monday   11/20/17

The first day of the week, Monday started and ended as just another normal day. When I first arrived at school I remembered that I had a religion test so I studied during the morning assembly. I was in class when she taught the stuff that was going to be on the test, so it wasn't to hard to memorize the answers cause I kind of already knew them. Other than that in school ,I just went through my normal classes in the morning. For the latter part of the day, my classmates and I took photos that would go in the yearbook. We were asked to make a 1 and 8 with the students in the class. It took a while for us to figure this out. The photographer and gym teacher were shouting from the roof ,directing the teacher to tell us where to go in the schoolyard . It was chaotic and kind of funny ,we thought we were all done and then they had us do the 18 all over again on the front lawn ,which took a while again. Then we went back to the schoolyard and took photos with our friends. I chose where and how we should pose for the photo and it came out nice. After school was better than during school because I went to the gym. I was able to get a lot of drills done and work on some of my weaknesses. On slow moving days like Monday and Thursday going to the gym is obviously the highlight of my day.

Tuesday  11/21/17

On Tuesday, I went to visit a high school that is interested in me attending.The coach is very nice and has been watching me play for a few years now. The principal and the president of the school were also very nice. The president gave me a tour of the school. Once the tour was over, we were taken to the principal’s office who gave us more information about the school. That visit ended about mid- day. So I got something to eat and headed to meet with my trainer. My trainer worked me out very hard. It was a great workout. I went through a lot of drills that are practical for game situations. Once I left my trainer, I went to watch a varsity practice at a high school that is interested in me coming to their school. I really enjoyed watching the practice and the girls were going very hard. The drills were good. It was killing me that I was only able to watch because I really wanted to play and join the practice. The coach was very cool and seemed pretty knowledgeable. After the practice, I went home and prepared for school the next day. I was looking forward to it because we were going on a class trip.

Wednesday   11/22/17

Wednesday, my favorite day of the week . It was a fun filled day that led from one activity to the next. My class went on a trip to the tenement museum in Manhattan. The tenement museum is a museum filled with artifacts from the Sweatshop era ( late - early 1800’s ). It was interesting because we went inside of the building where the immigrants lived. They had staples in the walls to keep the building from collapsing. My class was split up into 3 groups of 12. We got to chose our groups so my friends were in my group . After a while, some of the kids in my group started to get headaches because the room was small and the their bodies may not have been used to the fumes. When we got back to school from the trip, it was about 12:00 pm, so we went to lunch and after lunch we had gym. When the day was over, I talked to my friends outside then went to the gym to workout. When I was at the gym my mom called and told me that my aunt from Florida was with her and that she was going to be staying until Monday. This was great to hear because i hadn't seen my aunt in about a year. When I got home my mom and aunt were there laughing in the kitchen about a joke. Then I found out from my dad that not only was my aunt going to be there till Monday but my brother was also coming to visit from his college till Monday. It would be great to spend time with both him and my  aunt. Since I didn't have school the next day, I stayed up until my brother got home it was only about 11 o'clock pm. My Brother and I talked for a little and then watched TV and did some strength and conditioning work like I do everyday.

Thursday  11/23/17

Thursday, Thanksgiving day was both an early and busy day. I got up at 5am and went to the gym to workout because I knew I wasn't going to have time during the day to because I was going to help my mom cook. When I got home I went to lay back down and then an hour or 2 later my mom woke me up saying that she needed some help cooking. So I helped. I cooked the candied yams and my mother cooked her family famous macaroni and cheese. It was great she had cooked 3 pans of it because we were expecting many people to be at my other aunts house for Thanksgiving. Each of the cooks in my family are assigned a couple of things to cook. My grandmother cooked the turkey and ham, that was delicious. My other aunt brought the pies and her great pineapple upside down cake . There was more food but way to much to name each one.  It was a long day.

Friday  11/24/17

On Friday or “ Black Friday” my mom, my brother and I went shopping . We ended up splitting from my brother. So I went to the stores with my mom while my brother shopped by himself. The mall was crowded. You could tell everyone was intent on buying something they wanted. There was a certain flow of the walk that almost everyone in the mall understood and followed. They were all walking on the right side of the mall. Most of the time I don't usually like shopping but this time I did. When we first got to the mall we went to meet my cousin who was visiting from her college in Pittsburgh. My grandmother and mother helped my aunt pick out an outfit. I usually do not like black Friday shopping but this year it was great.  

Saturday  11/25/17

Saturday morning I woke up pretty early and then woke my brother up so he would take me to the gym. Even  though my brother did not work out with me it was a lot of fun having him in the gym. We joked around and also did drills. I was able to get a lot of shots up because he was there and could rebound for me. We first went to my grandmother's house to see how she was doing and to see my aunt who is leaving on Monday. After that my dad called my brother and my mom and dad met my brother and I at my grandmother's house and then we headed to the movies. We went to  see “ Thor ragnarok “ it was a good movie with lots of fighting and action and a couple of funny jokes. I personally thought justice league was better but that is just my personal opinion.

Sunday   11/26/17

My Sunday began with an early workout with one of my trainers. It was a great workout. I got to play against a few high school girls, work on my shot and finishing around the rim. When I got home my brother and I watched 2 episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix. It is a pretty good show, then I headed to the gym again to warm up for my game. The game was good. This week we had no team practice because of Thanksgiving but we still did great. After the game I headed to my grandmother's house again because my cousin, aunt , and brother visit was coming to an end. They are going to be leaving tomorrow.  We all talk about different things  and crack jokes. It was nice to be able to spend time with all of them because I do not see them much.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Saturday, November 25, 2017


Name: Gabby Ross

AAU Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2023

Position: Guard

State: New Jersey

Strengths: Control

Profile: Skilled point guard with great size, not the flashy type though. Coachable... Size... Strong... Finishes at the basket... Plays under control...

Name: Kayla Hopson

AAU Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2023

Position: Combo-Guard

State: NJ

Strengths: Athletic

Profile: Lead guard with great athleticism to help complement her game. Quick off dribble... Slasher... Leaper... Fast... 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017



Hey guys,

Here is my last and final week of “Diary of Female baller”.  Thank you all for taking the time to read my diary entries for the past 8 weeks.

Monday 11/13

Today was a good day. In my History class, we started looking at a video about Meriwether Lewis and William Clark expedition in History which was actually cool to learn about. In math class the units and liter project I was working on had to be decorated which meant I had to add some color and pictures to it. In gym I had to play California Kickball. After school my grandpa picked me up and took me home, where I did my homework and studied until my mom picked me up. Today I went to a workout with Coach Kerry from G.R.I.T basketball, which was pretty intense. He pushed me to perform above the level I was comfortable at. After the workout I headed home, showered, ate dinner and started to prepare myself for tomorrow.

Tuesday 11/14

Today in History, we finished the rest of the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark expedition video and had to answered questions about the video. In my Language Arts we finally finished the book “The Giver”.  In gym, they gave us a choice of what we wanted to do and of course I chose basketball. For the rest of my classes today we had reviews, because we will be taking our last test of the marking period. After school my grandpa picked me up and we went to Mcdonalds then home. I headed to the basketball warehouse which was a good workout as always. After the warehouse I headed home and prepare for the next day.

Wednesday 11/15

Today in school was full of reviews in my core classes of the work we did over this marking period. Tomorrow is test day for some of my classes. My aunt picked me up today and took me home where I just studied some math problems. At 5pm I headed up to Rutgers Prep for the last day of Fall Training. Im gonna miss seeing my Cardinal teammates, and cant wait until Spring season. After training I headed home and started to get ready for bed. My mom told me she checked my grades online, and as of now that  I had 5 A’s and 4 B’s. She stated that she wants me to finish this marking period strong and to set a goal for myself to get more A’s for the next marking period.

Thursday 11/16

Today I had tests in my math, language Arts, and History class, and I think I did well in all of them. In gym we didn't do anything because of the marking period ending. So I just talked to my gym teacher about basketball and our school upcoming season which starts in Jan. Today my mom ended up picking me up from school, and since our team exodus practice was cancelled we went to open gym instead. I stayed there for 2 hours just shooting from all different spots and my mom was rebounding for me. After we left we headed home

Friday 11/17

Today I had a test in my science class and ended up leaving right after my test. My mom wanted to leave a little early for VA so she picked me up at 12, and we stopped to get food before we got on the highway. I then started doing some of the homework I was able to get from the class I knew I was missing today. We reached VA at 7pm, and before going to the hotel we stopped at Panda Express. Once we got to our hotel, I was able to see a few of my teammates before heading to my room. My mom wanted me to get rest so I started getting ready for tmrw. 

Saturday 11/18

Today was the first day for the Rose 7league, and we ended up going 1-1.  After being in the gym all day, a few of the players along with our parents went to Applebee’s. We ate, laughed, and singed. After we left the restaurant we headed back to the hotel where the team got together to celebrate our teammate Nat’s birthday. After having cake, I went up to my room to get ready for tomorrow because we have an early game.

Sunday  11/19

Today is the final day of session 1 in the Rose 7eague, and we won our game this morning which now puts us for 2-1 for the weekend. Right after game, my mom wanted to head straight back to NJ. I got home around 5pm and at 6pm, we was invited to go to a Rutger University VS West Forest game. I know my mom was tired but she took me to the game anyway. This was my very time seeing Rutgers play, and I must say they have a good team. RU ended up winning too. After the game I saw some of my Cardinal Fam and stopped to chat with Kristen Somogyi and them. I then headed home and started to get ready for school because its back to school tomorrow.

Before I end this, I would like to take this time to thank Lonnie from “Gthing” for giving me this opportunity to share to the world on how I spent my days in and out for the past 8 weeks. Thank you for supporting n providing coverage to all of us female basketball players especially to Middle School ball players as we continue to grow and prepare for that High School platform. I also would like to thank my mom for taking her time to type up my writing in email to send over to Gthing.

Happy Holidays and good luck to everybody in their upcoming basketball school season.

Me and my biggest supporter and my #1 fan (My mom)

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Name: Antonia Bates

AAU Team: East Coast Prep

Class: 2022

Position: Combo-Guard

State: New Jersey

Strengths: Length

Profile: Big guard who is still developing, as is raw as they come. Bates has the intangibles to be good. Long and skilled... High IQ... Quick... Attacks... Coachable... Attacks... Lanky  

Name: Madison McDaniel 

AAU Team: Team Takeover

Class: 2024

Position: Guard

State: Maryland

Strengths: Calmness

Profile: Plays well in Takeover offense, you would've thought she was seasoned already. Confident and Poise... Court awareness... Not afraid of contact... Can handle the rock... Calm...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017



Hello everyone, hope you guys enjoy my week 7 entry of “Diary of a Female Baller”.

Monday 11/06

Today I didn’t have school, and my mom didn't go to work either. We spent our afternoon shopping for a coat and then went food shopping. I also had to shop for some supplies for my project that is due next week. At 630 I left to attend a High School workout at the Woodbridge Club with Coach Andre from Point 2 Prove Training. I was the only girl to attend out of 20 boys and I found it funny that none of the boys wanted to pair with me using my girl ball so I had to train using their balls. Coach Dre had us working hard in the gym, we worked on ball handling, lay ups, and jump shots from 3 spots. At 8:30 I headed home where I showered and ate dinner. I also decided to bake some cookies and just watched a movie with my mom until I fell asleep.

Tuesday 11/07

Today I didn’t do much. I spent the day with my aunt. We watched 2 movies on Netflix until my mom called telling me to start working on my math project that is due next week. My mom ended getting home late so I didn't get to make it to the basketball warehouse. So she just cooked then had me watched a playlist on Youtube that her friend put together for me which was full of basketball fundamental videos.

Wednesday 11/08

This afternoon I continued to work on my math project and just chilled out until it was time to head out. At 530 I headed to Rutgers Prep for fall training with Kristen Somogyi. Fall training is almost coming to an end, and I’m going to miss seeing my Cardinal family every week and cant wait until the Spring season start back up. After training I stayed for a quick 2 on 2 scrimmage with Toni, Mack, and Olivia. After that my mom came to pick me up and we headed home and she helped me finish up and complete my math project.

Thursday 11/09

Today other than being in the house during the day. My mom was working late so her friend took me to my conditioning class that I go to every so often. I thought I would be sore after but I actually felt energized and wanted to go play some basketball, but instead we went to go eat. My mom met us at Fridays and I had a lobster tail with my meal that was soo good. I then went home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Friday 11/10

This morning my aunt took me for my sports physical for school basketball so I can be able to try out on the 27th. I also submitted my final piece to my application for the NJ seeds Scholar program, so now I wait until January to see if I am accepted. After work my mom took me to open gym because I wanted to work on my foul shots and shooting. After hour or so we then headed to the mall where I bought me some nike pro leggings and nike socks. From the mall I went home so I can get some rest because of game day tomorrow.

Saturday 11/11

Today was championship day in the NY Cup Tournament. We first played Top Notch Ballers and since we won that game we then had to VS Harlem USA/ MilBank in the Manhattan division championship game. This was a good game, and we ended up winning by 1 point and now we advance to the next game. Our next game we VS the Bronx Division winner which was Hoopers 8th grade. Although we fell short by 10 points, I must say we played really good against an 8th grade girls. Today we received trophies for coming in 2nd place and medals. As I headed back to NJ my mom friend said something very important to me. He said nobody likes to lose, but for me to take this lost as a learning experience. For me to learn as a player what I need to improve as a individual and what is needed to improve as a team. By the time I reached home I was so tired, so decided to get ready for bed early especially since I have practice in the morning.

Sunday 11/12

Today I had to be at practice at 9am in the Bronx. Once practice ended and we had fruits, juice, and snacks waiting for us. I then left practice with my mom. On our way home we stopped at her one of her cousins house but they wasn't home. After I got home I showered and fell asleep until my mom woke me up for dinner. For the rest of night I will just relax because its back to school tomorrow.

See you all next week for last and final entry.

Monday, November 6, 2017



Hey guys hope you enjoy my week 6 diary of a female baller.

Monday 10/30

Today in school other than it being a full day of learning, we had a meeting for tryouts for basketball. Can’t wait for tryouts which is after school Nov 27. My pop pop picked me up from school and then took me home so I can start on my homework. After my homework, I went to open gym to work on my shot for 2 hrs and then went home. 

Tuesday 10/31

Today is Halloween, my school allowed kids to dress up but we couldn’t wear masks. Today in my History class we started a project in history. After school, my mom came and picked me up from school. I went to my friend Toni house to go trick or treating with her and her family. After we went trick or treating, we all went to Applebee’s for dinner and then they dropped me to my mother. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Name: Marian Turnbul

AAU Team: Team Takeover

Class: 2022

Position: Combo-Guard

State: Maryland

Strength: Ball handling

Profile: Combo guard who brings swag and flare to the game. Play's with a ton of energy. Handle... Flashy... perimeter game... Has to learn how to slow it down at times...

Name: Mitchell Edmonds

AAU Team: Team Takeover

Class: 2022

Position: Wing

State: Maryland

Strength: Athleticism

Profile: Superb athlete for a young age, long agile with slender build to go along with a little quickness. Aggressive... Plays above rim... Can handle ball on the perimeter...

Friday, November 3, 2017


Name: Kelyse Bullock

AAU Team: New Jersey Sparks

Class: 2023

Position: Forward

State: New Jersey

Strength: Inside Game

Profile: Small forward with good footwork, strong inside presence and interior game. Physical... Strong... Scores on the inside... Finishes..