Sunday, April 29, 2012

GTHING  Exclusive: Yasmeen Nelson Let's The People Know!

GT:So how did it feel to play up in the (Mid-Atlantic Regional) Lastweek?
YN:It was a great experience for my team and I to play up because it is preparing us
for the next level.

GT:How has the experience been since playing AAU?
YN:Over the past years of playing AAU it has always been a challenge to me.
What I have noticed is that I have been getting better,also that playing with a great is about having fun and always trying your best, which has showed me a lot. 

GT:How did it feel to win the Atlantic County Middle School Championship?
YN:It was a great feeling. During the game it was nerve wrecking because we
were down by 10 with about 2 minutes left. So everybody was panicking. At that
time we all knew that we had to work as a team to win the championship.

GT:Was that a lot of pressure on you, when you were at the foul line with no
time left on the clock to take the game into OT?
YN:As soon as I got fouled I looked at the clock and then the crowd. That is
what put the pressure on me. Just by looking at my friends and coaches
faces is what put even more pressure on me. The other team's coach kept on
making his girls walk in front of me to distract me,but the second the
ball went into the air on my second attempt that's when all the pressure
just disappeared.

GT:What high school will you be attending next year?
YN:The high school I will be attending is Atlantic County Institute of Technology
in New Jersey.

GT:How do you think you can help the team next year since, this was there first year
in the league?
YN:A.C.I.T never won a game last year. So my goal is to help the team win a couple
of games next year. One is better than none, two is better than one.