Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Gthingbasketball: How was the summer season and what was  your accomplishments ?

Nichel: The summer season was really fun. We (FBC SE Elite - 2017) played our first exposure tournament in July (Fila National) in the top 17- under division and finished 3rd! From that tournament onward, dozens of colleges followed us to the rest of the tournaments in July. We won the 15-under division of the last  tournament we played in versus the NYC Gauchos 2015.

Gthingbasketball: Tell Gthing and the basketball world the places and tournaments your AAU team attended ? What was the toughest competition ?

Nichel: We started out in Atlanta at the Fila Nationals, in then to the Battle in the Boro in Nashville, TN. The 2nd half of July took us to the Battle of Bayou in New Orleans, and then finish at the Garden City Classic in Augusta, SC. By far the toughest competition was at the Fila Nationals, as we played in the top 17- Under division. My team is all 2017, with two 2018's. We fell short at the Boro playing 14U, but finish 2nd in the top 2015 division in New Orleans and won the 2015 division in Augusta, Ga.

Gthingbasketball: What is your current class ranking, in how do you feel about it ?

Nichel: According to All-Star girl's Report, I am currently ranked #4 nationally and was #3 when I was first interview by Gthing. I would like to be higher, but it's all someones opinion. All I can do is continue to work on my game and get stronger and better. In this ranking, I'm still the #2 point guard, so that's a good sign.

Gthingbasketball: Have you received any letters from any colleges and if so from were ?

Nichel: Outside of my scholarship offers from the University of South Carolina and the University of South Florida I have letters from approximately 40 schools. Most notably are Notre Dame, Ohio St, Miami, LSU, Louisville, UCLA, Stanford, Penn St.

Gthingbasketball: What high school will you be attending and why ?

Nichel: I will be attending Saint Francis High School, because it provides me with the right balance of great education and great basketball exposure. For education they are a private school that does a great job of preparing you to receive a college education. Their girl's team also won the Class A State Championship last year and over the past couple of years, they've had several girls go to or verbally commit major division 1 schools. Two of my FBC teammates are also going to Saint Francis, so it will be a really nice freshman class.

Gthingbasketball: What position will you be playing and do you think you'll be starting ?

Nichel: I will primarily play shooting guard, but will get time at point. We have 3 great senior guards so most likely won't start. However, we played together all of this past June in high school leagues and I played a lot, so I'll get plenty of time.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


May-May Sharif (Class of 2019)

Gthing: So May-May tell Gthingbasketball and all of the followers how your AAU season went this year ?

May-May: My AAU season went pretty good although I would have liked for our team to have done better at the Nationals.

Gthing: How was the Nationals for you and the Comets team this year ?

May-May: Coming off the # 8 National ranking last year, we didn't do as I expected, but yet we still done good considering we were undersized.

Gthing: Did y'all place, in what was Comets record down there ?

May-May: We didn't place at all this year, We ended up with a 3-3 record. All the teams we played had some really big bigs, so my teammates and I done a good job overall.

Gthing: Do you think that playing other positions, rather than your true one, has help your game ?

May-May: Yes I do, playing the 3, 4, & 5 has help my game because it allowed me to defend bigger players and at the same time learn to be able to get to the basket and get my shots off over bigger defenders.

Gthing: What can Gthingbasketball aspect from May- May next AAU season ? 

May-May: Gthingbasketball can expect me to play more of the point guard and the 2 guard position. I didn't get the opportunity this AAU season but normally I play the 1 or 2. Next year I'm looking forward to playing the point.

Gthing: In what part of your game will you be working on during the off season ?

May-May: I definitely will be working on my jump shot, my father says he is going to have me go to the shooting clinics and making sure I get a lot of shots up during the off season. Also, I will always continue to work on my ball handling skills and defense.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gthing: Let the basketball world know how difficult it is being muslim and playing basketball at the same time ?

Yea-Yea: The difference is since I'm a young muslimah, I have to cover up my body. So when I play basketball I wear a long sleeve shirt and tights under my uniform, I also have to pray fives time a day.

Gthing: How difficult is it during the month of Ramadan to fast and still play basketball ?
Yea-Yea: I wouldn't not say it's difficult, I prepare myself the night before the game by eating plenty of protein and drinking lots of fluids. I also have to know my limits.
Gthing: Tell the basketball world, and other Gthingbasketball  followers, who don't know what Ramadan is, explain it to them ?

Yea-Yea: Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. This is when the 1st verses of the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (Saw). All Muslim abstain from food, drinks, and other activities, from dawn to dusk for 29-30 days. When Ramadan ends we have a feast called Eid Al fitr, there is a lot of food and gifts at the Eid. I really enjoy the Eid.

Gthing: How did it feel playing up this year for your AAU team ?

Yea-Yea: It was hard at first, being one of the two eighth graders on a tenth grade team, but the more games We played the easier it became.

Gthing: What did you learn from it ? And if any, did it help you.

Yea-Yea: I learned how to think smarter, about the choices I make while on the court and off, I believe it prepared me for a higher level of basketball.

Gthing: The rumors are that you will be attending Mainland Regional H.S. in Somers Point, N.J. next year, Why the choice school ?

Yea-Yea: Mainland is a blue ribbon high school, and education comes first.