Monday, July 4, 2022



Hello Basketball World, My Name is Kenndey Broughton From Egg Harbor, NJ. Gthing BasketballBall, Will Be Following Me For The Next Couple of Weeks. This Is The First Diary He Has Done Since The Country Shut Down For The Pandemic, So Buckle Up.

Monday: It was about 7 o’clock in the morning in the first thing that I did was find out what I was wearing to school. Then I brush my teeth and got in the shower. While in the shower I was thinking about how bad I played at prime East events and how to move on from that mistake. Next, I got dressed did my hair and walk to the bus with my dad and my puppy nova. I got to school and ate breakfast in the cafĂ© then I went to the first academic and I watched endgame, but I did not watch it all because I had to go to band. Then I came back to class and started social studies and social studies we did a brain pop on Zeus and her the gods goddesses. During that class I have random patches pop up with my hand and they started to it really badly so I went to the nurse, and they said that I might be having an allergic reaction to something. They called my mom and told me to go in the bathroom to check if I had any hives on my body. There was nothing on me, so I iced my hand and I put anti-itch on it. Next, I went to specials and played basketball and football. My team and I won both games. Gym was over and I went to lunch and ate my friend's cucumbers because school lunch is so nasty. Third academic I watched back to the future, and I did not like it at all, so I went to my other teacher's classroom and helped her out with packing up her class. School was over and I got home and got dressed to go to AC for a workout. During the workout I did lifting mountain climber's jumpers and then the last thing that I did was layups. On my way home got in the shower and went to sleep.

Tuesday: I woke up and started my normal routine. Then I put bug spray on and walked to the bus. I got to school and met up with my favorite group of friends I walked back to my pod and started the first academic. We went downstairs and did our Greek Olympics for the first academic and tutorial next I went to specials which was steam the teacher graded my project and I got a 47 out of 50. Then we watched a movie steam was over and it was time for lunch I ate my goldfish and play with my best friend Jazlynn. Now it would be third academic lessons we have Greek Olympics we stayed in our hall Raul Ella watched a movie and ate snacks. School is over and I got home and got ready for practice in North Jersey. My team and I mostly worked on please jumpers and layups. Practice was over but my coach trained me and his daughter Scarlet for 30 more minutes. That was over and I ate at McDonald’s for dinner and drove back home I got home really late took my sweaty clothes off and went to sleep.

Wednesday: I woke up really excited because I was going to the NBA draft tomorrow. I started my morning routine with brushing my teeth and then finished it off with healing my hair I walk to the bus because it was 8:03 in the morning and my bus comes around 8:13 or 8:15. I got to school and the first thing that I did in the first class was watch a movie and then cleaned up the class tutorial I finished watching a movie then the second academic I watched the Lorax then specials I went to gym and played pinball. Gym was over and I went to lunch and played around with my friends like I said I hate school lunch, so I did not eat anything. Math we finished back to the future two. I got home and my aunt took me to McDonald’s I got a Mc chicken and a Oreo milkshake then we headed to my grandmom‘s house and my mom came picked me up and I went to the hair salon. My mom was getting her hair done so my aunt pick me up we went back to my grandmom‘s and ate dinner. My mom was finally done with her hair so when she came, we stayed there for another hour. Then we left I got home wrap my hair and then I fell asleep.

Thursday: I woke up brushed my teeth washed my face went downstairs and made me some chocolate chip pancakes and a strawberry banana blueberry smoothie. Then I pulled out my clothes because I was going to the NBA draft. Once I finished eating I got in the shower got dressed wrapped my hair up did a couple TikToks outside and then we left to go to the draft. I got there and then I waited for a couple of the teammates to get there once they arrived I walked on the red carpet took pictures and one of the staff gave me and the rest of the team hats and then we walk into this room and met the boys that going to be drafted and we walked out with them and took pictures then the draft started so we got food and we sat in our seats and my favorite player got first pick his name is Paolo. We left on the 17th pick once we got home, I wrapped my hair and went to sleep.

Saturday: I woke up brush my teeth wash my face made sure I had everything for this tournament in Hershey then I got dressed. My dad went to go do something for his job. Then my dad got back and we packed a suitcases in the car I know we went to Chick-fil-A got gas and then headed to Hershey. We got to Hershey I got dressed in the bathroom and then I played my first game and we lost to the Raptors by 10 I could’ve did better, I didn’t score that much and I didn’t play that good of defense. I talked to my dad about my game and then I got a slushy’s went to my hotel room brushed my teeth because my teeth were dyed blue so I washed my face did my hair again went back to the game and played our second game we won, and I did a way better job on defense and offense didn’t score that much again but I played awesome. We finished early so half of the team went swimming in the coach's hotel and then we had pizza brownies and we hung out in our teammates room for a couple hours. Then we went back to the parents and my dad went to go get pizza then we got to the room I put my pajamas on and went straight to sleep.

Sunday: I woke up around 9 o’clock brushed my teeth washed my face went downstairs in the hotel and ate Froot Loops waffles and drank some water. Then I got back upstairs and pulled out my stuff for my game got in the shower washed my hair got dressed did my hair and then we went out to go get lunch because my game was at 1 o’clock and it was around 11 or 12 when we went to go eat. We got to this burger spot, and I got a chicken Caesar salad with Apple juice and a lollipop. I got to the gym watched the little kids play and then I played we won I did good I played awesome defense made a couple layups and I made the other team make a lot of turnovers on and I also made a lot of plays, and I had a couple assists. That game was over and then I rode with the team to do get lunch and I went to chipotle and I got a chicken quesadilla with sour cream and cheese and my drink was Apple juice. Coach K made us do a team TikTok and then we left to go back to the gym and versed a team that was not so good, but we played terrible even though we won. I did way better on defense out of all the games that I played so far, I made the other team turnover a couple of times I scored a couple of times, and I had a lot of assists. The game was over I got another slushy and then it started pouring so my dad ran to go get the car and we waited for him to pull up. As he pulled up, we ran as fast as we could to get in the car. I got in the shower put on some clothes and we went to Olive Garden with the team. I got chicken Alfredo with water and then we made another TickTock after we finished eating. Dinner was over and we headed back to the hotel, and I put my pajamas on and watch TV and then fell asleep.