Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Name: Eve Crawford

Team: Team Miller

Class: 2018

State: NJ

Position: Point Guard

Profile: Almost a mere image of here sister, Eve has been putting in work for Team Miller so far this year. Crawford has a nice mid-range game, she can dribble under pressure, create her own shot, and she's not afraid of contact. 

Monday - This afternoon I went to Michael's an arts and craft store with my mom, her friend and my sisters. It was a lot of fun and nice arts and craft stuff there. After that I went to the basketball courts and worked on my foul shots.

Tuesday - Today wasn't that busy. This morning I went to the store with my mom. Later on I played 2k14 with my brother. After that I watched the NBA finals game Heat vs. Spurs.

Wednesday - This afternoon I went outside and dribbled the ball for a while. Then after that worked on my jump shot. Later on I just relaxed for the rested of the day.

Thursday - This evening I had basketball practice. Today I thought we had a good practice, we all hustled and worked hard. We worked on a lot of things that would help us get ready for this big tournament in Hershey next weekend.

Friday - This morning ate breakfast, then prayed. Later on I went Jumah, it was a nice khubah. After that rode my bike at the park with my cousins and sisters.

Saturday - Today I really do any thing. I played my little brother in 2k and madden. Then watched tv and chilled for rest of the day.

Sunday - This afternoon I went to my little cousins house for little while. We played 3 on 3 at the basketball courts. You already know my team won but it was fun. After that went home and watched the Heat and the Spurs game. The heat loss by like 18 points. I was mad that they lost. I really wanted them to win the championship this year.
Signing Off: May Sharif

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Monday - Today I had Social Studies final's. I thought I did really on it. After finals at lunch. Then went home because we a half of day of school. Later on went outside with my brother and his friend and played basketball. After that went in the house and chilled for the rested of the day.

Tuesday - This morning I had English finals. I did good on it and found out I got a B on it. I was happy.

Wednesday - Today I had Math finals and I did okay on them. I hope I get a good grade on it.  Later on today I had gym for 2 hours. The first hour I played 5 on 5 with my friends. Then the next hour I did my own workout. I worked on my shooting and worked on some nice basketball moves. After that we had lunch and had some Rita's. I had my favorite kind Cotton Candy. It was so good. After that went home and relaxed.

Thursday - Today is my last day of school. I have Science finals today, my last final. The Science final was kind of hard but i tried my best and hope I did good on it. This evening I had basketball practice. We had a good practice with the few people that we had. After practice went home and watched the Finals. The Heat against the   Spurs.

Friday - This morning I went to the Track field. I ran 2 miles ( 8 laps ). After that I jumped rope for 10 minutes. Then took a break, then did 200 crunches, 50 push ups and 50 muscle builders. After that took a break. Later on went home and took a nap for a little while .

Saturday - Today wasn't busy as I thought it would be. This morning I went to a basketball workout. It was a fun 2 hours workout. Later on after the workout went home and relaxed for the rested of the day.

Sunday - This morning I work up prayed far and ate breakfast. After that cleaned my room and got dressed. Later on rode my bike at the park and had a water balloon fight with my mom, brothers, and sisters, it was really fun. After went home and went over some Quran. Then watched the Heat vs the Spurs game. It was a good game.

Signing Off: May "Money" Sharif 


Name: Lauren Ross

Team: Philly Belles

Nickname: La-Buckets

Class: 2019

Position: Combo Guard

The Skinny: La-Buckets has just returned to her Belles team after trying out for the 17 under Women's basketball team. Lauren is a smart point guard who can do it all when it comes down to the guard position, a excellent defender who loves to play defense and has the same attitude for offense. 

Name: Diamond Miller

Team: Team Miller

Class: 2019

Position: Combo Guard

The Skinny: She is a 5'11 Combo Guard who has a crazy long wing span which makes her like 6'2. Diamond is very aggressive on defense against her opponents, she normally has a good size advantage which makes it hard for smaller guards to guard her.

Name: Kelly Jekot

Team: Philadelphia Comets

Class: 2016

Position: Point Guard

The Skinny: Jekot took her Cumberland Valley High School team to a State Title this year. Kelly is a outstanding guard who See's the floor very well because of her size, she is very strong and can get to the basket with ease.

Name: Amayla Sharif

Team: Philadelphia Belles

Nickname: May Money

Class: 2019

Position: Point Guard

The Skinny: May Sharif is now playing with the Belles after 4 years with the Philly Comets. She is now able to play the point position a position she has been dying to start at. Money is very athletic, in a great rebounder. One thing about May that she is a tough defender and can guard others at the 3 thru 4 spot because of her athleticism.                                                                                             

                                                                                                      Name: Mary Kate Gedaka

Team: Philadelphia Comets

Class: 2016

Position: ALL

The Skinny: Mary Kate is one South Jersey's top player's if you ask Gthing. She took her Gloucester Catholic High School team to the South Jersey Group 4 Non Public A Championship, despite the loss Mary was able to drop 30 points. She has a ton of moves around around the post area, Gedaka is a great finisher around the basket and she is a good rebounder.

Name: Honesty Grayson

Team: New,York Gauchos (Elite)

Class: 2018

Position: Point Guard

The Skinny: Honesty is one of the top 8th Grader in the country, she plays on a NY Gauchos Elite team that is already loaded with talent, but Grayson is use to those type of situation because she was the only 8th grader to play major minutes on her Varsity team which had tons of talent last year. She has great ability, on the court she is always calm but don't blink because she will blow right past you with her speed. Honesty has great ball handling skills to go along with a great jump shot.

Name: Nichel Tampa

Team: FBC

Class: 2017

Position: Combo Guard

The Skinny: Even though Gthing hasn't ever seen her play live, we heard from a very reliable source in the Dirty South that she is official. They say she has cat like speed when on the court, Nichel has very long range and can drain the three ball with ease. This past school year the freshman went out and put her name on the map at the Varsity Level.

Name: Jaala Henry

Team: Philadelphia Belles

Class: 2017

Position: Center

The Skinny: She is 6'3 in is still growing, this giant made it to the third cut of the 16 in under USA Women's Basketball Team last year at the age of 14. Jaala is a outstanding post player, moves well without the ball, loves to run the floor, a good defender with good shot blocking ability.

Name: Kylee Watson

Team: ShoreShots

Class: 2020

Position: Forward

The Skinny: 5'9 6th grader who loves the game of basketball, after a few months away from the game, she is now back on the court, doing her thing. She is very long and agile, Kylee loves defense, good defender, who can jump for her age, high motor, rebounds well and has a few moves.


Sunday, June 8, 2014



Nicole Johnson is just one of those type of kids that keeps on getting better in better every time you see them. Last week Gthing seen Nicole play at  Hoop Group in Neptune,NJ. It's been over a year since the last time we seen her play. At the Shore Shots Summer Showdown Nikki shot the lights out of the gym, in one game she hit 4 three's and in the second game she hit three three's to go along with a few 12 footer's and 18 footer's. Nicole is a good Combo Guard who loves to play at a fast pace, as I'm writing this article, I bet you she is probably some where draining three's as we speak.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Name: Maryam Crawford

Team: Team Miller

Class: 2018

State: NJ

Position: Point Guard

Profile: A very tough guard who can go with the best of them. She is strong of the dribble, Maryam loves to attach very hard and she isn't afraid of contact, Crawford also has a mid-range shot to also free here up.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Name: Alexis Adams

Team: Team Miller

Class: 2018

State: NJ

Position: Center/ Forward

Profile: This girl has naturally raw talent, she is 5'10 and is strong as a ox. Alexis is a good rebounder who can get physical on the offensive side of ball and the defensive side, playing under coach Lance Miller she should develop well.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Monday - Today I didn't have school because of Memorial Day. So I slept in until 12:00. Then later on I went outside and played basketball. After that me, mom and sister cooked out on the grill. I had some barbecue chicken and a turkey burger it was good. Later on I watched the the Nba playoff game Spurs against OKC. It was a good game but the spurs won that one.

Tuesday - Today I had basketball practice. It was an okay practice. We worked on a lot of good things that would help us this weekend.

Wednesday - Today wasn't busy. School was okay. All we did was study for our finals. After school walked to the store with my little brother and cousin. Layer on I went home and took a nap for a little while.

Thursday - Today I woke prayed and ate breakfast. Later on I just watched tv until it was time to catch the bus. School was okay. I got a 90% on my math quiz. I was happy. Later I played basketball in the gym. I worked on my foul shooting. Later on a watched the playoff game Okc vs. Spurs.

Friday - Today school was fun. We did a lot of fun things in gym, computer class and even my course classes. This afternoon i worked out by my self today. I did some good exercises. I also play basketball along with the workout. I did pounding drills with the basketball with right and left hand. Then I did some other dribbling drills. Later on I did shooting. I started out shooting in the middle of the court with one hand to get my rhythm in. Then I would move one foot back if I'm doing good with it. After that I did some push ups, sit ups and also some crunches. 

Saturday - This morning I had a game at 10:15 and my team and I had a great game. We won my more than 30 points. We all worked really good as team. I really help my team out by hustling more and getting to the foul line a lot. Also I had 10 points, 5 steals, 6 rebounds and 4 assist.  I thought I did good. Our next game was at 1:15 and we loss by a very good team. But I thought my team and I could did better to help us get the win.

Sunday - Today I had 3 games. This morning we played at 9:15 and we loss by 15 points. Our second game was at 11:00 and we played the rebels. We were up by 15 points and they came back on us. And we ended up losing by 6 points. The last game 3 players off my team combined with another team because we didn't have enough player that game. I thought as a team we all did good. We all hustle, boxed out, and did great on offense by setting up the defense and scoring easy baskets.

Signing Off: May"Money" Sharif