Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday - This afternoon I went to Michael's an arts and craft store with my mom, her friend and my sisters. It was a lot of fun and nice arts and craft stuff there. After that I went to the basketball courts and worked on my foul shots.

Tuesday - Today wasn't that busy. This morning I went to the store with my mom. Later on I played 2k14 with my brother. After that I watched the NBA finals game Heat vs. Spurs.

Wednesday - This afternoon I went outside and dribbled the ball for a while. Then after that worked on my jump shot. Later on I just relaxed for the rested of the day.

Thursday - This evening I had basketball practice. Today I thought we had a good practice, we all hustled and worked hard. We worked on a lot of things that would help us get ready for this big tournament in Hershey next weekend.

Friday - This morning ate breakfast, then prayed. Later on I went Jumah, it was a nice khubah. After that rode my bike at the park with my cousins and sisters.

Saturday - Today I really do any thing. I played my little brother in 2k and madden. Then watched tv and chilled for rest of the day.

Sunday - This afternoon I went to my little cousins house for little while. We played 3 on 3 at the basketball courts. You already know my team won but it was fun. After that went home and watched the Heat and the Spurs game. The heat loss by like 18 points. I was mad that they lost. I really wanted them to win the championship this year.
Signing Off: May Sharif