Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Monday - Today I didn't have school because of Memorial Day. So I slept in until 12:00. Then later on I went outside and played basketball. After that me, mom and sister cooked out on the grill. I had some barbecue chicken and a turkey burger it was good. Later on I watched the the Nba playoff game Spurs against OKC. It was a good game but the spurs won that one.

Tuesday - Today I had basketball practice. It was an okay practice. We worked on a lot of good things that would help us this weekend.

Wednesday - Today wasn't busy. School was okay. All we did was study for our finals. After school walked to the store with my little brother and cousin. Layer on I went home and took a nap for a little while.

Thursday - Today I woke prayed and ate breakfast. Later on I just watched tv until it was time to catch the bus. School was okay. I got a 90% on my math quiz. I was happy. Later I played basketball in the gym. I worked on my foul shooting. Later on a watched the playoff game Okc vs. Spurs.

Friday - Today school was fun. We did a lot of fun things in gym, computer class and even my course classes. This afternoon i worked out by my self today. I did some good exercises. I also play basketball along with the workout. I did pounding drills with the basketball with right and left hand. Then I did some other dribbling drills. Later on I did shooting. I started out shooting in the middle of the court with one hand to get my rhythm in. Then I would move one foot back if I'm doing good with it. After that I did some push ups, sit ups and also some crunches. 

Saturday - This morning I had a game at 10:15 and my team and I had a great game. We won my more than 30 points. We all worked really good as team. I really help my team out by hustling more and getting to the foul line a lot. Also I had 10 points, 5 steals, 6 rebounds and 4 assist.  I thought I did good. Our next game was at 1:15 and we loss by a very good team. But I thought my team and I could did better to help us get the win.

Sunday - Today I had 3 games. This morning we played at 9:15 and we loss by 15 points. Our second game was at 11:00 and we played the rebels. We were up by 15 points and they came back on us. And we ended up losing by 6 points. The last game 3 players off my team combined with another team because we didn't have enough player that game. I thought as a team we all did good. We all hustle, boxed out, and did great on offense by setting up the defense and scoring easy baskets.

Signing Off: May"Money" Sharif