Thursday, December 17, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This was the first time that Gthing attended the She Got Game Classic, but let me go on the record first and say this definitely won't be the last. It was fun to take part in the Seventh Annual She Got Game event, they provided four gym's, six overall for all 93 teams that were there, but to tell you the truth, the Woodrow Wilson site was so loaded with talent I never left accept for a lunch break across the street and a meter break every 2 hours until after 6:30 pm so I wouldn't get a ticket in the Nation's Capital.

There were some big time schools in this tournament, along with some big time players, with the likes of Honesty Scott - Grayson, Rellah Boothe, Kaila Charles, Danielle Patterson etc, the competition was fierce and the match-ups of different schools was impeccable, there were also some major college programs in attendance from the ACC, SEC, CAA, Big East, Pac-12, Big 10, you had to be there to take this all in.

Amira Collins keeps on showing why she was elected to try out for the 16 Under USA Team this past summer, she is a work horse with a very high motor on offense and defense, her physical game and 6'3 frame allows for her to do somethings that most girl's her age can't do. That's draw two tech a game, just kidding but true, plays the forward position but also can play in the post because she strong enough to play down low and fast enough to recover if she gets beat. 

Honesty Scott - Grayson keeps on showing why she is the top point guard in the 2018 class, Grayson was getting to the rack with ease despite her hampering back injury. She captured a MVP award in the second game that Blair Academy played in, a combo guard who is a great rebounder, should be able to bounce back to play a lot better.

Morgan Towells the crafty point guard was playing like she was in a showcase event, running the break throwing up lop plays to her teammate. She is getting major offers from big time schools Seton Hall is one of them recruiting her in they were in the building watching what they might get there hands on. True point who can consistently hit a ten or twelve foot jump shot, loves to attack in keep the defenders on there heels.

LeeAysia Williamson was on all cylinders during this tournament, winning one and losing one she was able to keep the same momentum in game two like she did in game one, where her team took down Blair Academy HS, NJ, if her defender played off her she made them pay with hitting a little mid-range jump shot, Williamson showed her attacking ability when going to the rack playing undersized does not seem to bother the 5'5 guard who has great basketball IQ.

Lauren Park - Lane  A lot of people came to see how one of (Delaware's) 2019 top point guards would handle the pressure in one of the country top event's on the east coast. Other then a few mistake the young baller held her own, she was able to get to the rim a few time with ease to kick and dish it to her teammates on the wing, very fast but must put on some weight to deal with some major contact.

Jaala Henry has showed some improvement after the transfer to National Christian Academy (Maryland), she was very assertive when entering the game against St.Anthony's (NY). The 6'4 post is starting to really show some flashes of some good potential, playing with her back to the basket and calling for the ball in the post and setting screen.

Que Morrison got off to a slow start Saturday but pick it up as the game went on against Paul VI, the 5'10 slasher showed her speed and explosiveness to get through two defenders at the same time that was guarding her. One of the top wing's in the state of Georgia  Que knows how to turn it on and off and sometimes she waits a little to long.

Raven James the very unselfish (Villanova) signee was pushing in passing all weekend, taking on some stiff competition in both games James held her own when it came down to that. She was able to hit the right person on a fast break in transition every time she was leading it. Superior basketball IQ which go's along with some other good intangibles.

Rellah Boothe the most talk about player coming into this event did everything we knew she would do when her team got on the court. The old Potter House prospect showed why she is one of the most talented players in her 2017 class, Boothe displayed several different moves while on the floor, she was backing her opponent down in the paint on a clear out and when she wasn't doing that she was knocking down her usual 12 foot jump shot that has seem to gotten more consistent over the years.


Kaila Charles - 2016 - 6'1 - Forward - Riverdale Baptist (Maryland) - Special type of player, Very physical style of play, Very aggressive when attacking the basket.... Good frame and size college ready (Maryland University).

Elizabeth Martino - 2020 - 5'10 - Wing / Forward - National Christian Academy (Maryland) - Very young player with a huge upside, can do multiple things on offense... Can play on the wing but prefers to drive to the basket...

E'Lexus Davis - 2016 - 5'8 - Point Guard - National Christian Academy (Maryland) - Fast guard how can change her pace of speed in a second.... Good in transition and has great balling handling.. signed to (Hofstra University)

Lucky Rudd - 2016 - 5'9 - Combo Guard - Forest Trails Academy (North Carolina) - Attack mode all the time... Gets to the rim in finish with contact... Long and agile...

Timber Tate - 2016 - 5'11 - Forward / Wing - Forest Trails Academy (North Carolina) - Very active on the glass... Can play the 2 Thur 5 position because of her size and strength and her athleticism.... Can shoot the ball well when hot but needs to be more consistent.

Abby Meyers - 2017 - 6'0 - Combo Guard - Walt Whitman (Maryland) - Pure shooter who has a high nice arc... Not that fast, but can create space to get her shot off... Can handle the ball..

Jasmine Whitney - 2016 - 5'9 - Point Guard - Paul VI (Virginia) - Big Point Guard who has committed to (Pittsburgh)... See the floor well... Nice size with good skill set... Plays under control.

Ashley Owusu - 2019 - 5'11 - Point Guard - Paul VI (Virginia) - One of the top players in her class, Owusu doesn't look she has speed but don't let the look fool you. Quick first step... good in transition... Big physical guard... Great foot speed...

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