Monday, March 31, 2014



Monday - Today I had practice for Premier Elite. We work on some new plays and did some shooting drills with the shooting machine. After practice went home did my homework , ate and prayed before going to sleep.

Tuesday - This morning woke up around 5:30 am to get ready for school. I ate breakfast and cleaned my room before catching the bus for school. Today school was fun. I got a B on my Science vocabulary. I thought that was good. After school did my math homework , prayed , then rode my bike with my brother . Later on walked to the store , came back ate dinner , did my chores then went to sleep.

Wednesday - Today I had a basketball workout for Next Up Academy. We did shooting drills , dribbling drills and played 3 on 3 and 5 on 5's. After workouts went home ate then prayed.

Thursday - Today I had a scrimmage for Premier Elite. I thought my team and I did okay , somethings that we have to workout. After that I had practice for the Philadelphia bells. We worked on some box out drills and lay up drills.

Friday - Today I didn't have school. So I slept in until 9:30 . I had to clean up my room , fold clothes and then ate some breakfast. After that I got ready for Jumaah. Later on went to Alamein's got me a new Kemar (Head Scarf). Afterwards went to the store with my mom got some snacks. Then came home went outside and dribbled the ball for a little bit with my brother.

Saturday - This afternoon I had a game for Premier Elite . Our first game my team and I did good . We won and beat them by 20 . I thought that was good for our first game. Then later on we had another game . We loss by 10 points against the Lancaster Waves. I thought we did good. I had a couple points , assists and rebounds.

Sunday - This morning around 10 am I had another game for Premier Elite. We loss by 7 points against the Mad Dogs. I though I did okay in that game. We went 1-2 this weekend. We did good for our first tournament.
Signing Off: May "Money" Sharif


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monday morning I woke up, prayed and ate breakfast. After that I read this book called the Bully, by Paul Langan before catching the bus to school. In school today I played basketball in the gym where I work on my shot. When I got home I prayed the prayers that I missed earlier, after that I did my homework then I was off to basketball workouts with Next Up Academy. After workouts I came home finish my prayers ate then went to sleep. Tuesday I got up around 4:30am I thought that was kind of early for me. I prayed then went back to sleep until it was time to catch the bus. School was okay today, I have a math test on Tuesday so I'm trying to study early. After school I walked to the store with my brother and sister and got some snacks, after that I did my homework  and then I was off to basketball practice. When I got back I prayed my Salats then fell asleep. Wednesday I got up, and got ready for school. I had to stay after school to finish a test for Tech Systems. After that I worked on my social  studies projects,
then came home did my homework. After that I help my little brother with his homework until it was time to go a basketball workout for Next Up Academy. It was a fun workout. When I came home I did my chores, prayed, then ate. Thursday I went to Philadelphia Belles 8th grade
basketball practices, we worked on a lot of dribbling drills and ran.
I was so tired after that, later on I went to do the rest of my Math, English and homework. After I prayed, ate then fell asleep. Friday I played basketball in the gym, Worked on shooting
and dribbling drills. After play a game of 5 on 5 with my friends. It was fun. Later on I ate some pizza. It was good. Then did my math homework and study for my math test that's coming up. After that I went outside for a little bit. Then watched a movie till I fell asleep.
Saturday I went to a Premier Elite basketball club for 9th grade basketball practice from 2:00-4:30. We did shooting drills, dribbling drills and work on some plays. Later on that day I study
I study for my Math test, and did some homework after that and then ate a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich with some chips. Today was a busy, I couldn't wait to go to sleep. Sunday I woke up ate breakfast, watched TV for a little bit. Later on I went to the store with my mom. We was in their forever. (Lol) After that my and I went to my cousins house for a hour in a half. Later on we went to the Christiana Mall. After that we finally went home. I was tired. Then when I came home my sister and I made some cookies n creams cupcakes. They was so good. Then I watched Madea's Witness Protection, afterwards I read a little bit and prayed before I went to sleep.
Signing Off: May Sharif:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday I woke up made Fajr prayer, and ate breakfast. I watched a little TV before catching the bus. School was okay for a Monday, I got my English quiz back an got a 87% on it. I was happy about my grade. I came home from school prayed my Salats. After that I did my math homework which wasn't that hard, afterwards I went to a basketball workout. When I came home I ate took a shower made my prayer in went to bed. Tuesday I woke up around 5:30 for school, I made prayer, but I was so tired that I really didn't feel like getting up, but off to school I went. After school I rode my bike with my brother and his friend. Later on I did my home - work and then went down in the basement and just practiced on my dribbling. After that I read  a little bit then fell asleep. Wednesday I went to my little brothers basketball game, he did good and they won against a very tough team. After the game I had to attend Next Up Academy workout.

We did a lot of nice drills that would help my game. Then when I got home I took a shower and prayed my Salats. Thursday I didn't have school because of Staff Development Day. I was hype because I got to sleep in late. Later on I went Alamein's with my mom and sisters in Philly to get some new over garments. After that my family and I went to a fundraiser for my brother's basketball team. Friday when I got back to school I got my notebook check for math and got a B on it. I was happy because my math grade is going up. At school I played 5 on 5 basketball with my friends. Later on I made cupcakes with my sister. They were so good. After that I just watch a movie before I fell asleep. Saturday I woke up around 9am for a basketball workout. Afterwards I had to get ready to go to y cousins hotel party. When I got there I seen my little cousin and brother that I haven't seen in a while. After that my cousins, brother and I got in the pool for about a hour in a half. Later on we went to the computer lab and exercise room. After that we all just chilled in our rooms, watched TV, and ate a lot of candy in other snacks. Sunday I was at the hotel room until check out. My cousins and I ate breakfast, then we got in the pool again. Later on we were just walking around in the hotel. After that we had to get ready to check out the hotel so we all went to my mama's house. All we did watched TV, and did slap cam on people. It was so funny.

Signing Off: May"Money" Sharif

Monday, March 10, 2014



On Monday I woke up to pray, and found out that we didn't have school because of the snow. So I went back to sleep for a little while before awaking to play 2k14 and Madden 25 on the Xbox with my brother. I beat him in 2k and he beat me in Madden. I help my brother shovel and remove snow from off the cars. I prayed the noon prayer then went down in the basement and practice on my dribbling. I read for a little while and then took a nap. I prayed Asr then help my Umi (Mother) with dinner, prayed Magrib washed the dishes and prayed the night prayed, then I went to bed. On Tuesday I got up to pray Fajr. We had a 2 hr delay for school, so I went back to sleep for a hour. I ate breakfast and then caught the bus to school.

Classes was shortened due to the delay so we didn't do much in school. When I came from school I prayed Duhr and Asr since I missed it when I was in school. After that I did my math homework then I prayed Magrib. I ate dinner wash dishes, prayed and read a little before going to bed. Wednesday I woke up prayed ate a little and read some before catching the bus to school. School was fun today. I played basketball in the gym in work on my shot, I came home prayed the prays I miss because I was in school. I finish my homework then I was off to basketball workouts with Next Up Academy and my trainer Calvin Gilbert. After I came from workouts I ate and prayed Magrib and Isha took a shower then I went to sleep. Thursday I woke up, ate a little breakfast in off to school I went. After school I prayed did my homework, then I went to basketball workouts. We did some nice dribbling and shooting drills, afterwards I came home from the workouts ate prayed and studied for my math and English quiz, then watched TV till I fell asleep.

Friday when I woke up I studied a little bit before school, I had to quizzes that I hope I done well on. When I got home I watched a movie ate pizza and some S'mores with my sisters then I went to bed. Saturday morning I had to get my little brother ready for his game. I went to support him, he did really well he played great defense. After the game I just chilled out with my cousin and my sister and watched a movie, I had to clean my room and do my chores . Sunday I was so tired that I woke up and went right back to sleep, I finally got up ate some breakfast before I got ready for basketball workouts from 11:00 - 1:00 pm. When workouts was over me my mom sisters and cousins went to the mall, we had a lot of fun. Later that day when I got home I did my math homework and got my clothes ready and ironed for the week

Signing Off: Amayla Sharif

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Lauren who we all know on the court as La-Buckets, had a outstanding Middle School year, the Shipley 7th grader was on point all season. She was named MVP for her Middle School and to top that off, they named Ross MVP for her High School JV Team. Lauren is getting ready to start suiting up for her AAU Elite Team the Philadelphia Belles who are sponsored by Nike. Ross is a Seventh grader who plays on a 9th grade team, so watch out for Lauren in the Belles this coming AAU season. 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This year May-May lead her Middle School Team to a undefeated record. She was the point guard for Springer Middle School in Delaware, Sharif average 10 Pt's, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and 6 steals per game. Now that that's over May will be getting ready to suit up for her AAU Team, you can follow May Sharif on Gthing's Basketball Diary Of a Baller in the coming weeks.

Saturday, March 1, 2014



Atlantic Tech has been playing well above there expectation, in one of those reason is because of sophomore guard Yasmeen Nelson. She has average in double figures this year, last week Nelson scored 30, 28, 20 in one week. Playing with a Group 2 school she still had the opportunity to play against bigger school in Group 3 and 4, she still shined on those occasions as well. Nelson is starting to mature, she is a young sophomore who knows now when she must take over a game.