Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday I woke up made Fajr prayer, and ate breakfast. I watched a little TV before catching the bus. School was okay for a Monday, I got my English quiz back an got a 87% on it. I was happy about my grade. I came home from school prayed my Salats. After that I did my math homework which wasn't that hard, afterwards I went to a basketball workout. When I came home I ate took a shower made my prayer in went to bed. Tuesday I woke up around 5:30 for school, I made prayer, but I was so tired that I really didn't feel like getting up, but off to school I went. After school I rode my bike with my brother and his friend. Later on I did my home - work and then went down in the basement and just practiced on my dribbling. After that I read  a little bit then fell asleep. Wednesday I went to my little brothers basketball game, he did good and they won against a very tough team. After the game I had to attend Next Up Academy workout.

We did a lot of nice drills that would help my game. Then when I got home I took a shower and prayed my Salats. Thursday I didn't have school because of Staff Development Day. I was hype because I got to sleep in late. Later on I went Alamein's with my mom and sisters in Philly to get some new over garments. After that my family and I went to a fundraiser for my brother's basketball team. Friday when I got back to school I got my notebook check for math and got a B on it. I was happy because my math grade is going up. At school I played 5 on 5 basketball with my friends. Later on I made cupcakes with my sister. They were so good. After that I just watch a movie before I fell asleep. Saturday I woke up around 9am for a basketball workout. Afterwards I had to get ready to go to y cousins hotel party. When I got there I seen my little cousin and brother that I haven't seen in a while. After that my cousins, brother and I got in the pool for about a hour in a half. Later on we went to the computer lab and exercise room. After that we all just chilled in our rooms, watched TV, and ate a lot of candy in other snacks. Sunday I was at the hotel room until check out. My cousins and I ate breakfast, then we got in the pool again. Later on we were just walking around in the hotel. After that we had to get ready to check out the hotel so we all went to my mama's house. All we did watched TV, and did slap cam on people. It was so funny.

Signing Off: May"Money" Sharif