Monday, March 31, 2014



Monday - Today I had practice for Premier Elite. We work on some new plays and did some shooting drills with the shooting machine. After practice went home did my homework , ate and prayed before going to sleep.

Tuesday - This morning woke up around 5:30 am to get ready for school. I ate breakfast and cleaned my room before catching the bus for school. Today school was fun. I got a B on my Science vocabulary. I thought that was good. After school did my math homework , prayed , then rode my bike with my brother . Later on walked to the store , came back ate dinner , did my chores then went to sleep.

Wednesday - Today I had a basketball workout for Next Up Academy. We did shooting drills , dribbling drills and played 3 on 3 and 5 on 5's. After workouts went home ate then prayed.

Thursday - Today I had a scrimmage for Premier Elite. I thought my team and I did okay , somethings that we have to workout. After that I had practice for the Philadelphia bells. We worked on some box out drills and lay up drills.

Friday - Today I didn't have school. So I slept in until 9:30 . I had to clean up my room , fold clothes and then ate some breakfast. After that I got ready for Jumaah. Later on went to Alamein's got me a new Kemar (Head Scarf). Afterwards went to the store with my mom got some snacks. Then came home went outside and dribbled the ball for a little bit with my brother.

Saturday - This afternoon I had a game for Premier Elite . Our first game my team and I did good . We won and beat them by 20 . I thought that was good for our first game. Then later on we had another game . We loss by 10 points against the Lancaster Waves. I thought we did good. I had a couple points , assists and rebounds.

Sunday - This morning around 10 am I had another game for Premier Elite. We loss by 7 points against the Mad Dogs. I though I did okay in that game. We went 1-2 this weekend. We did good for our first tournament.
Signing Off: May "Money" Sharif