Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monday morning I woke up, prayed and ate breakfast. After that I read this book called the Bully, by Paul Langan before catching the bus to school. In school today I played basketball in the gym where I work on my shot. When I got home I prayed the prayers that I missed earlier, after that I did my homework then I was off to basketball workouts with Next Up Academy. After workouts I came home finish my prayers ate then went to sleep. Tuesday I got up around 4:30am I thought that was kind of early for me. I prayed then went back to sleep until it was time to catch the bus. School was okay today, I have a math test on Tuesday so I'm trying to study early. After school I walked to the store with my brother and sister and got some snacks, after that I did my homework  and then I was off to basketball practice. When I got back I prayed my Salats then fell asleep. Wednesday I got up, and got ready for school. I had to stay after school to finish a test for Tech Systems. After that I worked on my social  studies projects,
then came home did my homework. After that I help my little brother with his homework until it was time to go a basketball workout for Next Up Academy. It was a fun workout. When I came home I did my chores, prayed, then ate. Thursday I went to Philadelphia Belles 8th grade
basketball practices, we worked on a lot of dribbling drills and ran.
I was so tired after that, later on I went to do the rest of my Math, English and homework. After I prayed, ate then fell asleep. Friday I played basketball in the gym, Worked on shooting
and dribbling drills. After play a game of 5 on 5 with my friends. It was fun. Later on I ate some pizza. It was good. Then did my math homework and study for my math test that's coming up. After that I went outside for a little bit. Then watched a movie till I fell asleep.
Saturday I went to a Premier Elite basketball club for 9th grade basketball practice from 2:00-4:30. We did shooting drills, dribbling drills and work on some plays. Later on that day I study
I study for my Math test, and did some homework after that and then ate a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich with some chips. Today was a busy, I couldn't wait to go to sleep. Sunday I woke up ate breakfast, watched TV for a little bit. Later on I went to the store with my mom. We was in their forever. (Lol) After that my and I went to my cousins house for a hour in a half. Later on we went to the Christiana Mall. After that we finally went home. I was tired. Then when I came home my sister and I made some cookies n creams cupcakes. They was so good. Then I watched Madea's Witness Protection, afterwards I read a little bit and prayed before I went to sleep.
Signing Off: May Sharif: