Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lauryn Fields (Middle Township, NJ)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



After driving 1 hour 20 minutes to Ambler Pa, in seeing this young 5th grader play I was very impressed with her basketball IQ, but what really got me was the way she listens to instruction about the game. 
     What is the difference between last year's Comets team and this year's team?
The 5th grade Comets team will be very different from last year's team 4th grade team. I met Coach Fran Burbidge Jr. at a clinic at Villanova this fall and when I heard he was going to be our Comets head Coach I was excited because he really helped me to prepare for this year's school season, Also we lost about half of last year's team, but we will be better because two girls I played against in AAU and my school team will be on this year's Comets team, and I love going against them in Comets practice because they are very competitive. And we got a couple new big girls. We will all make each other better this year.

What do you think your feeling will be this year when you go to the Nationals with your Comets team?

We have to get there first! There are some good teams out there, so we have to earn it. But winning the Regionals and going to nationals will be awesome because it will be my first time. Also, I will feel like all the hard work we did was worth it.

How did you develop a handle like that?

It all started in 2nd grade with chairs, trash cans and orange cones in my driveway. I dribble around them over and over again. Also, I was able to go to some really good camps like Philly Point Guard Camp and St.Joe's Hawks Camp. At Hawks Camp, Coach Katie Gardler really stresses ball handling. And I like to pick up a ball and just dribble, no matter where I am at.

Do you always use your left hand being as though you are truly right handed?

A lot of people ask me that. They ask if I am left handed or right handed. The summer after 3rd grade my dad made me dribble and go left almost the whole summer because he didn't want me to only be able to go to the right side. Now it is natural for me to go in either direction.

Tell GTHING your goals for this summer.

Attend some good camps, play summer rec, work on being more aggressive and learn to get open and move better without the ball.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Name: Anna Spaschak
Team: Stafford
Position: Combo Guard
Class: 2017
State: NJ
Profile: Anna is a Combo Guard who has some size to her, she is a pure shooter, who likes to spot up anywhere on the floor. She can also play the point when she has to, Anna can handle the rock well enough to get by her defender in take it to the basket, her game should improve when she plays on the next level in 2014.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


                                           Nichel Tampa ( Atlanta,Ga ) 

Why do you think your the #2 point guard in the country ?

Not having seen who the number one is, I have heard that she's a big guard.With me being 5'4 and slim, i feel that my size will be a factor in people's opinions, no matter how well I play.

What do you thing you have to do to be #1 point guard in the country ?

Continue developing into an all-round PG, who can handle the ball, make great passes,  and score from anywhere, and make an impact on defense.

How does it feel playing up vs playing at your level ?

Playing up is more competitive and fun because girls are bigger, stronger, and have more experience.

How did it feel placing 4th in the Super Showcase in Orlando ?

I didnt like placing 4th because I dont like losing, but it was a great experience playing up a year against some of the top 2016 girl's. I also sprained my ankle in the 4th Quarter of the semi-final, so that wasnt fun either.

Is there a lot of pressure on you when your being coached by your dad ?

Not really, but sometimes I dont like him getting on me when I mess up. he's knows this, so he coaches another team now and mostly trains me.

What are the goals for 2013 ?

Staying healthy through the spring and summer, become mentally tougher while working on my skills, and collect more college offers. Also, I want my club team ( FBC Southeast Elite ) to complete this season being considered the top 2017 team in the country.

What part of your game do you need to work on most ?

Improving on my defensive IQ, and on offense moving without the ball.

Monday, February 4, 2013


KRISTINE MILLER ( Cedar Creek High School  NJ )

All season long Kristine has been putting up numbers on the hardwood, the 6'1 senior forward who has committed to Fairfield University is averaging almost a double double in every game. Miller has been consistent all year, 13 out of 15 games she has a double double. Kristine is getting ready for the states, in which her and her Cedar Creek teammates won the South Jersey Group II State Championships last year.