Saturday, February 9, 2013


                                           Nichel Tampa ( Atlanta,Ga ) 

Why do you think your the #2 point guard in the country ?

Not having seen who the number one is, I have heard that she's a big guard.With me being 5'4 and slim, i feel that my size will be a factor in people's opinions, no matter how well I play.

What do you thing you have to do to be #1 point guard in the country ?

Continue developing into an all-round PG, who can handle the ball, make great passes,  and score from anywhere, and make an impact on defense.

How does it feel playing up vs playing at your level ?

Playing up is more competitive and fun because girls are bigger, stronger, and have more experience.

How did it feel placing 4th in the Super Showcase in Orlando ?

I didnt like placing 4th because I dont like losing, but it was a great experience playing up a year against some of the top 2016 girl's. I also sprained my ankle in the 4th Quarter of the semi-final, so that wasnt fun either.

Is there a lot of pressure on you when your being coached by your dad ?

Not really, but sometimes I dont like him getting on me when I mess up. he's knows this, so he coaches another team now and mostly trains me.

What are the goals for 2013 ?

Staying healthy through the spring and summer, become mentally tougher while working on my skills, and collect more college offers. Also, I want my club team ( FBC Southeast Elite ) to complete this season being considered the top 2017 team in the country.

What part of your game do you need to work on most ?

Improving on my defensive IQ, and on offense moving without the ball.