Sunday, September 30, 2018


Atlantic City, NJ - August 18 - This year the kids where in for a treat. Gthing decide to stay home in not take the show on the road, for the 5th Annual 24/7 Gthing All Star Classic Event. We figure why not do it  at home since we were hitting the milestone of the 5th year mark that Gthing launch the first All Star Classic game under the umbrella of Basketball Spotlight in Trenton, NJ. Since then Gthing has travel to different parts of New Jersey to have the 24/7 basketball event. The 5th Annual mark has recognize some of the great player's who actually participated in the very first All Star Classic Game which was held at Trenton Catholic, names such as Honesty Scott-Grayson / Baylor University, Danielle Robinson / Seton Hall University, Imani Lewis / Wisconsin, Mya Grimes / High Point, etc. They all went on to have good high school career's, all scored 1,000 points and I'm sure along with tons of rebounds and assist and steals. This year was a little different then the previous years, we would wind up doing two Rising 9th grade games and one Rising 8th grade game. The level of competition was so strong for the 2022 Class we actually didn't have a choice but to do two games. We started out with the Rising 8th graders first who brought some heat to the court, and then we followed with the older girls. There were kids from multiple states that played in this event, also on hand we had a special guest appearance by Baylor freshman Honesty Scott-Grayson to present the Most Exciting Player Award of the game in which the award is named after her.

Gia Cooke - 5'7 - Elizabeth Seton HS MD - Fairfax Stars - Clinton, MD - Ms excitement put on a show even though her team came up short in overtime, but she walk away with the (Most Exciting Award Trophy).

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emma Boslet 20' Bishop Ahr HS, New Jersey / Team Miller Barton Entry #6

Emma Boslet

Monday August 27th: Today I went to Us hoops from 11 to 2. We played 2v2 full court, did loves to the basket, and played 3v3 and 4v4. After that I came home and did a quick ab workout. Then I showered and listened to music with my brothers for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday August 28th: Today I shot in the morning and then did some ab work. I also did some tire jumps. Then I went out with my friends to the park to hang out and talk. Then I went to my school to do a hill workout. I did sprints and uphill squats and jumped rope.

Wednesday August 29th: Today I woke up and did some summer reading. I read The Picture of Dorian Gray. It was very interesting. Then I went in my back yard and did some shooting and pushups. I also did jumping lunges and jump squats. Then I worked on my stationary ball handling and finishing around the rim. 

Thursday August 30th: Today I continued to read my book for the majority of the day. Then I did some math work and looked over some SAT vocabulary words. At night I went to workout at the basketball warehouse.

Friday August 31st: Today I worked on my vertical jump in my backyard. I did lateral high jumps and one leg tire jumps. I also worked on agility and shot. Later that night I went to my schools first football game. It was a white out. They beat Abraham Clark 22-20. It was an exciting game and good win. 

Saturday September 1st: Today I woke up at 8 and went to my friend Sarah’s house to get ready to go to the Rutgers football game at 12. We stopped at Dunkin and got some breakfast and then we were off to the tailgate where there was even more food. It was hot during the game but they ended up winning 21-7 against Texas State. When I got home I did a ab work out and called it a night. 

Sunday September 2nd: Today I went to Staten Island to watch my brothers football game. They won and held the other team to 0. When we came home we ate lunch and then I went outside and shot and then went swimming.