Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Diary Of A Female Baller: Ciera Cevallos 23' Maplewood, NJ - Maplewood Middle School - Exodus - Entry #2

Ciera Cevallos & Exodus Family

Hello To All The Ballers Out There, Welcome To Week 2 Of My Diary.

Monday - Went back to school after spring break. It was finally nice enough to wear shorts. I had a free period for 2nd period everyday which was nice because we got to finish up homework and study. After school I went to The Hub (after school program) and played pick up basketball before practice. Our team had a very intense practice. Coach Tony always pushes us to our limits to help us get better. I don’t always like it, but I know it’s gonna help me. 

Tuesday - Usual morning routine of getting ready for school and driving with my mom. In school we had outdoor gym class because of the nice weather. Classes went as usual. I found out we have a quiz in social studies so have to make sure I study for that. After school my mom picked me up. I had a snack, did some studying and homework and got ready for practice. We had another really strong practice to get ready for Boo Williams Nike invitational. 

Wednesday - Today I had my social studies quiz. I feel like I did well and I’m hopeful that I got a good grade. After school I made sure my room was clean because I was going to be having company after practice today. We practiced with the 8th grade and 7th grade teams. At the end we scrimmaged each other in order to prepare for the weekend. Over all the practice was very hard. I still have so much to work on to get to the next level and my end goals for basketball. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Diary Of A Female Baller: Ciera Cevallos 23' Maplewood, NJ - Maplewood Middle School - Exodus - Entry #1

Ciera & Exodus Family

Hello to all my ballers out there, please follow me for 8 weeks with my Diary.

Monday - Today was my first day of spring break. My teammate Myoshi slept over after our game yesterday. Since we had the day off, my mom set up a personal training session for us. It was a good session we learned new techniques and had a lot of fun. Afterwards we had lunch and drove up to see our Exodus family teammate Rylie and had another workout with her. 

Tuesday - Today I was able to rest and get some work done at home. I put up shots in my backyard. I also just took time to clean my room and finish laundry. In the evening I had a workout session with my trainer Eric