Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Diary Of A Female Baller: Ciera Cevallos 23' Maplewood, NJ - Maplewood Middle School - Exodus - Entry #2

Ciera Cevallos & Exodus Family

Hello To All The Ballers Out There, Welcome To Week 2 Of My Diary.

Monday - Went back to school after spring break. It was finally nice enough to wear shorts. I had a free period for 2nd period everyday which was nice because we got to finish up homework and study. After school I went to The Hub (after school program) and played pick up basketball before practice. Our team had a very intense practice. Coach Tony always pushes us to our limits to help us get better. I don’t always like it, but I know it’s gonna help me. 

Tuesday - Usual morning routine of getting ready for school and driving with my mom. In school we had outdoor gym class because of the nice weather. Classes went as usual. I found out we have a quiz in social studies so have to make sure I study for that. After school my mom picked me up. I had a snack, did some studying and homework and got ready for practice. We had another really strong practice to get ready for Boo Williams Nike invitational. 

Wednesday - Today I had my social studies quiz. I feel like I did well and I’m hopeful that I got a good grade. After school I made sure my room was clean because I was going to be having company after practice today. We practiced with the 8th grade and 7th grade teams. At the end we scrimmaged each other in order to prepare for the weekend. Over all the practice was very hard. I still have so much to work on to get to the next level and my end goals for basketball. 

Thursday - Today is travel day to Virginia. My teammates Aniya, Miyoshi and Jada slept over last night to take the ride down with us. My mom drove us down. We had a lot of fun during the ride, listening to music and talking. We talked about so many different things. Miyoshi sat up front to keep my mom company and to be the “DJ”. She made great song selections that we all liked. We got to VA late in the evening so we ate, showered and went to bed. 

Friday - Today we had our first “Live Period” game as a team. We played Missouri Phenom which is a very good program. Our team lost the first game badly. It got us really down. I was having a rough time controlling my emotions and my attitude which affected my game. Coach Tony’s old player Brenna was at the game and had a long talk with us afterwards. It helped us a lot.
Thankfully we all bounced back the second game. We played hard as a team and pulled off the win. My teammate Alisa had an awesome game. Her defense was great and she played aggressive on offense. After the games my coach talked to me and my mom about my attitude and what I need to improve on moving forward. then we went to get food before going to watch 8th grade Exodus team play vs Maryland Belles. We met my friends Gabby and Zoe at the game. It was a close game and fun to watch. After the games we went home showered and went to bed. 

Saturday - Today was our second day of games and we woke up ready to play and win. We met our coach and drove to the game together. We all stayed focused and positive. We played well the first half of the game. I made some good shots and was able to contribute as well. The second half got away from us and we lost. It was a hard loss because we felt that we could have won. After the games some of us went to lunch together. After lunch we took a nap and headed to Boo Williams Sports Complex to watch EYBL games and to get ready for our finally game of the night. Our last game was another hard one. The team played with energy and focus, but we still could not pull off the win. It was a close game and we stayed in it till the end. 

Sunday - We woke up and packed up our stuff to get ready to drive back home. Aniyah and Miyoshi drove with me and my mom. It was a long drive. We all had time to reflect on the weekend and talk about what we could do better as a team. My teammate Aniyah helped me to feel better and gave me advice on what to do and how to improve my game when I’m on the floor and on the bench. We stopped a couple times during the ride and I ate a lot because I was so hungry. We listened to more music and took a nap before we finally made it home. I was so glad to be in my house. I said goodbye to my friends ate dinner, talked to my dad about the weekend and went to bed.