Thursday, May 9, 2019

Diary Of A Female Baller: Ciera Cevallos 23' Maplewood, NJ - Maplewood Middle School - Exodus - Entry #3

Ciera, Miyoshi, Alisa

Hello to all the ballers out there, welcome to week 3 of my diary. 

Monday - Surprisingly woke up on time and went to school after a busy basketball weekend at Boo. School was quiet and the usual day to say things. When I got back home we decided to take the day to rest since the weekend was so busy. I just shot around outside for a little bit, did my chores, ate dinner and went to bed.  

Tuesday - Usual morning routine of getting ready for school and driving with my mom. In school I fell asleep during 7th period which has never happened to me before. Luckily the teacher didn’t catch me. Once I got home, we got ready to go workout with my friend/teammate Rylie. The workout was fun, we did warm ups and then situational drills and plays at game speed. I like it because it helps me work on what I would do during a game and practice calling for the ball and also passing.

Wednesday - Went to school in the morning as usual. I started my day well at school. I was not tired. I did not have any quizzes or tests, which is good. Sometimes I get nervous during exams. Some teachers give exams and they have nothing to do with what we learned and that makes me nervous. After school my mom picked me up, I ate dinner early and we went to my Exodus practice. After the weekend we had I thought it was going to be a tough practice, but it actually went very well. The team was working together with positive energy. We scrimmaged a couple older teams at the end and we did pretty good.  

Thursday - Another regular school day today. Had fun during lunch making up handshakes with my friends. We also worked on a dance project. My mom picked me up right after school to go to a one on one workout. I need to work on my shot form and release. We did that most of the session. I also worked on reverse layups and quick shot release of the pass, no dribble. We went home and I worked on my homework before watching some NBA playoff games and then going to bed.  

Friday - I was so excited that it was finally Friday. Last day of the school week. After school my mom picked me up and drove me to my teammates Nicole’s house. Her mom was driving us down the Team Takeover tournament in MD. I spent most of the ride listening to music. Once we got to Maryland we ate and hung out at the hotel before going to bed.

Saturday - Today we had our first game of the tournament. The team was nervous and it took us a awhile to get into a good rhythm. Once we did, we began to play well, but it was not enough to win the game. After the game our whole team went to Shake Shack to eat. All the girls bonded and we had a very good time. I stayed with my other teammates/friend Miyoshi and Halie. We hung out with Halie’s little brother and goofed around before bed.  

Sunday - I forgot that we needed to check out of the hotel so I rushed to get myself ready. We had our last two games of the tournament today. My mom and brother met us at the venue. They brought my Aunt Isabel and her husband to watch the game. Our first game was a forfeit. The second game we played our team did very well. We all played together and were able to pull off a good win, I had some good shots and made some layups also. I did make mistakes, but was able to keep my focus and my attitude in check which was a big step for me. After the game we went to Isabel’s house to spend time with the family and relax.