Thursday, May 30, 2019

Diary Of A Female Baller: Ciera Cevallos 23' Maplewood, NJ - Maplewood Middle School - Exodus - Entry #6

Ciera Cevallos 23'

Hello to all the ballers out there, welcome to week 6 of my diary.

Monday - Today was my first day back at school after my trip to Dallas. We had no classes again due to testing. But we still had to show be present. I spent the day catching up on some studying and hanging out with friends. After school my mom picked me up and shared some REALLY excite news with me. I had an off day from training and practice. So we just went home and hung out together.  

Tuesday - Today was a normal school day. I went to local pizza place to hang out with some friends after school before basketball training. My mom picked me up and we drove to Rylie’s house. Her dad took us to training. Training was a lot of fun, hard, but fun. After training we went to Rylie’s and had dinner. This has become our usual Tuesday routine. 

Wednesday - Today I went to school, but was not feeling well. I pushed through and managed do stay for the rest of the school day. My mom picked me up and dropped me home before she went to work. I had practice in the Bronx and I got a ride from my teammate Allie. We had a long practice and our coach had Rylie and I scrimmage against each other. We definitely went hard against each other, but our coach says that he wants us to push each other so that we can get better. 

Thursday - Today we had a class trip to Mid Evil Times. We had a lot of fun. My friend was named queen of the court and got a purple sash. I got a rose from one of the nights. The food was not that good. After school I went home to do homework and chores. In the evening we had another practice, but here in Jersey. After practice Thomas has a long talk with me and Rylie. It was a good talk. Helped me remember what my goals are and why love playing for Exodus. After practice we drove to Maryland to visit family. We got there very late.

Friday - Woke up in Maryland and it was awesome. My aunt has a pool and we spent a bunch of time by the pool. We barbecued and went bike riding. It was a full day, but a perfect day to have fun and relax.

Saturday - Today we woke up early to drive to my first game of the weekend. It was a 2 hour drive, but we didn’t hit any traffic. The game was a bit overwhelming. We had a lot of younger girls playing with us so it was an adjustment. I got into foul trouble early so I was in and out of the game. We were in it the whole time. We ended up loosing by only 6 points. We ate lunch in between and tried to stay focused.  We won our second game by 30+ points. After the games, I went home with my teammate Rylie and Miyoshi. 

Sunday - We has our final game today. We played well, but still lost by 2 points. I feel like I have to push myself more than before now that I am playing more minutes in the games. I went home with my dad after, we ate dinner and drove back to Maryland for the rest of the weekend.