Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Diary Of A Female Baller: Ciera Cevallos 23' Maplewood, NJ - Maplewood Middle School - Exodus - Entry #4

Ciera & Mom

Hello to all the ballers out there, welcome to week 4 of my diary.  

Monday - We stayer over in Maryland last night. We woke up early and drove back to NJ. Today was just a day to rest after the tournament. 

Tuesday - Usual morning routine of getting ready for school and driving with my mom. We found out that our Spanish teacher will not be coming back for the rest of the school year so we have 2nd period off till graduation. After school my mom picked me up. I did some homework and got ready to go to my Tuesday workout with my teammate Rylie. After workouts we went to her house for dinner. The food was really good and we had a lot of fun. 

Wednesday - Went to school in the morning as usual. I asked my mom to opt me out of the PARC exam since I was going to private school and did not need to take it. I had no tests today which was very good for me. After school I went to have pizza with some friends and then my dad picked me up because my mom has to work. Practice was canceled so I just stayed home. My plan was to have a snack, and workout in my yard. But I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till 9pm.

Thursday - Woke up early today has a full breakfast before headed to school. School was a typical day of learning. My science teacher is very interesting and sometimes she can yell a lot during class. My mom picked me up right after school to work on form shooting with my one on one trainer. My arm hurt so much afterwards. But he said my shot was getting faster and it looked better. 

Friday - I’m so excited because my brother comes home today. After school my dad picked me up and we went to her snacks. I was so happy to see my big bro when I walked through the door. I took me and my other brother to the movies. We went to see Avengers End game, but o fell asleep at some point in the movie and missed a bunch of it. So I will have to watch it again.  

Saturday - This is the first Saturday in a while that we have off from training and basketball. Even my mom didn’t know what to do lol. I hung out with my brothers in the morning and then went to the mall with my parents. We had to go dress shopping for my 8th grade dinner dance. We didn’t find anything. But we ended up going to dinners which tasted really good and then just headed home.  

Sunday - Today was Mother’s Day. We woke up early and picked up flowers, breakfast and a special gift for my mom. I wrote her a long card to let her know how much I appreciate her. It made her cry. Afterward we went to visit our family In Brooklyn. We had fun and watched the playoff games there. We all sat together to watch the Raptors win the game with the crazy shot Kawhi Leonard took. EVERYONE in the house went nuts. It was so cool. Afterwards we just headed home. We drove 2 cars in, I went with my dad and we decided to see who would get home first. My mom and my brother won.