Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Monday - Today I had Social Studies final's. I thought I did really on it. After finals at lunch. Then went home because we a half of day of school. Later on went outside with my brother and his friend and played basketball. After that went in the house and chilled for the rested of the day.

Tuesday - This morning I had English finals. I did good on it and found out I got a B on it. I was happy.

Wednesday - Today I had Math finals and I did okay on them. I hope I get a good grade on it.  Later on today I had gym for 2 hours. The first hour I played 5 on 5 with my friends. Then the next hour I did my own workout. I worked on my shooting and worked on some nice basketball moves. After that we had lunch and had some Rita's. I had my favorite kind Cotton Candy. It was so good. After that went home and relaxed.

Thursday - Today is my last day of school. I have Science finals today, my last final. The Science final was kind of hard but i tried my best and hope I did good on it. This evening I had basketball practice. We had a good practice with the few people that we had. After practice went home and watched the Finals. The Heat against the   Spurs.

Friday - This morning I went to the Track field. I ran 2 miles ( 8 laps ). After that I jumped rope for 10 minutes. Then took a break, then did 200 crunches, 50 push ups and 50 muscle builders. After that took a break. Later on went home and took a nap for a little while .

Saturday - Today wasn't busy as I thought it would be. This morning I went to a basketball workout. It was a fun 2 hours workout. Later on after the workout went home and relaxed for the rested of the day.

Sunday - This morning I work up prayed far and ate breakfast. After that cleaned my room and got dressed. Later on rode my bike at the park and had a water balloon fight with my mom, brothers, and sisters, it was really fun. After went home and went over some Quran. Then watched the Heat vs the Spurs game. It was a good game.

Signing Off: May "Money" Sharif