Tuesday, November 14, 2017



Hello everyone, hope you guys enjoy my week 7 entry of “Diary of a Female Baller”.

Monday 11/06

Today I didn’t have school, and my mom didn't go to work either. We spent our afternoon shopping for a coat and then went food shopping. I also had to shop for some supplies for my project that is due next week. At 630 I left to attend a High School workout at the Woodbridge Club with Coach Andre from Point 2 Prove Training. I was the only girl to attend out of 20 boys and I found it funny that none of the boys wanted to pair with me using my girl ball so I had to train using their balls. Coach Dre had us working hard in the gym, we worked on ball handling, lay ups, and jump shots from 3 spots. At 8:30 I headed home where I showered and ate dinner. I also decided to bake some cookies and just watched a movie with my mom until I fell asleep.

Tuesday 11/07

Today I didn’t do much. I spent the day with my aunt. We watched 2 movies on Netflix until my mom called telling me to start working on my math project that is due next week. My mom ended getting home late so I didn't get to make it to the basketball warehouse. So she just cooked then had me watched a playlist on Youtube that her friend put together for me which was full of basketball fundamental videos.

Wednesday 11/08

This afternoon I continued to work on my math project and just chilled out until it was time to head out. At 530 I headed to Rutgers Prep for fall training with Kristen Somogyi. Fall training is almost coming to an end, and I’m going to miss seeing my Cardinal family every week and cant wait until the Spring season start back up. After training I stayed for a quick 2 on 2 scrimmage with Toni, Mack, and Olivia. After that my mom came to pick me up and we headed home and she helped me finish up and complete my math project.

Thursday 11/09

Today other than being in the house during the day. My mom was working late so her friend took me to my conditioning class that I go to every so often. I thought I would be sore after but I actually felt energized and wanted to go play some basketball, but instead we went to go eat. My mom met us at Fridays and I had a lobster tail with my meal that was soo good. I then went home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Friday 11/10

This morning my aunt took me for my sports physical for school basketball so I can be able to try out on the 27th. I also submitted my final piece to my application for the NJ seeds Scholar program, so now I wait until January to see if I am accepted. After work my mom took me to open gym because I wanted to work on my foul shots and shooting. After hour or so we then headed to the mall where I bought me some nike pro leggings and nike socks. From the mall I went home so I can get some rest because of game day tomorrow.

Saturday 11/11

Today was championship day in the NY Cup Tournament. We first played Top Notch Ballers and since we won that game we then had to VS Harlem USA/ MilBank in the Manhattan division championship game. This was a good game, and we ended up winning by 1 point and now we advance to the next game. Our next game we VS the Bronx Division winner which was Hoopers 8th grade. Although we fell short by 10 points, I must say we played really good against an 8th grade girls. Today we received trophies for coming in 2nd place and medals. As I headed back to NJ my mom friend said something very important to me. He said nobody likes to lose, but for me to take this lost as a learning experience. For me to learn as a player what I need to improve as a individual and what is needed to improve as a team. By the time I reached home I was so tired, so decided to get ready for bed early especially since I have practice in the morning.

Sunday 11/12

Today I had to be at practice at 9am in the Bronx. Once practice ended and we had fruits, juice, and snacks waiting for us. I then left practice with my mom. On our way home we stopped at her one of her cousins house but they wasn't home. After I got home I showered and fell asleep until my mom woke me up for dinner. For the rest of night I will just relax because its back to school tomorrow.

See you all next week for last and final entry.