Tuesday, November 21, 2017



Hey guys,

Here is my last and final week of “Diary of Female baller”.  Thank you all for taking the time to read my diary entries for the past 8 weeks.

Monday 11/13

Today was a good day. In my History class, we started looking at a video about Meriwether Lewis and William Clark expedition in History which was actually cool to learn about. In math class the units and liter project I was working on had to be decorated which meant I had to add some color and pictures to it. In gym I had to play California Kickball. After school my grandpa picked me up and took me home, where I did my homework and studied until my mom picked me up. Today I went to a workout with Coach Kerry from G.R.I.T basketball, which was pretty intense. He pushed me to perform above the level I was comfortable at. After the workout I headed home, showered, ate dinner and started to prepare myself for tomorrow.

Tuesday 11/14

Today in History, we finished the rest of the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark expedition video and had to answered questions about the video. In my Language Arts we finally finished the book “The Giver”.  In gym, they gave us a choice of what we wanted to do and of course I chose basketball. For the rest of my classes today we had reviews, because we will be taking our last test of the marking period. After school my grandpa picked me up and we went to Mcdonalds then home. I headed to the basketball warehouse which was a good workout as always. After the warehouse I headed home and prepare for the next day.

Wednesday 11/15

Today in school was full of reviews in my core classes of the work we did over this marking period. Tomorrow is test day for some of my classes. My aunt picked me up today and took me home where I just studied some math problems. At 5pm I headed up to Rutgers Prep for the last day of Fall Training. Im gonna miss seeing my Cardinal teammates, and cant wait until Spring season. After training I headed home and started to get ready for bed. My mom told me she checked my grades online, and as of now that  I had 5 A’s and 4 B’s. She stated that she wants me to finish this marking period strong and to set a goal for myself to get more A’s for the next marking period.

Thursday 11/16

Today I had tests in my math, language Arts, and History class, and I think I did well in all of them. In gym we didn't do anything because of the marking period ending. So I just talked to my gym teacher about basketball and our school upcoming season which starts in Jan. Today my mom ended up picking me up from school, and since our team exodus practice was cancelled we went to open gym instead. I stayed there for 2 hours just shooting from all different spots and my mom was rebounding for me. After we left we headed home

Friday 11/17

Today I had a test in my science class and ended up leaving right after my test. My mom wanted to leave a little early for VA so she picked me up at 12, and we stopped to get food before we got on the highway. I then started doing some of the homework I was able to get from the class I knew I was missing today. We reached VA at 7pm, and before going to the hotel we stopped at Panda Express. Once we got to our hotel, I was able to see a few of my teammates before heading to my room. My mom wanted me to get rest so I started getting ready for tmrw. 

Saturday 11/18

Today was the first day for the Rose 7league, and we ended up going 1-1.  After being in the gym all day, a few of the players along with our parents went to Applebee’s. We ate, laughed, and singed. After we left the restaurant we headed back to the hotel where the team got together to celebrate our teammate Nat’s birthday. After having cake, I went up to my room to get ready for tomorrow because we have an early game.

Sunday  11/19

Today is the final day of session 1 in the Rose 7eague, and we won our game this morning which now puts us for 2-1 for the weekend. Right after game, my mom wanted to head straight back to NJ. I got home around 5pm and at 6pm, we was invited to go to a Rutger University VS West Forest game. I know my mom was tired but she took me to the game anyway. This was my very time seeing Rutgers play, and I must say they have a good team. RU ended up winning too. After the game I saw some of my Cardinal Fam and stopped to chat with Kristen Somogyi and them. I then headed home and started to get ready for school because its back to school tomorrow.

Before I end this, I would like to take this time to thank Lonnie from “Gthing” for giving me this opportunity to share to the world on how I spent my days in and out for the past 8 weeks. Thank you for supporting n providing coverage to all of us female basketball players especially to Middle School ball players as we continue to grow and prepare for that High School platform. I also would like to thank my mom for taking her time to type up my writing in email to send over to Gthing.

Happy Holidays and good luck to everybody in their upcoming basketball school season.

Me and my biggest supporter and my #1 fan (My mom)