Monday, November 6, 2017



Hey guys hope you enjoy my week 6 diary of a female baller.

Monday 10/30

Today in school other than it being a full day of learning, we had a meeting for tryouts for basketball. Can’t wait for tryouts which is after school Nov 27. My pop pop picked me up from school and then took me home so I can start on my homework. After my homework, I went to open gym to work on my shot for 2 hrs and then went home. 

Tuesday 10/31

Today is Halloween, my school allowed kids to dress up but we couldn’t wear masks. Today in my History class we started a project in history. After school, my mom came and picked me up from school. I went to my friend Toni house to go trick or treating with her and her family. After we went trick or treating, we all went to Applebee’s for dinner and then they dropped me to my mother. 

Wednesday 11/01

Today is the beginning of November and it close to report card time, which means extra studying. Today I did an online assignment in math today, and I did pretty good. After school, I was suppose to get my physical but the doctor office said to come back next week. So after I left, I headed to Rutgers Prep for Cardinals Fall Training with Kristen Somogyi. My mom picked me up at 730 and we headed home.

Thursday  11/02

Today in school, I worked in a study group in my Math class. We assisted each other with problems we may not had understand. I haven’t received any of my grades back from my tests last week and I be wanting to know what I got. After school my mom picked my up and I came home and did my homework. At 645, I invited and rode with my teammate Ciera to the basketball warehouse. It was her first time and she enjoyed it. After the warehouse her mother dropped me to my mom. 

Friday 11/03

Today I had a test in Math, and History. I think I did good in both of the tests. I’m hoping to get all my grades from all the work I did because I want to know my grades so far. My mom is able to check my progress online. After school today I went and I was invited to playin a scrimmage with this team out of Plainfield. We played against Westfield HS girls where former WNBA Tamecka Dixon was the coaching that team. We ended up winning the game. After the game I went home so I can prepare for tomorrow games.

Saturday 11/04

Today we (Team Exodus) played 2 games in the NY Cup tournament. We first played against and beat a really good team NJ Titans. We then had to start playoffs in the same tournament and ended up winning that game so now we advance to the next round of playoff on 11/11. If we win 2 games next week then we advance to play in the Championship game at 3 next Saturday against 8th Hoopers NY. After our games, I went and saw my godmother who don’t live far from where the games are held. After that we headed back to NJ  and we stopped for ice cream at my favorite place cold stone. After cold stone me and my mom watched movies for the rest of the night.

Sunday 11/05

Today was the championship at the Rose Classics. My Cardinals teammate Toni came so she can ride with us to NY. We ended up taking the train instead of driving to BK because we heard about the NY marathon. We ended up losing the championship game by 11 points to the NJ Sparks. This was my first time ever playing in the Rose Classics and I must say it was a learning and fun experience. After we left we headed back NJ and stop for food and went home. I don’t have School tomorrow so we went to my moms best-friend and stayed there until 11:30 pm and went home.