Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Woo We, is all I can say about this young Philly Gunner, despite her Triple Threat team losing two games that day to some of the top teams on the AAU Circuit she was able to hold her own. Jones can break down just about anybody that stands in front of her, tremendous ball handler, great passer, knows were to place the ball, huge team leader. 

Niya Johnson 5'7 2016, Nazareth, HS (NY) - The New Yorker came to play like always, she brings the same play maker ability to her AAU squad like she did for her High School team, when they won the states this past year. Johnson does it all, her ability to score whenever she wants always come in to play, can handle, can play on the wing if necessary.

Kaela Halaire 5'3 2016, Floral Park, HS (NY) - Smallest on the Exodus roster, but I might have to say the toughest. Halaire but on a show against Philly Triple Threat, bring her team back after being down double digits, with a whole bunch of acrobatic moves to the basket. Kaela is the typical New Yorker who plays hard in has a nasty handle. Good ball handler, can create, makes things happen with or without the ball.

Danielle Tunstall 5'9 2016, Life Center Academy, HS (NJ) - Tunstall is on the rise this AAU season, now that her High School season is over and after being in the shadows of some of Life Centers Super Stars Tunstall is finally getting her time to shine. Can play the 1 Thur 3 because of her size and her athleticism, plays on the ball, very aggressive on the offensive side.

Michelle Nicholls 5'10 2016, Life Center Academy, HS (NJ) - After a full season at the Life Center, Nicholls should be well ready for some AAU basketball here in the states. Michelle is a all around good player at 6'0 feet tall, she can play up to five 5 different spots. Combo guard who can get out in run, uses both hands, pushes the ball, uptempo, if she develops a strong jump shot this summer she will be highly sorted after.

Abby Meyers 5'9 2016, Whitman HS, (MD) - Just a pure scorer or shooter, Abby just loves to shoot from about anywhere on the floor. At the Spring Invitational in Bowie, Maryland Meyers shot lights out. 

Jordan Wallace 6'3 2016, Sterling HS, (NJ) - The Jersey native is playing on big stage with Triple Threat since her High School plays on a smaller venue, but Wallace seems to be holding her own. She is a big problem on the block, plays well with her back towards the basket, strong, runs the floor well.

Niya Beverley 5'8 2017, St. Johns College HS, (MD) - Beverley showed up this weekend even after coming off the bench, top notch Point Guard who can do it all in one single game. Niya cant do nothing more but get better, handle, shooter, Combo Guard who plays uptempo.