Wednesday, April 22, 2015



The tip off classic was well worth the trip up North, Gthing was able to see some good talent, like NNeka who plays for Notre Dame High School. She is tough I don't see how or why she is under the radar, Ezeigbo can play with the best of them, the lefty loves to attack the rim, she has a well enough handle to bring the ball up court in finish, very strong, and is a killer in the paint. 

Michelle Sidor 5'8 (PG) 2019, Saddle River Day HS, (NJ) - Sidor is no stranger to Gthing, we first seen her play two years ago and we know then that she would be special. Michelle has grow a few inches which makes it even tougher now for defenders to guard her, great skills for the next level, can knock down the 3 ball, can handle the ball, can play on wing, good shooter, aggressive on the offensive side, has to make better decision while running the point.

Rachel Balzer 5'9 (Wing) 2019, Germantown Academy HS, (PA) - Very smart player who gets it done on the court and she did that at the Tip Off Classic last week, good rebounder, scorer, great basketball IQ, very athletic.

Eve Crawford 5'7 (PG) 2018, East New Brunswick HS, (NJ) - New Place for one half of the Crawford twin, she can ball and as time go's on with Jersey Shore everyone will get to see the quality of her game. Pure shooter, smart point guard, good ball handler.

Hailee Jantorno 5'4 (PG) 2018, Notre Dame HS, (NJ) - Small but good, played well against the trees on Iexcel. Hailee does everything a point is suppose to do, in that is feed your big's and run the play that the coach calls. Smart, High IQ, may need to grow a little more.

Ashley Gehrin 5'8 (PG) 2016, Mendham HS, (NJ) - The scorer was very versatile this past weekend, she mixed it up and gave people a glimpse of what she can do as a all round good player, quick, good decision maker, well with or without the ball.