Monday, August 17, 2015

2nd Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight All Star Classic Top Performers (Black Squad) 2015

Faith Masonius - 19' - Forward - Spring Lake, NJ (MVP)

The black team came in the door hotter then the gym, but by the end of the game, they cooled the gym down and the white team as well.

GThing & BBall J.E.M All Star Classic Top Performers (Black Team) Ms. Hustle took home the MVP along with a cheering section by the time the game was over. As the White team begin to wear down, Faith seem to be picking it up, showing her ability to handle the rock and pushing the ball in the open court like a guard, but at 6 feet she seems to do just about everything you can ask for from a player.

Jayla James - 19' - Wing - (Virgina) - Who was challenging Masonius for the MVP, showed signs of being a great player in the future. The long wing displayed her shooting range from deep in the game, she also showed some ball handling skilled and some good athleticism. 

Lauren Lithgow - 19 - Combo Guard - (New Jersey) - The last time Gthing seen Lithgow she was only 5'4 and a spot up shooter, now she has a added a little bit of flavor to her game. Lauren has been in the lab working, now she can handle the rock plus create her own shot. She is definitely a dual threat and St.Rose is lucky to be getting another good player to add to there roster.

Zaria Newson - 19 - Post - (Delaware) - Heard a lot about Big Z before we actually got to see her play, we know there was some more talent in Delaware and we got see. Zaria is fundamentally sounded and she knows how to play the post very well, Newson showed a few low post moves during the game, a few times in the game she played with her back towards the basket not to forget about the 10 blocks she had.

Zinna Goda - Combo Guard - 19 - (Newark, NJ) - The youngster showed some signs of being capable of playing at the next level, Goda is a sharp shooter in she should do well under Newark Tech Head Coach Keith Jefferson.