Friday, August 21, 2015

 2nd Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight All Star Classic Other Performers (Black Team)

Nisani Santiago "19" (South Plainfield, NJ)

The Black Team was so loaded with talent, that all the players were beginning to look all alike.

Gthing & BBall Spotlight J.E.M All Star Classic Performers (Black Team)

Nisani Santiago - Guard - (South Plainfield,NJ) - Up tempo Guard who can play at any pace, quick, floor general. Has a good pull up shot in the lane, small but can get by her defender because of her speed. Can play with the best of the best.

May May Sharif - 2019 - Guard - (Chester, PA) - Great defender with a lot of speed, shifty can go from left to right in a instead. Good ball handling skills, loves to attack, nice build guard and strong.

Lela Correa -  2019 - Forward - (Howell, NJ) - Lela is big strong and physical, she showed that at the J.E.M Classic, she has the ability to defend 2 Thur 4 spots because of her athleticism. Correa can play 3 Thur 4 position, but just needs to develop more of a jump shot.

Emily Lapointe - 2019 - Guard - (Staten Island, NY) - True Point Guard who likes to pass first but can score some buckets if she has to, Emily showed good leadership at the All Star Game. Great decision maker sees court well team player.

Ta'Shonna Wright - 2019 - Guard - (Shillington, PA) - Raw talented guard, good size. Makes things happen can create off the dribble, always in attack mode, good speed for a big guard.