Monday, December 16, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,Nj) Part #12
Ayanna Jones
I'm really enjoying the season so far. On Monday I had practice from 3 until 5:30. We went over plays and did a lot of drills to improve our game. We are forming a bond and becoming close. We did a foul shot drills called free throw ladder, this is when you shoot 20 foul shots and who ever makes the most number one and so on. I'm # 10 on my team, I know it's not good but I'm working hard to be at that number 1 spot. We also did a lot of conditioning, when we finished my legs felt like noodles but it's only going to make me better. On Tuesday because of the weather we didn't have practice or scrimmage, everything was cancelled. I was excited to play in my first high school game. I looked at some old film from my 8th grade year to see everything that I need to improve on.
On Wednesday we had a scrimmage against Bishop Eustace, Varsity played two half's then JV played. I thought I did really good for my first game. The girls were a lot smaller than me on JV, but on varsity they were bigger and stronger then me. On the bus ride home we laughed a lot and had a lot of story's to tell. On Thursday we had practice from 3 until 5. We went over more plays and did a lot of running, I also shot 15 for 20 foul shots. I was proud ,but next time I wanna shoot 20 for 20. After practice we went over one of the seniors house and watched movies. We watched High School Musicals and we were singing along, It was a lot of fun. On Saturday we had a tri-scrimmage, Middle Township & Washington Township came and played at are school. We played both teams and than they played each other, we didn't have a JV game but I did play Varsity. It was a great experience, Sunday I watched the game to see my mistakes so I could fix them in practice so i won't make them during a real game.
Signing Of: Ayanna Jones