Monday, December 9, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,NJ) Part # 11
Ayanna  Jones & Teammates
On Monday it was the start of my high school career, I had tryouts for the Mainland Lady Mustangs. I was so nervous as a Freshman, I tried out for junior varsity and varsity. As a freshman I had to get water and cups and the balls. this was new because last year I was telling 7th graders to get the water and the balls. We ran the beep test I got to level 7.9 which is good because you had to get level 7. After that we did stations so the coaches could see everything you could do. Station one was ball handling, station two was shooting, station three was foul shooting, and station four was training. We had 10 minutes at each station and when we changed to the next we had to spirit, no walking. Next we did running 646,  which is 6 spirits, 4 back peddles, and 6 spirits. Beat the pro next if you missed the 1st shot it was -2, both was -4, make both + 2. At the end we did 16 spirits in 1 minute. On Tuesday we started off by doing 646, they told us today was conditioning workouts, we did a lot of running and stations.
Afterwards we did foul shots and beat the pro. We ran 16's in 50 sec and if we didn't we did two up backs. After practices we did more foul shots and they told us who did and didn't make the team. It was either Freshman, JV, or varsity. I was so happy I made JV and Varsity, out of 7 Freshman. We had our first official practices Wednesday, so on Wednesday we started of by learning a play or to, then we got stretched out and did some running. Next we went back over the plays and scrimmaged each other to get the feeling of how it should go. I think this team is a great team and that we will be good this year. After conditioning we went to the weight room and lifted. On Thursday we had practices from 3-6 we did a lot of running, play learning and shooting. Each girl on my team is a good player and they wanna play and are determined to win.
We also got book bags and jackets with Mainland girls basketball on it. After that we learned a new play, I think we picked it up fast. On Friday we learned other new plays and than we ran 16's in 1 minute. We finally went over all the the plays we learned in scrimmage, I think we did good if you ask me. On Saturday we had practice and we ran and scrimmaged half the practice and the other half we did foul shots. Afterwards we went to Rowan University to see Alex play, she graduated from Mainland last year and they played Kean University and Rowan won. I also got to see Annie and Val play, they are two Holy Spirits girls who graduated last year to. On Sunday it was snowing, so I iced my knees & feet my first scrimmage is Tuesday.

Signing Off: Ayanna Jones