Monday, December 2, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,Nj) Part #10
Ayanna & Natalie
This was a short week for school because of the Thanksgiving Hoilday, so we only had three days and one was a half of day. On Monday I had workouts from 3-4, I lifted weights and shot around, afterwards I went home and studied for my math test. On Tuesday I took a math test and got a 97 on it, and I also took a physics test to, don't know what I scored on it yet. Later on that day I had workouts from 3-4, I shot around and worked on my foul shots and dribbling skills. On Wednesday I had a half of day, we watched Mainland Regional dance team perform.
They did a great job. After school it was my cousins birthday so I went over to her house, then to her birhday party. We had alot of fun, everybody made root-beer floats and cupcakes. On Thursday we woke up and went to the Atlantic City vs Holy Spirit football game, they have been playing on Thanksgiving day since the 60's, Spirit won 49- 6. After the game I went to my grandparents house and we had a lot of fun bringing up old memories and laughing. On Friday my sisters came over and we went outside with my friends, while playing outside I dribble the ball. Saturday I went to the All-Star game to watch my little cuz Ernest play. After the game I hung out with my friends. On Sunday I dribble the outside once again.
Signing off: Ayanna Jones