Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Winter Series Recap And What To Expect For Final Session

So now that Session 3 is in the books, what must we expect for session 4 the last in final session of Winter Series. Will we be able to catch another glimpse of West Coast Elite or FBC Youngunz, only time will tell what will happen in the next few weeks. Can YKS Lady Bulldogs go for a 3 peat, or will Team Takeover regain dominance like once before in that 8th grade division. There has been some surprises thus far in each division, there were a total of 110 teams in Session 3 which actually came close to Session 2 total. In the 8th grade division it was 3 championship brackets, there was a championship for (Pools A-D), (Pools E-H), and (Pools I - J). YKS won the (A-D) bracket championship, K-Low Elite won brackets (E-H) championship and Black Widow won brackets (I - J) championship. Lets talk about the top 10 list for teams in the 8th grade division. Will Ryan Carter be back for Session 4 to help Exodus (NYC) win another chip like they did in Session 1. Look out for Team Thrill (DC) who played in there first Session of the season. They left the gym with some good wins going 3 - 1 in Session 3. New Heights moved one step closer in Session 3 only losing to YKS in the Finals. Will Nepa Elite finally get its first championship in Winter Series, they came close in Session 1 but haven't been back to the finals since then. Team Curry stock has risen despite there 4 - 3 record in Winter Series according to CBS Ranking. Elevate Elite Future took a little dip but still are keeping themselves admissible.


On the 7th grade side of things, as how it stands right now. Southern Starz seem to be the team to beat in this division. They're 14 - 0 and are looking too add a few more wins to that total and going for a clean sweep and a full undefeated season at Winter Series. They have the size and back-court to get it done. Did we see the last of West Coast Elite for 22 - 23 Winter Series or will they make another special guest appearance. If not we would love to see them again so they can match up with the Starz. Because WCE is definitely talented enough to do so. Team Durant has gain some ground, moving up in CBS Rankings. Their only lost came against Starz in Session 3. Its been a team effort in the last few Sessions, let's see if Blu Jackson can rally the troops for the last in final Session. Exodus NY moved up a couple of notches, they had some good wins in Session 3 going 3 - 1 an losing to the Starz in the Quarter finals. Palisades Elite is still keep themselves relevant, they only have a total of three combine loss since Session 1 which makes them 8 - 4 at this point keeping them in the middle of the pack. Sports City Angels only played in one Session where we got a quick glimpse of them in that came in Session 2. New Jersey Raptors are hanging tough with a 7 - 5 record. Since going 1 - 3 in Session 1, the Raptors have a 6 - 2 combine record between Sessions 2 & 3. Team Takeover comes in with a 4 - 4 record, the talent is there but they have been coming up short in games that they were suppose to win. Not quite sure which New Jersey Gemz team will show up, that is far as player wise with their roster of kids which some split time between Team Sharp. D - Town Dogs has few solid skilled kids on their roster as well.

Team Future kids are definitely the future, this 6th grade team has the ability to play in the 7th grade division. They only played in Session 2 in which they went undefeated, they were awarded the championship from a forfeit. Southern Starz are 6 - 2 at this point, they didn't participate in Session 1. They finished 2 - 2 in Session 2 and in Session 3 they won every game including the championship. West Coast Elite is 3rd in CBS Ranking, only coming to Session 2 and winning all their games by double digits. Their only lost was by forfeit in the championship. Fairfax Stars finally took there first L, they had been undefeated thru out all Sessions of Winter Series. Exodus NY, YKS, Bustleton Bengals, Team Durant, and Riverside are all on the borderline of around or better at 500. Top Notch and Fairfax Stars has dominate the 5th grade division all season long thus far. Top Notch has won 2 championships out of the 3. Stars has 1 chip to hang their hats on. But with a new team entering in this division (Maybe) it might shake some thinks up, that team is Kentucky Premier. They played up in Session 3 in won 1 game, the 3 games they lost while playing up was a combine total of 4 points so that should let you know a little something about this team.