Monday, November 25, 2013

DIARY OF A BALLER: Ayanna Jones(Absecon,NJ) Part #9

Ayanna Jones & Absecon Lady Panthers
This past week, I had a lot of fun. On Monday I had a math review for my test. I thought I did great on it. I also had swimming too, we played basketball while in the pool. After school I had workouts from 3-4, the girls and I were trying to form a bond, they are really nice girl's, I was kinda scared to workout with them at first but they were very helpful. When I got finish I went home to study for my math test and English test. On Tuesday I took my math test and passed it with a 99, one point off for not putting a negative sign. I was really proud of my grade, I also took my English test, I scored a 97 on it, I was really happy with my grade.
After school I had workouts from 3-4, we were doing weightlifting and shooting drill's, afterwards I went to the Lady Panthers tryouts which is the team I played for during my middle school year's. Hopefully they will win the Championship for a four time an a row. On Wednesday I had weightlifting and shooting, and we ran the beep test. On Thursday I went to my cousins house and slept over. On Friday I went to the doctors so I didn't go to school, I also went to the Holy Spirit football game with my cousins and little brother, Spirit won 48-0. I also slept over my cousins house that night. On Saturday I went home and helped my mom bake a cake and cake pops. Then my sister came over later on that day and she slept over. On Sunday I went to my playoff game against Wildwood Catholic, we lost but I had fun, after the game I went shopping with my mom and sister.
Signing Off: Ayanna Jones