Monday, November 4, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 6
Ayanna Jones
I had a blast this past weekend, On Monday I had workouts from 3-4:15, I worked on my jump shot and foul shots. I did 50 each, I also lifted weights after that I went home in studied for my Language Arts test. On Tuesday I had three test one in math that I got a 91 on which is a B. I was proud of my B because the section we are doing was really hard, In Language Arts I had two, I got a 29 out of 30 on one of them and 100 on the other. At 3-4 I had workouts and I lifted weights then I shot around, I'm trying to learn some new moves so I can step my game up. 

I went to Holy Spirit High School for a Basketball Clinic from 6-8. On Wednesday I didn't go to basketball practice because the power went out at the school, so I went home and practice in front of my house. I work on my dribbling and footwork. On Thursday It was Halloween, I'm Muslim so I don't go trick or treating. I spent the night with my family and watched a movie with my sister. On Friday I went to the Holy Spirit football game against Egg Harbor Township, Spirit won as usual, they are really good.

After the game I had my cousin sleep over, we watched a movie and got on Face Time with other people. On Saturday I went to my brothers football game against Egg Harbor City in Somerspoint, It was for the Conference Championship, They lost 35-6, but they went 7-1 for the regular season. Afterwards I went to Fear Factory with Tahirah, Kahirah, Anaiyah, Myah, and Mataya, we back to do the second part but it wasn't scary at all like the first one was. A big group of us walked to Subway to get something to eat. We all laughed the whole way there, after that I got pick up so could go to Anaiyah house, once I got there we got on Face Time with some friends and ate candy. On Sunday I went home and got dress for my basketball game at my school, we played Absegami High School but since Gami didn't have enough players I played on their team.