Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Kathleen Anderson & Relay Team

What it takes to do well when you are a two sport star, Gthing go inside with one of them in finds out want it takes to keep on going.

Gthing: How did your AAU basketball season go this past year ?

Kathleen: Our season went pretty well. We started out kind of slow in Virgina losing games to bigger 5th grade teams, but we played well as a team and beat most of the teams we played. The teams we lost to were mostly 6th and 7th grade teams.

Gthing: How was National for you and your Comets team this year ?

Kathleen: I wasn't able to attend the Nationals this year because I was busy qualifying for the Junior Olympics in Detroit. I qualified in the 100M 200M and 4*100 relays. For the 4*100 relay team I ran with the older girls and we were ranked top 20 in the nation. For the 100M, I finish 2nd in our area ( PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD ). I heard our Comets team did pretty well at the beginning at Nationals, but the other 5th grades teams were just a lot bigger in Tennessee.

Gthing: What did you do this summer ?

Kathleen: I finished out the Comets season, winning 2nd place in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals, I won the Philly Archdiocese 100M Dash Championship, won a Mid-Atlantic AAU Track and Field Championship, competed in the Junior Olympics in Detroit, played summer rec basketball and went to some basketball camps and clinics.

Gthing: Do you think your speed on the court helps your game ?

Kathleen: Definitely! Getting out ahead on the fast break and breaking presses are where my speed really helps me. I can usually get to the basket pretty quick or if that isn't there I can always look for an open teammate or can quickly pull up and take a shot.

Gthing: What's your plan for this winter and AAU this coming season ?

Kathleen: Right now I been attending Stronger Team Nation / Top Notch Drillz Clinics every week and working with the "shoot away" gun. I am working to improve my speed, agility, ball handling and shoot. It's is almost November, so I am really focused on my upcoming  school season at Villa Maria Academy, in PA. This will prepare me and have me ready, once the AAU season comes around.