Monday, October 21, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 4


This week I didn't do a lot. On Monday I had gym and I ran my mile in 7 minutes. Next period I had a math test and got a 97 on it. I had workouts from 3-3:30 and thought I did good. On Tuesday I didn't go to school because it was the Eid, for those that don't know it is a Muslim holiday. I really had fun, I got to see people I haven't seen in a long time. On Wednesday I had a half of day at school because of the PSAT, freshman aren't allow to take them. On Thursday I had a rough day I got a 86 on my test and I wasn't to happy with it, I'm usually hard on my self when it comes to grades, because I know I can do better than a 86.

I ran my mile in 8 minutes in 45 second my lowest time ever SMH. On Friday I went to the Atlantic City High football game against Buena, Atlantic City won 46-19, it was Atlantic City first home game this year because they we're waiting on the new artificial turf since last year when Hurricane Sandy destroyed half of the old field. After the game I went out with a couple of friends, we all had a blast.

On Saturday I went to my brothers football game against Ocean City, Absecon Blue Devil's won a close one 28-26. My brother played really well I was so proud of him, afterwards I went to my cousins game. On Sunday I went to Absecons Emma C Attales Middle and Elementary School basketball courts and played 1 on 1 with my mom, she thinks she won but she didn't, theres only one real baller in the Jones house in that's me. After that I went to my game at my school, we played against Ocean City.

Signing Off
Ayanna Jones.