Monday, October 28, 2013

Diary Of Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 5
I've been working hard on my game and my school work. On Monday I had workouts from 3-4, I work on my jump shot and foul shots plus some of my moves. After that I went to my cousins soccer game against Hammonton, they lost 4-2, I went home afterwards to studied for my physics and math test. On Tuesday I went to workouts from 3-4:30, I work on my jump shot only, I'm trying to get better at my shooting. On Wednesday I had a math and physics test. I got a 97 on my math test and a 93 on my physics test, I was so proud of myself.
I also went to workouts from 3-3:30. I did 30 foul shots and 20 jump shots and I lifted weights. On Thursday I went to Holy Spirit High School Clinic from 6-8 and the rest of my night I finish my media project on the Breakfast Club. On Friday I went to a sleep over that one of my friends was having, we had a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.
On Saturday I went to Coach Woody's practice from 11-1:30, he told me I do better when I shoot the right way than the wrong way. I will work extra hard to get my shot 10 times better before the season starts. On Sunday I went to Galloway Township Middle School from 9-12, afterwards I had a game at my school against Ocean City. I took a picture with my friend in teammate Lexi, I never thought me and Lexi would be on the same team. I was kind of tired after the game, but some how I got enough energy to go to Fear Factory with my cousin.