Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dairy Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 2
Ayanna Jones
This week was a bit more busy for me. On Monday I had a math test and got a 93 on it. I was proud of my 93, but I will study harder to get a perfect score. After school from 3-400 I had workouts and I worked really hard on my jump shot and creating my own shot. When I was finish I studied for my physics test for an hour. On Tuesday I had workouts from 3-4:30 and lifting, my arms felt like noodles afterwards,"Laugh out loud".
I also did the beep test again and I pushed myself to beat my personal highest score and I did. On Wednesday I only had lifting from 3-3:30 then I went to a soccer game at Mainland Regional and we won against Absegami. Shortly after that I had to meet my cousin from North Carolina for the first time in my life, so I did the family thing for the rest of the night.
On Thursday had workouts at Holy Spirit High School from 6-8, afterwards I went to a Fall Classic basketball game at the Pleasantville Rec Center. On Friday I had a long day and night, we had our pep rally ,and this was my first one of the year an I had a blast. Mainland is really a great high school. I then went to the Mainland football game, it was a terrible lost against Holy Spirit the score was 41-0 Spirit, I still believe that we were a better team then them just not on that night. Then at 1am in the morning I went in camp out all night for the Jordan #5 Bel Airs at sneaker Villa. I went with some friends and we sat outside from 1:30am to 9am. On Sunday I went to workout from 9-12, then I had a game at 12:45 at Mainland, this was my busies weekend since school started, but this is what I must do to get better in basketball in school.
Ayanna Jones