Monday, October 14, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 3
Ayanna Jones & Felicia
This week wasn't as busy as last week. On Monday workouts got cancelled because of the tornado warning, but I dribble outside. After I studied for my physics test. The next day was hard for me but I work through it. I ran my mile in the gym at 8:30am when last year I ran it at 7:34 and in workouts I wasn't making my shots. On Wednesday I had a much better day, I went 15 - 20 at the foul line and I ran my mile in 7:01, which is better than both my times before. Then I supported the Mustangs

at a soccer game and a field hockey game against Egg Harbor Township. I didn't stay at the game long because it started raining. When Thursday came around it was raining hard and we didn't have lights at the school, but we did end up getting them later on that day. Then we had a fire drill outside in the pouring down rain, we were all soaked. "Thanks alot Mainland Regional". At 6 o' clock that night I went to Holy Spirit High School for a clinic until 8pm, I had fun while improving. It rained all day Friday, I wanted to go to a Football game but Mainland High had a bye week, so I went to the Holy Spirit game against Absegami. The game was suppose to be played at Holy Spirits field but because we got so much rain the night before they move the game to Absegami's field, Spirit won like always 33 - 6, After the game I hung out with some friend of mines from Absecon. On Saturday I had to wake up early so he could drive up for a Hoops 365 workout session. I had fun but I never did some of the things we did. But it really made me fell stronger and better at the end of the day. I also had 6'11 Felicia from the Philadelphia Belles on my team. She was so much taller than me but I had fun working out with her, later that night I had my cousin Tahirah sleep over we had a blast.Sunday I had a workout in Galloway Township Middle School from 9 - 12, then I had a game at Mainland against Absegami. This was my week 3 of my Basketball diary.