Monday, November 11, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Ayanna Jones (Absecon, NJ) Part # 7
Ayanna Jones & Lai Hayes of the Tar Heels
On Monday I Had a history project on public speaking. I had to speak in front of the whole class, which is hard to for me because i get stage fright. My teachers told me I did a wonderful job. I also had a math test and I got a 95 on it which brought my math grade to a 98. We had a meeting for basketball explaining when tryouts were and how the season was on it's way. I am really excited for the season to start so I can begin my high school career.
After school I had workouts from 3 till 4, the season is approaching fast so I been working on my foul shots and jump shot. On Tuesday I took a test in math that didn't count, it was just to see were I was for the school year. Since the second marking period started we stopped gym and we have to swimming now, we have to swim in class learning the backstroke, butterfly, and the freestyle. After school we didn't have workouts so I worked on my form shooting the basketball. On Wednesday I had to take a test in language arts on vocabulary.
I got a 100 on it and it brought my grade up to a 95, I was proud of my grade because the words were hard. Grades were due and I got 5 A's and 3 B's. I was proud of my A's but I wanna get my B's up to A's. On Thursday we didn't have school, I babysat my sisters and brother. We watched movies and played xbox. On Friday i didn't have school either and i didn't go out, I watched movies with my little sister. On Saturday I went to my brothers football game against the Pleasantville Jokers, Absecon won 26 - 19. After the game i slept over my cousins Tahirah's house, we had a lot of fun, we mostly laugh the whole night. On Sunday I went out with my mom just to shop around.
P.S. I'm looking forward to telling Gthing more about my basketball life.
Signing off: Ayanna Jones