Monday, November 18, 2013

DIARY OF A BALLER: Ayanna Jones (Absecon,NJ) Part #8

Ayanna Jones

Since high school tryouts are approaching fast, I've been trying to work hard on everything. On Monday I took a test in English on words I got 20/20. In math I got a 98 on my test. I had workouts from 3-4:15 and we did the beep test until level 7. Afterwards I went home and studied for my math test. On Tuesday I had a test in English and I got a 93 on it, then I had swimming but I didn't swim so I had to write a page about what the class did. I had workouts from 3-4, I did jump shots and learning moves. On Wednesday I had workouts from 3-4, I was doing foul shots and weightlifting. 

I bounced my ball outside after school, later on me and my mom went shopping so I could get a outfit for my birthday the next day. On Thursday it was my birthday I turned 15, I really didn't do to much I just went shopping with my mom, me and my friends are going out to eat next weekend if the the weather is nice. On Friday I went to the Holy Spirit game, Spirit won 48-0, after the game I hung out with a few of my friends. On Saturday I went to my cousins dance class, then I went to a basketball game. On Sunday I went to my own basketball game against Wildwood Catholic, even though we lost I still think my team played their best and playing against Kennedy Johnson who plays with the Philadelphia Belles and who will be attending Michigan St. as a freshman next year was a great experience for me and my teammates.

Signing off: Ayanna Jones