Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Monday - This morning woke up a 5 am to pray fajr and get ready for school. School was fun. I got my math quiz back and got 23/28 I thought it was a good grade. After school I did my homework and prayed my Salats. Later on I went to my brother basketball until it was time to go to practice for Premier Elite.Practice was fun, We did a lot of fun drills and we didn't really run much.

Tuesday - Today after school did some of my math homework. Then I had to get ready for basketball practice for the Belles. We worked on our defense, offense , our motion plays and practice out foul shots. After practice had pizza for dinner I was mad because I hate keep getting Little Caesars all the time. After that I prayed my Salats then read a book called Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, & Stuff. It is an interesting book.

Wednesday - Today at school played Knock-Out in the gym with my friends. It was fun. After school I did my math homework and prayed my Salats. Later on went outside and dribble the ball. Then after that I just ride my bike until it was time to go to a basketball workout for Next-up Academy.

Thursday - This evening I had practice for the Belles.We work on playing against 2-3 zone, out of bound plays and we scrimmage for a little while at the end.

Friday - Today in gym class I played 5 on 5 and played Knockout with some of my friends. After school my brother and I went to the store. Later on I went to the mall with my dad , sisters and brothers. We went in to Footlocker & Champs and looked at some nice basketball sneakers. After that I went in to Hollister. Then on got some pizza for Sabarro's . That pizza was so good. Later on went to Models and my dad got me so new Under Armour shirts, basketball socks, and tights for my basketball game tomorrow.

Saturday - Today I had a game for the Philadelphia Belles. The 1st game my team and I did great. We won by 2 points. Our second game we won by 3 points. I was really aggressive on defense and had a lot of steals. I thought I did good. 

Sunday -This morning I had a game for the Belles. We lost but we did good. After our game I went to the mall with my team. We went in to forever 21 and tried on some dresses it was so funny. Then after that we went Champs and looked at some basketball sneakers. Later, We went to food court and got me a hoagie from Subway and a cinnamon sugar pretzel for Auntie Anne's . It was so good. After that we played a Scavenger hunt in the mall . We had to take a picture with high heels on , picture with a family, picture with a dress and a lot more. It was so fun thought. After that we all went back to the gym and watch some other games until it was time for our game. Later on it was time for our game. It was a tough game but we lost by 9 points I thought we could of came back. I had 8 points , 3 seals , 4 rebounds , and 6 assist. But I thought I could of did better to help my team win that game.

Signing Off: May Sharif