Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday - Today got up and got ready for school then ate breakfast and cleaned my room. After that I study for my math test until it was time to catch the bus. After school I went to this after school program and did all my homework and worked on my Social Studies project. Later on went home and went outside and rode my bike for a little bit.
Tuesday - Today I had practice for the Belles. First we stretch , then did full court lay ups . Later on we did box out drills , practice foul shots and practice our plays. After practice went home and finish my homework , then helped my sister with dinner. We had some fried fish , rice , and some sweet potatoes . It was so good.
Wednesday - This morning I prayed , ate breakfast then went to school. School was okay . After school did homework . Later on went outside and played on my court. After that went to basketball workouts for Next up Academy. That workout was fun . After that I had another practice for Premier Elite . We did a lot of running , did some dribbling and shooting drills. After practice went to the Wawa and got me a hoagie and some chips. It was good. After that prayed and fell asleep.
Thursday - This morning got up and got ready for school. School was fun I got a B on my math test . I was happy but I thought I could of did better. Later on after school did homework then went outside until it it was time to got it practice for the Belles. We worked on a lot of things that would help our game.
Friday - Today school was fun. I played basketball in the gym , worked on my jump shots and did some dribbling. After that just played a game of 5 on 5 with a couple of my friends and my brother. Later on when I got home , I prayed my salats and after that did my math homework so I don't wait until Sunday to do it. Later on I watched tv and ate some pizza.
Saturday - This morning I had practice for Premier Elite. We worked on some of our plays , did some dribbling drills and also some passing drills. At the end we just scrimmage for a little bit . I thought it was a fun practice.
Sunday - Today I got to sleep in finally . I went to my brothers basketball game . He did good. After that it was time to got to my practice for the Belles. We did the same things we did last practice , boxing out , pick & rolls , and worked on out played. After practice went to the Wawa got me chips and some candy. Later on today I just watched tv and prayed before I went to sleep.
Signing Off: May "Money" Sharif