Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday - Today was fun. I woke up at 12pm . Then I ate some pancakes for breakfast. After that went outside and dribbled the ball for a little while. Later on around 4:00 went to go ride my bike with my sister, brothers and friend. It was fun we went through a lot of trails and we raced with each other on our bikes. Around 7:00 I just chilled with my little cousin Zane and watched Ti and tiny family hustle. Afterwards I watched the NBA playoff game Okc against Grizzlies. It was a good game even though I fell asleep during the 4th quarter.

Tuesday - This evening I had practice for the Belles. First we stretch, then we did full court layups and we had to make 40 on both ends of the court in 5 minutes. Later on we work on our 2-3 zone, 3 man weave and also we worked on our foul shots.

Wednesday - Today wasn't a busy day. I woke up ate breakfast, then played 2k14 for a little while. Later on went to a basketball workout. I worked on a lot of things that would help my game.

Thursday - Today I had practice for the Belles. We did a lot of running, worked on plays, defense, and our fouls shots.

Friday - This afternoon I went to Jumah. Later on my mom and I went to Rita's. I got one of my favorites Cotton Candy. It was so good. After that went home and played 2k14 and madden 25. Later on I had to finish my Social Studies project. After that I had to pack for a basketball tournament in Washington, D.C. We left around 11pm and arrived around 1:30 in the morning. I was so tired after that long ride.

Saturday - This afternoon i had a game for the belles around 12:15pm. My team and I did okay. We lost by 18 points. After that game went back to the hotel and took a nap before our second game around 4pm. Our second game we played the New York belles. We did great and we won by 25points. I had some points, steals, rebounds and also made some very nice passes. After that game I went to the hotel got in the pool with my sisters and brother. It was fun. Later on had some salad, chicken and some fruit for dinner. Afterwards watched I am legend until i fell I asleep.

Sunday - This morning I had a game against the lady clippers. They were a good team. But we lost by 15 points. I thought my team and I could of did better to win this game. Our next game was at 11:30 we lost again against the matrix. This was another good and big team.